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  1. Glad to hear that you got sorted. I have to say that I rate the Armsan - given that it is a 'cheap' gas auto. I have personally, sorted out the issue with the very stiff bolt release button. Contact Magload - they have a website. They supplied me with their own make extended button and the internal part of the bolt release which came from the Beretta 1301 Comp. This solution works very well. Andy
  2. If I hadn't already got one, I'd be buying that! Andy
  3. Not one of the above, but Ive recently bought some of the Swatcom Novo SC20E electronic in-ear plugs. I'm very happy with them for situations where muffs get in the way.
  4. I've re-entered the UK (ferry) with a friend who had firearms purchased in Belgium. He needed paperwork to move from the dealers premises in Belgium to the port of embarkation. In Belgium he had the Belgian dealer enter the items onto his UK FAC. That way he did not need to declare at UK customs, unless asked, and simply advised his local Firearms department of the acquisitions when he got home, just as he would have done with a UK purchase. I know some will say get the Border Force to do it. My experience is that they wouldn't know what to do and would need much higher authority before putting pen to paper. Could you go to the dealer in Austria and get them to enter it onto your SGC? As others have wisely said, print off and have with you any correspondence with the police etc. Andy
  5. I have a very similar one which came from Lidl a few years back. OK..ish for small components. Not big enough for most action bodies. Andy
  6. As tight choke says, it's a fired cartridge case. Not an issue. Loaded rounds (other than blank) are S1.
  7. This is a 9mm Parabellum equivalent 'Force on force' fired cartridge case. Different examples are produced by a variety of companies. The most famous is probably, the 'simunition' brand. ATK / Speer / Federal make a similar round. Alternatively, you could wave the flag and go the UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) route - they are made in the UK and used by quite a few police forces. That is what I believe yours is. I have a similar empty case sat on my desk as I type this. Have a look at UTMworldwide.com They produce paint marker rounds, target rounds, 'quiet' blanks etc. Regards Andy
  8. Go onto the Holts website and the first section on the left mentions, 'realised prices, sealed bid." Just click on that and it shows lots in numerical order. Andy
  9. I bid (unsuccessfully) on some items. The realised prices are on their website now. Andy
  10. I have one of these guns, which I bought on here some years ago. I personally, think that the Breda is a better gun than the A5 Browning. All internal parts are chromed and come apart without tools. Very good guns. Andy
  11. Well, it's never been easy to build your own wildcat in this country. Very conservative views and legislative difficulties making it a big pain. I've shot a .257 Ackley Improved built about 35 years ago for a friend of mine, using a Mauser action, Parker-Hale stock and personally imported Douglas barrel. My first three shots went into one oval under half an inch at 100yds. off a bag rest. You initially, mentioned starting from a 7X57R - another friend, who collects sporting rifles, has a couple of these. Oddly, one is a bolt-action sporter, re-barreled from 7.92X57. We couldn't work out why any one would deliberately, choose to spend money re-barreling a bolt gun to that calibre - unless they had a lot of 7X57R ammo! All good fun Andy
  12. Don't have one myself, but a friend has a .25/.303 (.25/303??) from Australia. On a LE action and originally intended for swatting roos, I believe. Andy
  13. If you are still looking for data, PM me and I will send you a scan of the relevant pages of the Nobel reloading booklet. Incidentally, I used Nobel 60 in 12G shotgun during the seventies and N80 in shotgun and .45ACP. I still have some N80 which I'm gradually using up in .357Mag. Rifle. Andy
  14. Good luck. I have one of these rifles. They are lovely! Andy
  15. I contacted the importers regarding these guns. The reason they stopped bringing them in (and the reason that they won't be bringing in any more) is concerned with proof marking issues - possibly, differences between SAAMI and CIP? The videos that I've seen of these (mainly in the US) are quite positive. It might be a case of finding a load that 'your' 636 likes? Hopefully, someone with first-hand UK experience can chip in. Regards Andy
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