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  1. Does anyone in the PW community have a 9mm garden gun for sale, Kent area please, closer to Dover the better. Many Thanks
  2. This has put so many people's lives on hold too, we are on a leave embargo starting Friday 29th and lasting until May which means we don't get to spend Easter with our families and have to worry about childcare because we can't be at home.
  3. 17.4 million you say... So that's like 17 x 1 million people, hmmm that's a big number and quite a majority sounding kind of number. 😇
  4. I wonder how this fiasco and treachery will affect the local elections in May.
  5. I cant believe we are in the position we are in now, 7 votes to be held on Monday night, 2 of those take brexit off the table and the rest tie us into Europe. The HOC still sleep soundly at night even after their treachery.
  6. This whole thing puts a nail in the coffin of brexit and a travesty of democracy, damned right disgusting! Our future yet again has been decided by the EU 27 behind closed doors without us in the room, how is that possible or allowable? we've been strung along and given false hope from the start 3 years ago.
  7. The BBC has now seen the text of the latest draft conclusions being drawn up by EU leaders. Confirming earlier media speculation, they read: "The European Council agrees to an extension until 22 May 2019, provided the Withdrawal Agreement is approved by the House of Commons next week. "If the Withdrawal Agreement is not approved by the House of Commons next week, the European Council agrees to an extension until 12 April 2019 and expects the UK to indicate a way forward before this date for consideration by the European Council." well surprise surprise, a convenient extension even if the vote fails and stops the so called crash out, farcical and bloody disgusting!
  8. 29th crash out isn't going to happen now either, concocting a very crafty plan no doubt that says if she wins her vote then they allow until may 22nd but if vote fails will allow until April 12th, just enough time for the 14 days required to call a no confidence vote and form a new government who will then call a second referendum. we are going to be denied our brexit anyway possible.
  9. I'm hoping being only a year old the paint will look pretty even unlike an older car that has had many years of uneven exposure. i am now however worried about the weakness thing but its not on an exposed edge it's on the in curve so hoping will not be such an issue and the big thing I hope they don't spot it and go over with a fine tooth comb.
  10. It's a lease vehicle going back in December.
  11. We had a annual leave embargo placed on us last year to start from end of March until middle of May, this meant staff paying out lots of money for child minding etc during the Easter holidays and also parents like me unable to go away with their families or spend time with the families over Easter, now we are faced with a delay nothing is bookable in Easter now as it's too late and a 3 month delay puts a new embargo into beginning July affecting the big summer holiday.
  12. £250 for the repair, £150 for the light cluster. and of course like an idiot I phoned my insurance company and told them it was hit by someone but nothing on the works cctv and even though I'm not making a claim it looks like it will affect my premium because I was honest and disclosed it and on renewal of the policy I'll have to declare it!
  13. Hello, Does anyone know anywhere in the Dover area that can repair the damage in the photo? The light cluster I have found and can replace myself but need the plastic bumper damage repaired. If I can't get it repaired I'm looking to have to get a new rear bumper, get it sprayed then have someone take off the old one and swap all the inserts over then refit. Was hoping to do it off insurance.
  14. £171.69 to the Police, bloody shocking.
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