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  1. I`m sure this has been raised before but has anyone got a contact number or can get a message to Deal & District rifle club? i`m looking to join and sent an online form over 2 weeks ago but had no contact back like it says on the website, are they generally slow or is it worth giving a bell in case my form didn`t get through electronically.
  2. Had my Firearms officer visit to do my FAC renewal..... didn't look at my licence or check my ammo usage, renewal agreed.
  3. Noooooooooooooooooo just the bit I needed. Got me but been looking for a spare spare seeing how they are now an ex part.
  4. 2nd panel from the left isn't a good colour match.
  5. Where would the white bar go on the wing? The position seems to vary.
  6. I'll paint a stripe on either side on each face and do the body and neck and see what happens. Worst case they are Target practice.
  7. Yes not a bad idea. The chap that did my last rifles in Folkestone is dead now and he did some quality work.
  8. I purchased a pair of the below decoys to try on my magnet and bouncers.... £10 for the pair you get what you pay for but I can't see how they are going to be noticed, there is very little white on the body and none on the wings. i have some white UV decoy paint from A1Decoys, where would people advise painting the extra white on? Especially the wings that are lacking.
  9. Does anyone know of someone in Dover who does screw cutting on rifle barrels please? Also I'm looking for a new .22 lr and a semi auto shotgun, does anyone know of any RFDs in Dover I gave missed, just trying to avoid going to Manston or Ashford or west malling.
  10. It does seem very much that it varies from force to force.
  11. Not sure if anyone has the same problem but shooting alone leaves me lacking in motivation sometimes. Sooo I've been neglecting my shooting duties and so to remedy this and provide some incentive I've decided to reach out and see if anyone would like to come out shooting, initially some decoying for pigeons, crows, magpies etc but then maybe some rifle shooting once I've gotten to know you and you've gotten to know my land during daylight hours. There is about 3000 acres in the Dover area. If anyone is interested post away and looking initially at Saturday or Sundays.
  12. Mine is a gen 1 gun and a gen 1 barrel, apparently that piston isn't compatible with my escort magnum. Luckily phoned a local gunshop and they had one acing around. Mine for £10 picked it up and fits fine, although Edgar's no longer supply that piston so when this one goes it's off to buy a new shotgun.
  13. I'm in need of a new piston for a hatsan Escort magnum 12 gauge. It is the piston with the coil spring. ive found one place online and they are out of stock and none of my dealers close deal with Edgar's so to find the part I would have to drive over an hour each way to collect and for a Hatsan that is 10 years old it isn't worth it.
  14. It's the 1st model. The piston has a ring at one end, it's this ring that is getting stuck into the ring attached to the barrel. It is spinning rather freely and seems like it is loose and wobbles inside the groove in the piston, seems like it has stretched or expanded somehow. can someone with an escort pull the piston and tell me if their ring wobbles. EDIT- just looked on airgun spares and they have a replacement piston for £28.50 but that one has a wavy spring, mine has a short actual spring.
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