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  1. I have a damaged right eye and plagued my shooting,I fitted an easy-hit one, coupled with a plaster over my left eye and the combination works well, I focus on the clay only but it seems to help. Good thing about buying a genuine brand is you can tape it on, if you don't like it you can return for a full refund as long as you haven't fixed it "permanently".
  2. I did have some lead I hammered flat , put tape on the barrel then the weights then taped over,but I'm concerned it might over time damage the blueing.
  3. I'm looking for something like the weight system that Browning/blaser Beretta do, or an attachable barrel weight. Anyone have anything like this?
  4. I have these but no longer shoot live, so looking to swap a full slab of 7.5 / 8 F/Wad clay cartridges. Obviously collection with valid SGC. Ashford Kent area
  5. I went through a stage of buying lot's of guns, I learnt from them what I liked and how I liked a gun to balance. I decided on Perazzi. I was going to do the whole Perazzi factory experience for my 50th (at the time it was about 3 years away so was saving) but in Chris potter I found my exact specification, a suitable stock and forearm was sourced from their spares, it's from 1999, I'm 56 now and still have it. Recently I decided on a new gun, I wanted a Perazzi hi-tech but no longer have the disposable income I used to, so and set about trying several guns I was interested in, blagging at shoots, shops etc BUT none felt as good as the Perazzi so I decided to keep it. The stock is having an adjustable comb raiser fitted to fine tune the fit and decided to have a full custom engraving done. It's a keeper. I know I will have to rebalance the gun as the raiser adds weight to the back. Perazzi are beautiful guns and all are different so try different ones and go for it.
  6. I have cheap coloured shooting glasses with a small round plaster stuck in the correct place in front of my left eye, it cures it for me.i only close my left eye when pulling the trigger when I have a very close clay to shoot
  7. Thinking about getting some adjustments to my stock it perhaps a new stock made, been doing some research and these guys look capable, anyone have any experience dealing with them?
  8. I have cens about 9 years , they had an issue, I sent them back and repaired FOC, so after sales is pretty good.
  9. Classic happened Sunday, were waiting as the 3 in front finish, another group of 6 turn up and move into the stand, so I day excuse me we're next only to be told "oh no we're with them we're just moving along and joining them as they finish" Not IMPRESSED, travel as a group or shoot seperate
  10. I had an ultra XS prestige about 8 years ago and loved it, I shot my mates Pro the other week, I didn't like it at all. Couldn't put my finger on it. I have an old 1999 MX8, the grip is not right but it feels so good to shoot, I recently decided to try a couple of guns that the reviews convinced me was going to be a step forward, but they weren't and I'm glad I tried them as the MX8 feels even better now.
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