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  1. BRYAN3

    Stihl Chainsaw Apron for sale

    Hi, I would like to have this if I may please. Regards Bryan.
  2. BRYAN3

    Plant identification

    It's dogs tooth violet.
  3. BRYAN3

    Hanging driveway gates... which way?

    B is correct for wooden gates and A is for steel gates. Wooden gate has long strap hinge accommodating top rail to prevent it pulling apart.
  4. BRYAN3

    Scope trouble

    It's probably covered on warranty. Even if not, it must be worth paying to have it sorted.
  5. BRYAN3

    British Army softies & Goretex

    What lovely bunch of coconuts.
  6. BRYAN3

    Bombs away (Syria) ...

    Well I am worried about war with Russia because it won't be just Russia will it. The three bankrupt countries clubbing together for their respective bankers, corporations and arms manufacturers whose kids will not be in the armed services in the main. The United states of Arrogance won't let this rest now. Lets just hope we don't go nuclear.
  7. BRYAN3

    'Off Air'

    Didn't notice you were gone.
  8. BRYAN3

    Boris Threatens Reprisals Against Russia.

    They do but America wants to take over. Hence all the poking of the Russian bear.
  9. BRYAN3

    Boris Threatens Reprisals Against Russia.

    When this first happened there was not much comment apart from oh golly gosh. After a week or so our leaders decided that we were not outraged enough and ramped up the warnings etc and bollarding of premises and cars and things to suit their rhetoric. I think it's possible the Russians never done it.
  10. BRYAN3

    ActionMan Moneysupermarket ad

    Perhaps one of the grenades had detonated in the box.
  11. + 0ne. That documentary on Putin was bi assed in the first sentence and the last and all in between.
  12. BRYAN3

    Irritated paws

    My lab gets sore feet, the flesh between the toes. It seems to come on after prolonged wet spells first noticed when he seems to be avoiding puddles. We got a bleddy great tub of Sudocrem (Amazon). It takes 2-3 applications over a couple of days. I liken it to foot scold that sheep get.
  13. BRYAN3


    Perhaps the car park is the local dogging venue.
  14. BRYAN3

    Boris Threatens Reprisals Against Russia.

    Clintons enemies accidentally shoot themselves in the back of the head, twice. On another matter re Russia, another chemical attack has apparently occurred in Syria. So more blame coming their way.
  15. BRYAN3

    Books for countryfolk.

    Hi Mate. Could I please have the Archie Coats and pay with paypal. Regards Bryan.