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  1. Most are run by the fur baby brigade and if not they are run by animal rights lunatics. I wanted a hob ferret and went to my local rescue (not rspca😡😡), said they’d neuter him and I asked them to vasectomise him. Why? They said, so I told them…. They weren’t impressed . It got worse when They asked if I intended working him…. Err yes ! They went mental, I walked out 🤷🏼‍♂️ This was about 15 years ago, they wanted a £75 minimum donation too 🤪🤪🤪
  2. I’m a fairly simple bloke and in the good old days we blockaded the channel/French ports pretty well. Surely in this day and age a few grey boats and a flotilla of rm/navy crewed rigid raiders would be sufficient to turn the hordes back
  3. Seems only 2% of the membership voted (I was one, won’t be renewing). Got to be contestable, indeed I think the CA are………
  4. I respect your opinion but signing their petition, really ? This act can’t be condoned but this divisive attitude is exactly what will finish ALL field sports, even yours. on a separate note I wonder what the antis will do then 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Don’t suppose these are still available are they ?
  6. Are both 10 shot sold ?
  7. Really in the industry ? Tele metrics …… (telematics). Bimbo in the office, that’s showing respect isn’t it. Get treated like humans by amazon, highly unlikely. Do you know anybody who’s had this letter off the govenment? Am wondering when to expect mine 😂😂
  8. There is no shortage of fuel tanker drivers. If there were we’d have experienced actual shortages way before now and way before brexit. You need to get over it
  9. spanj

    HW 97 advice

    Cheers for that, every days a school day 😂 Thought you may have been one of wee krankies subjects
  10. spanj

    HW 97 advice

    Do you have fac already as I doubt the air gun licence will allow a 1 for 1 (admittedly I know nothing about the air gun licence)
  11. Anybody else having problems with the desktop site? I have cleared cookies, used 3 different browsers and still am having the same problem. I.e when scrolling to new content it just repeats today and within the last hours content. Works fine on my phone though
  12. is this still available ?
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