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  1. 3 have been good. Unlimited calls/texts and 12gb data for £12 pcm, used to have unltd data for £24 pcm but wasnt using it. No hassle and billing is always correct
  2. I'm a mature gun looking for walked up or rough shooting in the North West or North Wales. I've been shooting all my life and have a couple of dogs currently. Fully insured and willing to participate in working parties. Also wiling to do pest control (open FAC)
  3. only problem then is theyd become a political ping pong ball like the NHS. Do you remember the winter of discontent ?
  4. spanj


    decking is a perfect harbour for rats too. Never had them in 2o + years, 2 new neighbours move in and both put decking up. Rats galore. fenns out and rapid 7, given me something to do in lockdown i suppose
  5. I'd be interested and while well trained spaniel is debatable , hard hunting certainly isnt
  6. Ive got a varmint but its blued........
  7. spanj

    .223 wanted

    Ive got a Tikka T3 Supervarmint with the 1 in 8 twist barrel and its uncut
  8. I dont know where you are coming from. My pension (personal & state) isnt worth a carrot (35 years+ paid in), workers have no rights worth speaking of (gig economy anybody) until 2years or more service and dont start me on agency working !!!! Am just pointing out that this was all in place well before Brexit
  9. and thats precisely why there was never going to be a deal done before the very last possible minute. Its chest beating and brinksmanship of the highest order
  10. Interesting that you dont feel the same way about the general public.
  11. am sure you are joking but sadly this is the way things are going. Orwellian isnt it
  12. spanj


    yeah, they castrate them too as a rule so no good for putting to a jill. I was looking for a hob a while back and the local rescue wouldnt let me have one because I was going to work it. Freshfields Rescue, run by an absolute nutter
  13. spanj


    yup sick is sick but a reasonable person would give an ESTIMATED date of return and most firms expect this
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