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  1. I have cens about 9 years , they had an issue, I sent them back and repaired FOC, so after sales is pretty good.
  2. Classic happened Sunday, were waiting as the 3 in front finish, another group of 6 turn up and move into the stand, so I day excuse me we're next only to be told "oh no we're with them we're just moving along and joining them as they finish" Not IMPRESSED, travel as a group or shoot seperate
  3. I had an ultra XS prestige about 8 years ago and loved it, I shot my mates Pro the other week, I didn't like it at all. Couldn't put my finger on it. I have an old 1999 MX8, the grip is not right but it feels so good to shoot, I recently decided to try a couple of guns that the reviews convinced me was going to be a step forward, but they weren't and I'm glad I tried them as the MX8 feels even better now.
  4. My AA S410K doesn't need cleaning, my Steyr LG110 needs a snake bore pull through every session or it starts to lose accuracy
  5. Some idiot at detling a few years back used to let them fly, he almost seemed to aim them at the people waiting, guess he thought he was royalty or a power thing ,I don't know, I really hated him for it, I wanted to pick them up and throw them at the back of his head, but being English we all just slagged him off out of ear shot
  6. Looking for the above, must have adjustable comb and a lop of 14.75-15 inches, no cracks or repairs DM if you have something A Tsk stock also considered
  7. Mine is a plain action with sporter engraved on action, not highlighted. Very discreet.i don't like the nickel version personally. I think nearly all guns including Browning have gold washed triggers. Mine is circa 1999 and closes like a bank vault door. They hold their value well and I could probably get more for it than I paid 8 years ago
  8. I had an ultra XS prestige about 8 years ago, it was an excellent gun, my mate has a PRO? all black nowhere near as nice, unless rose tinted glasses are affecting me, for similar money an used Perazzi MX8 can be bought, which is what I have now. Far superior gun
  9. Yes they are worth it. Had mine maybe 9 years. Double up nicely if at a F1 event or something similar
  10. I have an S410, never really rated it . until I started to really use it, covid gives plenty of time. The AA FIELD in 4.52 is very good but after a pellet test the QYS Domed in 4.50 is possibly better, very close so I'm trying them out. It's proving to be a much more accurate than I thought it could be
  11. I have a hi viz long and put a bit of dark tape down the lh side, it seems to help with my shooting
  12. A well placed shot in either caliber will do it, I only shoot.177 as I feel I can place it better, my best shot was a pigeon at 55 m a head shot with a HW 100 S. I have an S410 and am getting to grips with it, it's probably as good as the HW. I was using as field but a pellet test put QYS Domed potentially better, however I think the AA seems to have less flyers.
  13. Very nice gun, shame you are too far away
  14. Arnie " givf me a pulse rifle with a 40watt range" Gun salesman" hey man we only got what you see on the shelves" I kinda like it, would I buy it? No.
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