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  1. BaconBoy

    Raised Veg Beds

    Tanalith used to have copper oxide,chromium pentoxide and arsenic in it (I think🤔) I think all the 'good stuff' has been substituted with 'safer chemicals' now.
  2. BaconBoy


    Thanks guys Happy christmas
  3. BaconBoy


    Sorry walshie Going to France I can't get hold of the garage that issued it.
  4. BaconBoy


    Hello guys after a bit of advice please. Do I need to carry an mot certificate(car is legal but I cannot find the certificate). I have all the other paperwork/documents needed I have looked on some sites and some say you need it and others do not mention it. Thanks
  5. BaconBoy

    European breakdown

    Could anybody recommend a good european breakdown company? Thanks guys Sorry,can somebody move this to the correct section please
  6. BaconBoy


    I wasn't far off ditchy...not a bad attempt from me
  7. BaconBoy


    Turbo wastegate?
  8. BaconBoy

    Ex miners or interested in mining.

    My grandad moved from south wales to keresley(covemtry area) for the mineing,was a coalminer for 45ish years. I watched an old programme today about keresley village during the miners strike and am pretty sure i saw my grandad on it.?
  9. BaconBoy

    Axe heads

    Just went onto gumtree coventry,typed axe heads into search box and they came up. Sorry mate,not too good with this techy stuff
  10. BaconBoy

    Axe heads

    Please remove if breaking any rules Thought some of you guys may be interested There is a guy on gumtree (coventry) selling axe heads,vintage and new.might be of interest to somebody here. Thanks Sorry forgot to add,i have nothing to do with the seller or the advert.
  11. BaconBoy

    Gas Fridge Wanted From Caravan or Motor Home

    Caravan breaker?
  12. BaconBoy

    New AUDI Feature

    Warning:you are following an audi and i can,and probably will,drive like an absolute tool,any i might even engage the onboard 'tosspot' button just to really annoy everybody else on the road
  13. BaconBoy

    Shoe bullying

    I have a pair of work boots,a pair of wellies and a pair of trainers.i polish the work boots up for special occasions.
  14. BaconBoy

    Nissan X trail Diesel

    Had our 53 plate diesel for 2 1/2 years now.only had to replace throttle position sensor(cost £200ish?),ours was the least comon of sensor types,typical. This christmas we drove to the Swiss border and back without a single problem. Personally dont think the driving position is as comfortable as a discovery but apart from this it is a great car.
  15. BaconBoy

    where about’s are you bud?

    The tipton terrior?