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  1. Had 40 odd on a fresh drilled wheat field today, best bag this year.


    I had a 2 week old gun with me though and had I av took old faithfull beretta I think it would have been more like 50 birds.


    Its a browning maxus cammo Ive bought new and Im struggling with the balance as Im used to 30" ou.


    I ordered it in 26" and It took a good 250 shells in the first few weeks to sus out I need to choke up tight as I was hitting birds landing in the pattern at 30yrds and they were flying off.


    Since I put 3/4 in though Im dropping everything at decent range paced one out today from the hide 90 odd yrds with a 32grm six granted it fell some distance probably 30yrds as it was high but it was a big cock crow dead as a doornail for once, Ive been having to give them a second cartridge its costing me a bomb! :sad1::rolleyes:

  2. Either maxus or a400-300 wanted 26 inch ideal or 28 at a push.


    Must be in exelent condition cased and cammo is what I would really like, but others considered.



    I have money waiting in south yorkshire area but I would travel for the right gun, Im only weeks from the money burning a hole in my pocket and buying a new maxus from a shop.

  3. Ive been using hazel sticks as hide poles since I started shooting 25yrs ago but I think Im going to buy some extendable since the frozen groud of late has been bending my sticks, but the last i cut have lasted me years and accounted for many many hides as said totally free.

  4. I learned to shoot with a 28" browning 424 choked 1/2 and 3/4 I was averaging late 30s in a matter of weeks the odd 40ex 50.


    Then I bought a 686 30" multi and choked it 1/2 and 3/4 I could guarantee I was in the 40s in most sporting layouts locally the odd 45-46.


    Ive then bought a ceasar guerini maxum and choked it the same as the Berreta and my scores dropped dramatically.


    After a few experiments ive shot a 43 the other week on a testing layout using 1/4 and 1/2 and this was on one leg following my left leg amputation so my technique has been changed slightly lol.


    I was just relieved I could still shoot decent scores but as for chokes I think some guns are fussy all depends on the fit of the gun the Beretta seemed to shoot the same regardless of if it had 1/4 1/2 or 3/4 chokes so long as the second was slightly tighter I was confident.


    The guerini wouldnt shoot as well in my hands with 3/4 chokes Ive had to drop to 1/4 in the first and 1/2 I will do well out to 45 yrds but need the tighter choke beyond but my close stuff will suffer.


    Im still experimenting but I will advise to start out with 1/4 and 1/2 and see how you go on, my mate has a kreighoff chokes cyl and cyl and he smokes the far tower at Gainsborough with it no probs I on the other hand with 1/2 and 3/4 could hit them but in the compact fitasc I shot a 24/25 beating him and and bet him on the skeet. Weird I cant work it out lol.

  5. A friend of mine bought a pair of C.G's when they first came out,looked the part and had nice wood,after 18 months of varied use mostly on clays and game they were totally knackered :oops:


    He's now back on a Mirook,lesson learned :yes::good:





    Im afraid I dont believe this like I said Ive had mine 2 years two game seasons and plenty of clays it is still very tight and looks like it has just rolled of the production line, the americans have put 10s of thousands through similar models without problems.


    May I ask what exactly you mean by knackered?

  6. Ive had a maxum 30 inch sporter for 2 years now done game and clays and been totaly faultless, ive had grade 5 brownings and 686's and think this thing feels better made.


    As for the rest I dont care what gun you buy it can break but thankfully there are plenty of ceasar guerini dealers nowdays and parts are easily replaced ive heard the easar guerini uk agents are very good to deal with.


    I used to work for holland and holland and heard of a customer who bought a pair of royals and went the africa to shoot doves and the heat seized both guns good job he took his relatively cheap pair of backup brownings.


    Just goes to show you get good and bad no matter what you pay I know of someone who had alot of probs with a barreta s06 and another who has probs with his kreigoff I can outshoot both with my ceasar guerini, have any of the critics owned one by any chance?


    I dont see what is better for the price even the current price.

  7. Really Chuffed!...........I've managed to land a job as a local technician for Rentokil Pest Control. After working in the property sector all of my working life, I lost my job in the recession, and have worked as a security guard ever since.


    Anyhow, a random chat with a rentokil guy on a site I was working at, resulted in a name, phone call and 2 subsequent inteviews in Leeds, and I have now formal notification of employment. I feel really lucky to have found a company that are prepared to put me through the relevant qualifications, and offer me a decent renumeration package.


    Just goes to show that 'god loves a trier!.......and with each knock back, another opportunity potentially opens.........I suppose if you put yourselves out there...ask the questions, the next best thing could be just around the corner


    Just thought I'd share that with you chaps........as I feel as though I've won the lottery having been involved in agricultural pest control as a hobby for over 25years!!!! :good::yes:


    It used to cost me a shopping trip to meadow hall for the wife to get out on my permissions...... now I'l being doing it everyday......and getting paid!!!!!!!!!

    nice one mate im not that far from leeds can you give me a shout if any jobs going when you get settled,im wanting a job change as I lost my lower left leg in march my father used to be a keeper on big estates so im familiar with all rural pest controll plus im a qualified engineer,i know what you mean about trips to meadowhall lol

  8. hello mate i had to make myself a member just to reply to this thread, i to have a maxum and after 200shots mine is doing the same bumping up but no splits like yours but im now worried that mine will split also!!!


    Therefore can you please tell me who is doing this relieving of the stock on your gun is it through guerini warranty or are you paying a private gunsmith?

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