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  1. I just purchased an 04 Nissan Navara D22 which has a truckman top, I didn`t think to check but the rear tailgate doesn't lock on the central locking and there is no keyhole either so I'm guessing it never locked in the first place and the truckman roof door that locks is meant to prevent you opening the drop down tailgate? I'm not entirely convinced it is very secure and concerned someone will just pull the tailgate down past the truckman door with some force, is there an after market device or replacement handle for the drop down door to convert it into a locking drop down door, doesnt need to centrally lock just even a key lock will do. Thankyou
  2. Edited, been offered a large shackle.
  3. Does anyone know how to remove the entire front site from an Hatsan Escort MP-A? I can't seem to find out how. I have removenthe front screw but it still doesn't come off? There is a little grub screw but that moves the fibre optic site and doesn't affect removing.
  4. I'm looking for a choke key for a Hatsan Escort Mark 1. They seem to be quite rare now.
  5. Funnily enough I was looking on there and came on to look for the code to get a cheeky discount but couldn't find it in the video section like it used to be.
  6. Anyone know of anywhere that are offering discounts at the moment? I'm looking for a new decoying seat.
  7. Luckily the shaft of the T key and the handles are square, with the wrench mentioned above with a dial could be the best option. Does anyone know where I could hire one from? Dont really want to buy one unless they are cheap as after I've used it we won't use it again. Also it needs to be an adjustable wrench to fit onto the square tubing handle.
  8. All, I have a project at work involving Penstock valves, they are basically a sluice gate that you put a big T key on the drive shaft and turn it like you would an Auger, each gates resistance is different depending on when it was installed. (think of it as turning your mains water off in the street, same setup really but keep turning for about 15 mins.) I need to measure the amount of force it takes to turn the T key to raise and lower these gate valves. Does anyone know what bit of kit I'm looking for??
  9. I'm looking for some McGyver help from the pigeonwatch community. We currently use 110v floodlights powered by a generator on site and these are usually when we are in a MEWP but have a need for spotlights. What we want to do is run 12v vehicle spotlights from a 110v generator, does anyone know of a transformer that will do this? We have found 240v to 12v but can't use 240v on site. Many thanks.
  10. Yep and not lend it out. For some reason my Dad decided that the setting i had left it on wasn`t right and wanted more amps and it didn`t weld it just started acting like a cutting torch.
  11. ok, i would it right down and the flag had moved along the metal arm, it now seems to line up on 55amps with it turned right down, just need to give it a try. Thankyou for all your helps guys.
  12. Wound it in and out and as you can see the plate moves backwards and forwards but also the red flag slides too so i don`t know what the default position is and where it should be to "zero" it. Ampage window on top is 55 to 160
  13. I will have a go and post the results. .
  14. I have a NEILSEN CT2228 ARC welding machine. it`s cheap and simple but has served me well.... problem is i lent it to my Dad for him to do some welding and i`ve just got it back from him and he has over adjusted the AMP dial, it was set to exactly the right ampage for the rods i gave him but either him or someone has dialled it right up off the scale and now hen i try and reduce the ampage the little marker ontop doesn't move and it seems stuck on mental arc power and now cuts rather than welds. Anyone got any clues how i can rescue it??
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