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  1. Hi there, I am a member of the Little Downham Woodpigeon Shooting Club. I managed to get in this year with a recommendation from my Cousin who is also a member. I'm not 100% sure on the protocol but can find out if you like? I think it's £67 a year which covers BASC membership and also your club membership. I joined and then wrote to BASC for a refund on monies I had already paid for the year.
  2. We released 100 last night. They came from a big open laying pen in the middle of nowhere so the assumption is they should be fairly wary and know what the majority of it's all about. We do the same every year and they seem happy enough in the orchards we put them in. There is plenty of briar for them to hide in and trees for roosting. Apparently though within an hour of us putting them down my aunt saw a cock bird run out of the gate and straight down the middle of the road with charlie in hot pursuit. It soon found it's wings though and charlie didnt get a free meal! We expect a few to roam around but we shoot most of the land anyway. It's not as if they are crossing to a neigbouring shoot!
  3. My 10 weighs around 12lb - it's an Eldferkin Greylag and I am slinging 1 7/8 oz of shot up it - she kicks like a donkey - to let go of an 8 (a double at that!) or a 4 must be something else!
  4. I'm up in Wogtown at the moment and came across a chap who starred in a goose shooting DVD a few years ago - the bloke is a wealth of knowledge and was great yto talk to. He hates being recognised though. He shoots an old Tolley 4 bore - it is loaded with 9 ounces of powder and 4 ounces of shot. I saw him drop a goose at what must've been 80 yards! The noise is unbelievable too - a huge thump and a woosh of air - amazing. The cheapest I have seen a 4 is £8,500 !!
  5. I'm with MC I've got some old Winchester lead 3" 36g nr 4 which im using up as well - doesnt half bring em down at range! Can't be used for wildfowling now so i put them to good use Have you tried justcartridges?
  6. I love it. Makes a change from sitting in the office! Where are you staying when you're up there?
  7. Are you back off to Wigtown on the 13th? I'm taking my Elderkin Greylag up there for an airing as well as the Escort Magnum on the 14th, coming back on the 20th. It's a week off work watching geese if nothing else
  8. I have just been looking for info on the 4G. My 3G contract is up next month and I was wondering what to do. Sounds like I should stick it for a bit once my contract is up in anticipation of the 4G!
  9. If you've never been before I would recommend a guide of some sort. The foreshore can be a dangerous place as you say. I don't know what your experience is but if you haven't tackled geese on the foreshore previously then I would take advice. It might be worth ringing somewhere like Wigtown Wildfowlers to see what they think, they may be able to point you in the right direction as to best location unguided, tide patterns etc.
  10. We got our permits thorugh last week. All signed and ready to go. Looking forward to being up to my guts in mud
  11. I like a chicken Tarka, it's like a chicken Tikka but a bit otter :blink: lol seriously though, I always have a dupiaza. I like to taste the spices and flavour. I do however always have a sag-aloo as a side but ask for it madras hot for a little bit of fire when I fancy it. Great combo!
  12. We only shoot them when numbers get up. Had a hare drive over Christmas and had 12 from one field. Nobody wants to carry a 'fen donkey' though do they! Coincidently if you are ever starving and there is no other means of food you can easily catch a hare! When chased a hare will always follow the same route (they will follow the same track day in day out). Apparently (an old fen tale) if you know where the hare runs, set up a snare and then run at the hare like hell, it will always take the same track and hey-presto! I must admit I've never tried it myself though lol!
  13. Had mine for 6 months, mainly wildfowling with 3" carts 36g minimum but it is just as comfortable cycling 32g load for pigeons. Paid £160 for it and dont care if it gets wet, scratched muddy etc etc. The only problem i've had with it is the single nut which holds the stock on shaking loose. I swapped this for a locking nut and no more problems. I will probably upgrade in the future but bought it for when im not using the 10g and didnt want to ****** up any of my decent o/u's any more. Certainly brings them down
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