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  1. I feel inadequate but a gold star to you sir, I can honestly see now how it makes sense. THANKYOU!
  2. Chaps... Please can anyone help with question 3? It's my daughters homework and I did algebra 20 plus years ago at college and having been at work all day my brain is fried and can't remember it properly. Can anyone help please?
  3. I'm sure someone will come along in a minute with an answer, so.... Why has Farage only created a Brexit party for Euro parliament and elections? Why not for mainstream U.K. Politics for parliament?
  4. Could they be so devious and underhanded!?!
  5. More good news.. the conservatives are prepping their eu parliament candidates. Euro elections here we come! Oh and a year extension!
  6. I dont know, all I know is that it has its third reading at 2200 ish then if it passes goes to the lords then for royal ascent.
  7. I read an article the other day summing up a customs union membership. we wouldn't have a seat at the table... we would be dinner!
  8. The backbenchers cooper and letwin are attempting to push a law through the commons and then the lords under fastrack which stops a no deal brexit on the 12th. a right stitch up.
  9. Think they call it laying lip service, they dug themselves a hole, called a referendum, dug a deeper hole and now have called in a Marxist piece of "insert word here" to well and truly bury brexit. customs union........ why? It makes no sense and has to be worse than no deal AND even now we can't have a no deal due to them pushing this law through tonight. I'm lost for words now with this whole process, what sort of country do we really live in now?
  10. I think just degrees of dishonesty.
  11. I'm going to give the Green Party a shot. Least they are honest about how they will screw things up.
  12. So now with this delay we are committed to the £108 million euro elections she said we wouldn't take part in and she will not let crash out happen. Treacherous bitch.
  13. The politicians have dug themselves into a massive hole now with nowhere to run. General Election, they know they'll potentially lose their seat and their job. Second Referendum, another toxic option. They won't vote leave because they want to stay. Now with these new independent parties coming out with rogue politicians it lends itself even further to a hung parliament with the higher chance of a coalition government propped up by politicians who will jump from side to side at their whim.
  14. I'm sorry but how does that work? You vote a politician in but then he doesn't have to listen to the electorate, instead he does his own thing because he/she thinks the people don't know what they are talking about like they are little children?? Isn't that how we got in this mess in the first place through politicians not carrying forth the decision of the people by majority vote.
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