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  1. Yes they are worth it. Had mine maybe 9 years. Double up nicely if at a F1 event or something similar
  2. I have an S410, never really rated it . until I started to really use it, covid gives plenty of time. The AA FIELD in 4.52 is very good but after a pellet test the QYS Domed in 4.50 is possibly better, very close so I'm trying them out. It's proving to be a much more accurate than I thought it could be
  3. I have a hi viz long and put a bit of dark tape down the lh side, it seems to help with my shooting
  4. A well placed shot in either caliber will do it, I only shoot.177 as I feel I can place it better, my best shot was a pigeon at 55 m a head shot with a HW 100 S. I have an S410 and am getting to grips with it, it's probably as good as the HW. I was using as field but a pellet test put QYS Domed potentially better, however I think the AA seems to have less flyers.
  5. Very nice gun, shame you are too far away
  6. Arnie " givf me a pulse rifle with a 40watt range" Gun salesman" hey man we only got what you see on the shelves" I kinda like it, would I buy it? No.
  7. Bloke I saw at Canterbury Kent used to carry his K80 on.a.bike, had a courier document tube carried the barrel wrapped in that and the action in a similar oblong box, carts in the top box, assembled when he gets there
  8. I have an s410 sub 12 in .177, I waiting for my mate to make his mind up, serviced by a gunsmith last year, adj butt pad. I know you want.22 but if you want something different a caliber size is always a good way.
  9. Sorry about the delay, I didn't see the question, it uses Mobil screw in flush chokes,
  10. I had a HW 100,, absolutely fantastic gun Soooo accurate, but it was too heavy to walk about with, I have an S410k now, very nice, not so keen on the bolt action compared to the HW side lever and perhaps not as consistent, the HW was incredibly accurate
  11. With all the grade of guns you are paying for wood and machine engraving, the actual gun is the same so a silver pigeon 1 with the same dimensions as a EELL will shoot the same, just not.as pretty. My Perazzi is plain but is made to the same standard as their top guns, just not as pretty. How much are you planning on spending?
  12. I have CENS maybe 8 years now? 1 packed in after about 5 years and was repaired foc. Excellent kit and have clay and game settings which worked well when I used to pigeon shoot. Recommended
  13. yes it's his used stock and fore-end that is fitted to my gun
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