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  1. Before you try anything, give a shot using heavier pellets. that might just work. /S
  2. would be interesting to see its impact on small game at short distances. /S
  3. Hi, Have any of you used these mini shotgun shells. https://www.aguilaammo.com/shotshell/ Thanks /S
  4. might seem silly but cleaning the barrel helps, and yes do try different types of pellets after that. /S
  5. I doubt if we will see any other manufacturers come up with a similar design anytime soon due to patents. /S
  6. A good read on barrel length dynamics. http://www.pyramydair.com/blog/2005/04/is-airgun-barrel-length-important/ Barrel length DOES NOT determine accuracy There is NO CORRELATION between barrel length and accuracy. A short barrel can be more accurate than a long barrel, or vice-versa. Length alone has nothing to do with it.
  7. Hi, I have a Baikal IZH 513mp in .177 - Magnum rated. It isnt doing too well with light pellets, im thinking of trying the Gamo TS-10 (0.177Cal/4.5m) - Caliber: 0.177" (4.5mm) Pellet Type: Pointed Pellets Weight: 10.49gr/0.68g - has anyone here used it?. Would appreciate any feedback. Thank you, /S
  8. Pigeon_snIPer


    Is it legal to shoot em? /S
  9. Looks like the game changers have arrived. Just saw this on Pyramid Air - http://www.pyramydair.com/s/m/Gamo_Swar ... Rifle/4310 never before achieved by airgun manufacturers - a breakbarrel with a 10 shot rotary magazine that slaps a round into the chamber every time you cock the barrel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ihw6wCbDeg4 /S
  10. Wow, just finished going thru all 154 pages. Awesome job Viking :-) /S
  11. Wow, that is really amazing, can you please post a few more pics. Thanks John
  12. Looks awesome, good effort there mate. thanks for sharing. /S
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