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  1. Did it work like makers said, quarry can't see the this wave length of green.
  2. Dose anyone know anything about the product. Or anything similar green led laser that quarry can't see. Seems to good to be true? Any feed back would be good.
  3. so far touching every peice of wood in the house. Not yet ever been done for speeding. But with the way A & S are it only time before every gets done who lives in the county or that passes though. Be esaier if they you are entering Somerset 30 mph please. Read though all the comments it appears that they do work and inprove road safety. They tells they are safety cammera partenership or word to that effect. Why don't sit out schools, hospitails, or accdinet black spots. Not sit straigth bit of road or hind behind a sigin post etc. They are just money making for the police funds pure and simple and make they look good in home office legal tables.
  4. What would 1 in 9 stablize. After reading a number of posts it would its more suited to heavier bullets 85gr and over 100gr. Any thing like the 58gr that hornady do would spin to fast. Or have i got it wrong.
  5. I know spring are bad news time time for any optic over time. Have spoken to Thomas Jack and they were not sure if it would be ok. So i think that gives me the answer don't bother. So looks like it mite another pcp air rilfe or the nitesite ns see there good reports about. And according to jake they can be used spring or gas ram with no known damage.
  6. dave dog


    I have used tube in tube less tyers in the past. But it will only be short trem fix as the inturnal moulding on the tyre wears the inner tube and will lead a flat again.
  7. Ratman2 I don't need any salt and vinger for that chip any more than you do. If you don't i would really love to live in your would. We all have a chip on nare shoulder about something, or soapbox issue. I have seen the good side of policing and the bad, this show the bad. And i certianal don't have chip on my shoulder about what penending with my little girl. Just s**ting scared of what what the furture will hold her her if it diganosed.
  8. I am inclined to agree with the title of the post. Police stand about in the riots, can send anyone if some breaks into your house or business. This chap was vureable member of society and an easy victim for them. Give them a harder traget and they run away. Know this because a few months ago some marines kicked in a loacl twon where i live. What police did trun up when found it was marines involed they soon legged it. And left the towns finest to sort it. And also have expernace of this first hand at glastonbruy festival also. Trun mob hand when if they spoke to the person, one or two police would have been enough. When you seen half the police now they give you the imperssion that they are bunch hired thugs pay for by use the tax payer. How this situation is becoming more common these days with them. I am concern because my little girl has gone though test at very likley to have autistium. which even rarer in girls just waiting the diagnoises. How would traet her. Trouble is copper is nevver off duty. But the met are appelealing against the jugdement. An ex-copper i know said that the metanlly that bread into now them is my gangs bigger than your. And how do figth pick on the little one.
  9. After talking to a firend in London area has got me thinking. Just doing a spot of market research how of the members and their out run the double cab picks of the older style with the flat back tub. As i going to make something for mine in the next month or so. Would any be interested in canopy that can open from both or one side as well as rear. As they are aviable for the swept back form 2005 onwards, but nothing for the 2005 model back. Colour would only be in white at this moment to keep the cost down. Is this something that anybody mite be interested or have seen already could you please reply.
  10. Have just found an RFD who can get this round. But he seemed a bit edgey about getting it. As this round desgined to kill people. He was a unhappy but will get some in, because of what the round is for. So if its ligth weigth round it should be quite reasonable to use on foxse then. But can any order a 100 at a time. Which is abit of downer at this current time.
  11. But what scope are members using with this site. Can i use a fixed paralax or do i have use adjustable paralax. So what scope are people using on them. As i am looking getting the ns50/200 can decide which all down to the pennies. Because having spoken to Jake at nitesite he said they are ok to use on spring or gas ram air rifle. As they are nearly all eletroincs and very little glass to damage.
  12. Dose anybody in thus forum use one of these on gas ram or spring powered air rilfe. As have been told i can not 390 paladin on either of these type of air rifle.
  13. Is this factory round or homeloader only. If its brought of the shelf where did you get from.
  14. Cab these be used on spring power or gas ram air rilfe. As have ATN Paladin and this can not be used according the ATN importers. So this would cheaper than buy an pcp air rifle.
  15. Just been flicking though guntrader, gunstar and few other site to see whats about as have injured foot, and no work for posiable a few weeks. Noticed that were are quite a tew 243's about. Few Rugar VT's about which i do like, quite a few Howa's and spotted this one Tikka m55 supersport with addjustable stock and everything eles. Know the 55 a good action, all be old now. What are people's thoughts on getting this over some of the other make if it's still round at the next invoices coming in.
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