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  1. Not only would it would look great, it would transform it into a different rifle. At a good reduction on the £224 price of a new stock too. Ta.
  2. A few extra pictures showing wear and tear on the scope, the bore snake and patches:
  3. Unable to turn rifle left and right. Thanks for pointing that out.
  4. If I am right, the S in the S25 designates swivel. It definitely rolls side to side, which I think is swivel. What is tilt?
  5. Genuine Harris S25 swivel bipod. Good condition. From the maker's description: Ultralight and lightning quick. The bipod attaches to the sling swivel by a screw-up clamp. Manufactured from heat treated and hardened alloys. Series S bipods rotate to either side for instant levelling on uneven ground. For some the model 25 may be a little more comfortable in the prone position. From sitting the extra height allows more leeway in shooting at an elevated target. The model 25 has 3 piece legs. Adjusts from 12 - 25 inches £80 posted.
  6. Boyds Rimfire Varmint Thumbhole stock for CZ452 in Nutmeg Laminate. Made for bull barrel. Photos show the stock fitted to the thinner barrel CZ452 American. This shows the gap around the barrel. No chance of barrel touching the stock. Maybe it could be a good bedding project? As new condition. £165 posted.
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