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  1. Yep and not lend it out. For some reason my Dad decided that the setting i had left it on wasn`t right and wanted more amps and it didn`t weld it just started acting like a cutting torch.
  2. ok, i would it right down and the flag had moved along the metal arm, it now seems to line up on 55amps with it turned right down, just need to give it a try. Thankyou for all your helps guys.
  3. Wound it in and out and as you can see the plate moves backwards and forwards but also the red flag slides too so i don`t know what the default position is and where it should be to "zero" it. Ampage window on top is 55 to 160
  4. I will have a go and post the results. .
  5. I have a NEILSEN CT2228 ARC welding machine. it`s cheap and simple but has served me well.... problem is i lent it to my Dad for him to do some welding and i`ve just got it back from him and he has over adjusted the AMP dial, it was set to exactly the right ampage for the rods i gave him but either him or someone has dialled it right up off the scale and now hen i try and reduce the ampage the little marker ontop doesn't move and it seems stuck on mental arc power and now cuts rather than welds. Anyone got any clues how i can rescue it??
  6. I`m sure this has been raised before but has anyone got a contact number or can get a message to Deal & District rifle club? i`m looking to join and sent an online form over 2 weeks ago but had no contact back like it says on the website, are they generally slow or is it worth giving a bell in case my form didn`t get through electronically.
  7. Had my Firearms officer visit to do my FAC renewal..... didn't look at my licence or check my ammo usage, renewal agreed.
  8. Noooooooooooooooooo just the bit I needed. Got me but been looking for a spare spare seeing how they are now an ex part.
  9. 2nd panel from the left isn't a good colour match.
  10. Where would the white bar go on the wing? The position seems to vary.
  11. I'll paint a stripe on either side on each face and do the body and neck and see what happens. Worst case they are Target practice.
  12. Yes not a bad idea. The chap that did my last rifles in Folkestone is dead now and he did some quality work.
  13. I purchased a pair of the below decoys to try on my magnet and bouncers.... £10 for the pair you get what you pay for but I can't see how they are going to be noticed, there is very little white on the body and none on the wings. i have some white UV decoy paint from A1Decoys, where would people advise painting the extra white on? Especially the wings that are lacking.
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