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    Did this sell? Thanks.
  2. Had a few enquiries from people who had not understood this rifle will need an FAC slot. Its power is over the 12lb limit so needs an FAC.
  3. NEW Walther Hunter Knife Set The Walther Hunting Knife Set is the ideal hunter’s companion. The rugged nylon sheath contains two knives and a saw, each with lanyard eyelets and hard rubber grips that ensure a firm grasp even with wet or sweaty hands. The large knife with its traditional skinner shape blade has a well-designed handle and a grooved thumb rest on the blade, allowing it to be guided accurately and safely. The rugged 440 stainless steel blade has a gut hook for field dressing. The small knife, which fits just as well in the hand and is of equal quality, is for finer work in ski
  4. This is a very good field gralloch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bii_efk0EuM I would have used cable ties at both ends, two each and cut in the middle. Tying that knot is very tricky with bloody fingers. I would also use gloves.
  5. Or to rephrase: Just goes to show that putting on a uniform doesn't suddenly make you an expert despite what the police may think
  6. Be careful of the load as damaged birds might put a dog out unfairly.
  7. I have been happy with the Andrew James version. Put plenty of venison through it. Will not deal with the stringy silver skin membranes well, but has minced up chicken thighs with bones, for feeding the dogs with. If you should reverse the action, do so only after stopping the machine otherwise sparks may fly.
  8. It would be a good idea if there was, as with a drivers licence, a licence photo id card and paper counterpart. Produce the card on request with a follow up with the counterpart at the station within 24 hours if required.
  9. I collected a Roe buck six pointer from the side of the road near me. Not a mark on it but for a slightly torn ear. Opened it up and its ribs were smashed to *******. It had been catapulted by a vehicle but the impact had not ripped it open and had not been run over.
  10. A pair of Nieto Knives in Steel - AN58. £64 the pair posted (UK Mainland) Blade Lengths: 4.5" (11.5cm) 7" (17.5cm) Each with original brown Nieto leather sheath. As new. Never used. Will split but would be a shame to do so. Selling to over 18 years of age only. By entering into a transaction you are attesting that you are over 18 years of age. PayPal or payment direct to bank account before shipping. This is a private sale. No returns.
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