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  1. What a deeply obnoxious comment. There are some odd human beings on this forum
  2. My brother moved to the states twenty years ago. He wsn't really interested in shooting before he went but has now fully embraced the RKBA. He hunts, target shoots and has a concealed carry permit. So does nearly everyone else he knows. He used to work at Honeywell's HQ in Mineapolis and said the building which employs thousands emptied on "deer opener" weekend. Almost everyone hunts and shoots. It is deeply, deeply embedded in their psyche. It's hard to explain to those who haven't spent any time there how much a part of their culture and identity guns are. The image of the self reliant fro
  3. There really is a massive boundary crossed if someone breaks into your home in the dead of night. It must be terrifying. Absolutely no way of knowing if it's some smack head who only wants your telly for his next fix or some fruit loop who wants to kill you and your family. And seconds to decide when you are disorientated and half awake. If someone violates your home in those circumstances you should be able to do absolutely anything to defend your home and the occupants. If, in the cold light of day with all the time in the wòrld to analyse the whys and wherefores it appears you over
  4. Random fact. Vango is an anagram of Govan which is where they are made. Great tents, I've had a little Vango Banshee one man tent for about 15 years and used it loads. It's as good as new.
  5. No expert but I shoot one and have a few reference books specifically about them. Post some pics and details of markings and I'll dive in the books. Mine is a No.4 made in 1943 by BSA in Shirley near Brum. It's been "regulated" by Fultons of Bisley and fitted with a Parker Hale target rear sight. It shoots a lot better than my 53 year old eyes are capable of with iron sights!
  6. Hi, maybe. I'd prefer Norma or Lapua TBH, but if none comes along I'll take your Sellier and Bellot. Looking for 100 or so, would take less if it's quality brass. What do you have?
  7. After some 6.5 x 55mm brass. Preferably Lapua or Norma but others considered. Genuinely once fired (or new) only, not your clapped out scrap!
  8. Correct in regard to centre fire rifle ammo but I think the OP is referring to shotgun cartridges. The "brass"at the base of a shotgun cart is usually plated steel.
  9. Spot on. Sharing a pleasant poem which may give some comfort is one thing, but it's perfectly possible to do that without any supernatural baggage. You are right, I'm sure there are some people who genuinely believe they have a "gift". Apologies if that includes anyone on here, but I think they are deluded. However being deluded is slightly better than dishonest and unscrupulous.
  10. Unscrupulous charlatans the lot of them, preying on the vulnerable or gullible. I feel sorry for you friend, perhaps sharing your observation about the common sighting of white feathers might help convince her what a load of old guff it all is.
  11. Interesting to see my 8 year old thread resurrected!
  12. Interesting view point, they look real enough to me but of course neither of us knows for sure. Trouble is, there is a steady drip, drip of similar stories from grouse estates all the time. There would seem to be an army of evidence fakers out there. I support grouse shooting and would dearly love to try it. I think the heather management and predator control benefit wildlife massively. I also think a small number of keepers bring the whole of shooting into disrepute and their actions may well lead to the end of driven grouse shooting in the not too distant future.
  13. Are you saying these pictures are fake?
  14. First four and a half month roulement as a No2 with 321 EOD Coy in 1985. A few weeks in Girdwood Park in Belfast, then the rest of the time in Bessbrook Mill covering South Armagh. Back in 1987 for a 2 year tour as a No1 operator based at Lisburn, but doing R&R stand ins at all 321 EOD locations in the province. Back in 1994 for a 6 month roulement tour as a No1 operator split between the 321 EOD (now Sqn not Coy with the change from RAOC to RLC) dets at the Maze and Lisanelly bks in Omagh. 1997 to 1999 another 2 year tour based out of Lisburn but working all over the Province. I hav
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