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  1. Any idea what these are

  2. Some Carpentry jobs

    Lovely work there. Reminds me I have some old pallets to get rid of.
  3. Fire in Liverpool wrecks 1600 cars

    With any luck Chilcot will report and lessons will be learnt. I do think there will be more of these fires in the future because car makers can't resist stuffing there cars wirh electric/elecronic everything.
  4. London zoo

    I think it was started by a naughty monkey.
  5. Yet Russian competitors have been banned from participation. And they were not intending to nick sports equipment. A different set of rules to enable "poking of the Russian bear"
  6. Another Saturday Night Of Drivil on T.V.

    Is that a driller/documentary ?
  7. Recommendations for a new 17HMR

    I have the Ruger stainless allweather(hardly used). I love it apart from expensive and noisy. I really should sell it and go back to cheap,quiet,bouncy .22
  8. Is vaping bad for you

    And then they vape those fags.
  9. Brexit - Merged Threads

    The EU are acting just our Elete have asked them to. They want us to stay in and keep our pants around our ankles so that they can carry on taxing the working classes and enriching themselves. Meanwhile they carry on purchasing the railways,Nhs, and anything else to draw in as much of our collective wealth as possible.
  10. I was with ISIS and now I want to come home.

    Sorry Chaps, was unable to read more than 4-5 posts and broke off to phone anger management clinic. I do think it should be made illegal to travel abroad without first taking out insurance.
  11. Chicken Run

  12. Beretta S687

    Nice to know that you are "pretty". Welcome to the gang.
  13. Cd stuck in player

    Try reversing at high speed into a solid object. Sorry, not really helpful. Some devices have an over-ride facility where a straightened paper clip may be gently inserted into a tiny appature on the facia of the player.
  14. Something different from Beretta

    Alright I spose. Would have to camo tape it for the pigeon hide though.
  15. The Burning DVD.

    Ok Pal, giz it.