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  1. I highly doubt that. Plenty will have been discussed, directly and indirectly via back channels and/or China. Very little is reported in the papers unless it favours someone. The embargo's I agree are helping to put pressure on, but the reality is that no US president has agreed to publically discuss anything with North Korea because the North Korean leadership refused to make concessions on various issues, the latest and long standing issue being nuclear weapons. It would generally be considered bad for the image of the US president to discuss anything with the leader of a country that to
  2. Hmm, well, Kim backing down is one way of looking at it. Another way would be that Trump has made a monumental mistake by effectively welcoming Kim to the table without having demanded any concessions beforehand. It may be viewed as legitimising Kim's position and could be perceived as giving him equal footing to the US, as nuclear powers.
  3. I took my family there for a day out last year. We got there and the train had literally broken down 20 minutes before we arrived. My 2 year old was very disappointed. The man in charge gave us a free family pass as compensation, without being asked for anything at all. I thought that was lovely of him.
  4. Thats pretty awesome. Now you just need an enormous pile of toast!
  5. If you wait about 20 years your knackers will drop so then you can simply sling them over the pommel.
  6. Is there any way you can get them to give you a truck as a company car? The BIK is incredibly low and if they are kind enough to give you personal fuel, you're laughing. I pay less than £200 BIK per month for a brand new truck inclusive of all costs under this method...its why you see so many double cab pickups about.....
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I'm very grateful to all of you. Some very useful comments here. Got everything lined up for my FAC now so just waiting for my stalking dude to come back from holidays and I should be good to go.
  8. Cameron was a damp squib. May flat out lacks respect and Corbyn is a communist for all intents and purposes in addition to being an IRA sympathiser and supporter of several other organisations which were or are considered to be terrorist by multiple countries. I dont think that is even in dispute? There isnt a decent leadership prospect amongst them. As my friend so eloquently put it during the last US election, it's a choice between a giant **** and a **** sandwich. The younger end and the short of pocket will primarily be the backers of Corbyn as his unbalanced cash book appeals
  9. Close, Pontecarlo. Your memory is better than you thought!
  10. Y'know I must have had in excess of 1,000 lures at one time and I think I only ever had one Ondex spinner. Not even sure why. I don't fish these days. What makes you prefer the Ondex over a Mepps?
  11. Martin. We went a couple of times to paul lane and I'm pretty sure it was your 338 I got to have a bash with also. It must be, blimey, knocking on 9 years ago. You were just getting started on the journalism side of things I think. I remembered because your name on here is, shall we say, memorable.
  12. Good old fashioned Mepps spinner I'd think. Silver or silver/blue. Might want to add a sinker up the line to get down to them, depending. Help with the cast too. You could also try surface lures, maybe a popper, especially from a boat. They work on bass! If its from shore, casting distance is going to be your main enemy, so a nicely balanced setup needs to be put together. The Americans have it all worked out already for bass, so you could do far worse than check out some articles from over the pond.
  13. The very limited experience I have with it, I have to say it behaved like a pea shooter at my end, but a bazooka at the target end. I suppose it must be half decent if it's been around for 100 years! I think the first time I ever shot the 6.5x55 was with you. Long time ago now!
  14. Cant seem to see the container he's taking them from? Personally I use Hoppes 9 (USA). Available from Brownells in the UK at a reasonableish price. If it's heavily soiled I personally find a spray and then some cotton rag is better as its more abrasive. If you want a source for cotton rags let me know. I buy mine due to my other work, but torn up (100% cotton!!) pillow cases work well too.
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