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  1. Brown sauce Tomato,salt n pepper
  2. Your putting me off changing it now figgy. I have located it,It's in the pipework,I have already cut a hole in the plasterboard wall(chimney breast)next to the coal fire. I thought it was a case of stop the water at the valve just above the pump,undo the big nuts top and bottom of the pump and pull pump out.new pump in,tighten nuts,water back on.job jobbed. Maybe I need a pro in to do it just in case.
  3. Could anybody tell me what size/type of central heating pump I need please as the old one has packed up and are no longer made.A cheaper equivalent would do. The old one is a grundfos super 4 class 'f' The numbers stamped on it are.. 50hz 40w 2600r/min 25 uf 1 phase UK 7534 ? 4-35/130 Appreciate any help please guys. Cheers
  4. Programme on BBC 4 now about an eagles flight with an onboard camera fitted
  5. I also looked but couldn't find anything. Cheers guys
  6. Can I get any ferry to France discounts with my basc membership? Cheers
  7. My wife's 2003 X trail for sale 2.2 sve td Diesel Manual Silver Cream Leather interior 142974miles(will rise slightly as still being used) MOT until 18/6/2019 Has had new throttle pedal fitted(common fault)with lifetime guarantee. Electric tinted windows Electric mirrors Tow bar with electrics A bit of blistering on rear arch Not in bad condition overall Will add pics soon Will pm the reg if you're interested £800 ono Located CV12
  8. We have just had our X trail (2003) recalled for the same reason.
  9. Tanalith used to have copper oxide,chromium pentoxide and arsenic in it (I think🤔) I think all the 'good stuff' has been substituted with 'safer chemicals' now.
  10. BaconBoy


    Thanks guys Happy christmas
  11. BaconBoy


    Sorry walshie Going to France I can't get hold of the garage that issued it.
  12. BaconBoy


    Hello guys after a bit of advice please. Do I need to carry an mot certificate(car is legal but I cannot find the certificate). I have all the other paperwork/documents needed I have looked on some sites and some say you need it and others do not mention it. Thanks
  13. Could anybody recommend a good european breakdown company? Thanks guys Sorry,can somebody move this to the correct section please
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