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  1. No brained for me, three PCPs that get topped up once a week. Nearest air tank fill service over 14 miles away, so I use a pump. I have no hands and honestly it's no real effort to use. 5 mins max and good to go. My Hills pump has never let me down.
  2. I use a Map 6 for hunting set at X 7, which gives me range points out to 55 yds. It's great both in the day and with the lamp.
  3. I'm a die hard BSA fan and although acknowledging their QC issues, which seem as good or bad as their contemporaries, still rate their PCPs with the best of them. I can see the appeal of the Elite to some, but not my bag if I'm honest, nice to see a lefty stock though!
  4. Hi There Brilliant guns, I hope you're enjoying using it. Never had that problem with my case/ barrel and sort of regret selling mine! All the best with it.
  5. I've bought mainly 2nd user guns and along with some good exchanges have had bad as well even face to face. I would recommend always at least asking for a home phone number to contact the seller on and payment via BACS as suggested above. There are 1000's of happy people out there who have bought and sold 2nd user guns with no issue. It's sad that a small minority of ***** are ruining it for everyone.
  6. I Have one in .22 and it's accuracy out to way past 70 yards, i don't doubt, MY ability, on the other hand I do and will only shoot out to 45 yards. The gun is outstanding!
  7. I'd be happy with either of your options but on pure knowledge I would go for the R10. I have the much maligned Mk1 version and apart from one need for a service and tune by XTX it's been faultless! I'd get another in a heartbeat!
  8. Thanks guys! You're all far to kind as I've been practicing for over 20 years and still managed to find a spot which turned out to be just perfect for watching pigeons scream over head and pay utterly no attention to the pattern!! They weren't put off, but certainly not interested on the day! Maybe the decoys were a tad bright in the sun, who knows!?
  9. Hi all I know i haven't posted in an age, but wanted to share a film Field Sports Britain did about me on Air Heads, in the hope that if you know anyone who feels they are unable to participate in Airgun Shooting in anyway, it may start them thinking differently. So if anyone is feeling sorry for themselves about their inability to be included, they're running out of excuses! If they come again for a sequel with the shotty, I've suggested we look at getting Emma Watson and a shared shower scene.... in strict keeping with the plot of course! Apologies for the shameless self promotion!
  10. I've recently got another S410 after letting my S410 TDR go six months ago. Waiting to get it serviced (needs it) then it will be truely awesome. Not found a gun that is more accurate out hunting!
  11. You'll love it! I can't have a Pro Sport because I'm a South paw but I simply love my HW 97. PCPs are great for what they do and I wouldn't be without one, but for beautiful, reliable, soulful simplicity, a quality springer can't be beaten. Good luck with it!
  12. I sold my Fathers plates recently, that he got free from the DVLA in 1950 something, just his initials B!% 1. By resale and auction sites I was advised to put a reserve of £25,000 on them, so I did. After 9 months, the nearest offer we had was for £10,000. Not bad, but certainly nowhere near the expected, but £10,000 is still exactly that! As said somewhere already, the value in cherished plates, like so much else, is in the eye of the beholder!
  13. chandler

    PCP Pump?

    I got my hills pump when I bought my first PCP 6 years ago. £150.00 and still working brilliantly. I'm no Heman but even for me it's still only 7 minutes or so to fill an R10 buddy bottle from empty, although I mainly just top them up after 50 shots. 2 mins, no searching for compressed air suppliers and as said before, no tests.
  14. My main shooting position is seated simply for the best in height and stability for me. I'm a lefty, so I brace my right arm against my right raised thigh, elbow just below the knee cap. I've been shooting this way with airguns for over 25 years so it's kind of instinctive to me now.
  15. I have always mainly had 3-9 x 40 AO and never really go above 6, as it pairs nicely with my mildot ranges and the map 6 recticule on my hawke. Anything above 8 seems to much.
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