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  1. CZ550Kevlar

    Kit trolley

    Isn't it amazing the amount of gear we trawl around.
  2. CZ550Kevlar

    Notice from Police I didn't stop at an accident

    Thankyou for all your positive comments. I filled in the driver section and attached was another form saying if you had mitigating circumstances etc. i put on there to the best of my recollection I was driving my car in the area around that time of the alleged incident but I had not been involved in any collision and there is no damage to my car and if they want to have a look at it they are more than welcome.
  3. CZ550Kevlar

    Notice from Police I didn't stop at an accident

    Not heard anything, I got the letter on the 8th and had to be back within 28 days which it was but nothing.
  4. CZ550Kevlar

    Black powder Flintlock shotgun

    Hi Martin, typical as I live in Dover! Ideally wanted a flintlock, could you send me a photo of your percussion? I'll check that out, I have found an Indian pattern Brown Bess up north so would incur some RFD fees.
  5. CZ550Kevlar

    Flintlock musket

    Do you have a picture? Ideally it would need to be on a SGC to save on variations.
  6. CZ550Kevlar

    Black powder Flintlock shotgun

    I don't know why but I've always wanted a smoothbore black powder flintlock shotgun. Does anyone have one or know of a Kent Dealer who has one? If I have to I can arrange an RFD to RFD
  7. CZ550Kevlar

    The joys of Christmas

    Well Christmas morning passed without incident and not a single mention of wrapping... go figure.
  8. CZ550Kevlar

    The joys of Christmas

    Yup she is the mother. I'm slightly more easy going. In public and with her friends or company she is all sweetness but behind closed doors....
  9. CZ550Kevlar

    The joys of Christmas

    My hate and loathing for Christmas is gradually building over the years. i have a 12 year old daughter and a wife who is 43. i bought all the Christmas presents for my wife and my daughter enjoys wrapping so she asked if she could wrap them all, I said yes and made the worlds biggest mistake, I've just been questioned by my wife and generally moaned at asking if I had wrapped any of her presents, I said no because my daughter enjoys wrapping only to be moaned at! Also I bought a card for my wife from my daughter, rather than writing in it straight away my daughter left it on the floor and my wife went into the room this morning then moaned nobody cares because she has seen her card.
  10. CZ550Kevlar


    So it's likely then that Pectin Jelly is the answer to my problems as the only thickener I can see in both the strawberry and raspberry trifles is pectin.
  11. CZ550Kevlar


    Sooooo, Jelly as a kid where you melt the cubes in hot water is Agar? and the Jelly i like that melts in your mouth rather than going like frogspawn is Gelatin? Whats pectin jelly then as i`ve just read the ingredients for Tesco trifles and the only thickener i can find is Pectin?
  12. CZ550Kevlar

    Kent police SGC renewal, Medical Report

    Paid £48 for my "doctors report" all it said was has never been diagnosed with depression, stress suicidal thoughts etc etc, doesn't drink, doesn't do recreation drugs. i was expecting a little bit more for my money, like war and peace.
  13. CZ550Kevlar


    I will........ If i get my Jelly solution.
  14. CZ550Kevlar


    Hoping for some insight here. I hate Jelly with a passion, the fruit jelly you make with cubes and hot water etc. As a child i loved it, however i had a bad incident once and it put me off, especially the texture where it breaks up into little bits which severely limits my eating of trifles. However..... i had a tesco raspberry trifle at the weekend as someone said it isn`t the normal jelly it is a different texture, on trying it they were right it`s a jelly but it melted in your mouth... My question is what type of jelly is this, i want to know so i can make it and eat trifles again.
  15. CZ550Kevlar

    Notice from Police I didn't stop at an accident

    Filled in the paperwork and sent it back saying yes i was in the area at the time to the best of my knowledge but i wasn`t involved in any collision and there is no damage to my vehicle and if they want to come round and inspect it they are more than welcome to.