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  1. My barrels are 30 3/4" Mama bear barrels, not too long,not too short. Yours Goldilocks
  2. Just dug it out, I didn't realize how much kit I have lol, it's probably as close to as new possible. £50 Ashford Kent
  3. I have one if you're still interested, I'd have to dig it out as I haven't shot pigeon for a few years, can't say I found it uncomfortable, but everyone is different
  4. I'm pretty sure the difference is not shot size but the powder burn and speed of shot fired, HP shot was developed to hit game with more energy at longer distances as steel shot does not have the same energy as the same size pellet in lead, a gun that is HP proofed at full choke for those distance requirements or clay shooters who use tight chokes like trap shooters will need to have a gun capable of this requirement. All guns, it has been reported can use nitro steel shot upto 1/2 choke, although it is my understanding that even with half choke the size of the shot size must be a consideration. It's to do with the lack of deformation of steel shot going through the choke constriction. It is also my understanding that most guns proofed for HP at full choke are fixed choke guns. A few screw in choke/gun manufacturing companies have chokes that can take steel at full choke, fabarm guns and Muller chokes are two that I'm aware of. I am not sure if Fabarm can take HP steel at full choke with their screw in choke.
  5. I didn't say any choke I said upto 1/2 choke. Hp is different to normal steel. I guess people have their guns proofed to help with selling. All the information you need is available on the internet
  6. They don't recommend tighter than 1/2 with steel as it doesn't deform like lead as it passes through the constriction , the plas-wad is to protect the bores from the steel shot. Some guns are coming out (I think typically fixed no interchangeable chokes) that are tighter and proofed for steel, some brands eg fabarm are proofed.for steel in their full screw in chokes and apparently Muller chokes will take it. But pretty much all guns regardless will take steel upto 1/2 choke.
  7. Even the DT sup steel proof are only to 1/2 choke, which is the same as old guns for normal steel.
  8. Optima HP 2 flush teague in 1/2. & 1/4 And a Beretta flush in cylinder Barely used £30 each Inc delivery £85 for set delivered UK mainland
  9. I think that the all sport come with a separate"attachable" high rib so you have the option to use it as either a normal low/flat rib or attract the high rib, magnetic I think and shoot it that way
  10. 2x 1 1/4oz no6 3x 35.5gr no5 1x 35.5 gr no 4 2x32gr no 5 usual sgc rules apply Inc collection ashford Kent area £40
  11. As above looking for a 20b shotkam mount for gen 3? (latest model)
  12. Having shot a high rib years ago and I'm interested in a vantage, the one I am going.to view is 32" 12ga with adjustable Monty Carlo stock. Has an had/still own and what are your thoughts, thanks in advance
  13. Easy to do, impossible to sell. I have a nice Perazzi that I had engraved, it looks very nice I'm always justified in ownership if I hit every target on the stand , only to epic fail on the next and hope no one noticed. But I sometimes bump into a guy with an £20+k Perazzi that misses more than me, like me he enjoys the ownership so has learnt to ignore the doggy looks from his doggy attempts to hit targets
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