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  1. No substantive evidence just usual anti reporting tactics. I put a complaint in to the BBC this morning after reading the article. I know this is pointless but its necessary to register your displeasure otherwise they just go carry on regardless. I urge everybody else who feels the same way to put a formal complaint in too.
  2. My bet is an EMP or similar
  3. Sadly, Labour could put Aunt Sally up for election in Liverpool and she'd still be voted in. I speak from 30+ years of wasting my time voting here. Anderson is that arrogant he can refuse £60m of funding from central government and then about 6 months later complain that there is a £60m shortfall in the pot. Madness !
  4. spanj

    Dead fox

    fish and rats mate
  5. spanj

    Left handed shotgun

    Ive got a straight cast rizzini o/u that my son used to shoot (hes left handed), any good ?
  6. one flew into our back room window on sunday afternoon and the youngest spaniel picked it up. It was released unharmed. Have NEVER seen a woodcock in the middle of Liverpool !
  7. you'll be OK for a grand as its below the money laundering regs........
  8. possibly selling mine in .22 & with a tyrolean stock if you are interested
  9. It could be worse. Fat Joe spent £3000 on a set of taps for his new offices........... I kid you not
  10. 5% increase in Liverpool but then we have 2 lots of mayors and a PCC to pay for..... all are pointless
  11. bad news, sorry to hear that mate. Get another as soon as the time is right .........
  12. Which IR does it have please ?
  13. I'll have the hushpower barrel if you want to sell it separately.......................
  14. I was looking at one but the used stock on Teslas website, £10k down, £900 a month........... I think not. I do 35k miles a year so the with maintenance options on most cars is through the roof
  15. £20 for an adult under 16s free. This is the last time I'm going to the Midland (which is a shame) it just gets smaller and smaller. I didnt even know I was on gunmakers row tbh !!! Very poor and very expensive, it just doesnt equate
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