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  1. I took my mate to Chris Potter yesterday as he was ready to make a purchase, but needed advice, Duncan must have spent 3 hours with us, had about 9 guns out, any adjustments to comb and trigger made to get it in the ballpark, with a £3k budget. Settled on the a used Browning 725 prosport 30", I have to say it did feel like a really nice gun. Duncan had the patience of a saint lol. He was the same when he assisted me getting my Perazzi. I think it's worth going to spend time with a company like this.
  2. My Perazzi is just plain black but I found it and it was the exact specifications I was going to order it, except I would have had the type 100 engraving, but does have exceptional wood
  3. Either my Browning ultra XS prestige, but ultimately my Perazzi MX8. Had it 7 year's
  4. Stopped in at Chris Potter today they had a German made similar stick and now CP are having their own type made, looked good. I guess if you fitted one and went to say Holland and Holland and did a gun fit with them, got them to adjust it I think it could be a good investment. Looked at the Perazzi hi-tech, which was nice. Still I think my old MX8 feels perfect
  5. Like I said if they don't like us, please leave and make your own way. I genuinely hope you are all better off and happy, it won't keep me awake at night. I have only dealt with the Welsh 3 times and each time it has ended poorly with items not being as stated and clearly sold with misleading information, when questioned they seemed to enjoy the fact they'd got one over on me, and I'm not talking£5 eBay items, I personally will never deal with them financially regardless if the have the unicorn item I want more than anything. But face to face I enjoy their company and sense of humour having done the Welsh 2 day enduro several times they're easy to like, but otherwise I don't deal with them, an English women I knew worked in the Welsh assembly and she said they literally hate us. She was shocked how prejudiced they were about us.
  6. What you say is completely true, I don't dislike them, my 2 best friends are Scottish and Welsh, I tell them.all the time to sod off all the time , my point really is that the voice of these countries don't want to be connected to England, endlessly demand to be independent from the United Kingdom , I'm very binary, if they want out let them go. They've had a referendum to leave, decided to stay and don't accept the democratic decision, I'm tired of them tbh. There's no such thing as an Englishman, we're all a blend and I'm very culturally tolerant, each to their own but their constant bleating on about leaving is annoying
  7. I'd be happy if the Scot's, Welsh and Irish left, it's like have 3 whining kids who spend their whole time trying to poison you, let them and their history prejudices be gone
  8. Hi I say one of these, well I think it was one at The Oaks shooting ground near Dover last Sunday, interesting piece of kit, looked at reviews but none from actual owners, what are people's thoughts on this sort of set up to achieve the "perfect fit"
  9. I thought about that, the trigger looks like it's mounted on the plate, I have a good local gunsmith, I'll call him and see what he thinks.
  10. I probably had a 3 year layoff and just started again so it's like relearning the feel of a gun the stock was shaped and fitted to me from settings provided by Holland and Holland a Xmas present, but you can't change the ratio between the trigger and grip, I have large hands.lol.its a shame they can't be adjusted like the Beretta triggers it only needs a couple of mm
  11. I had an ultra XS prestige, with a factory comb and Isis recoil, what a beautiful gun, very little recoil, as with all guns, should never have sold it, I would buy it back if I could
  12. I have a 20-ish yr old MX8 I've had it for about 5 years and tbh the reach for the trigger is a little too far, so I called Chris Potter and there is a trigger available that is swept back further..... For £275. I was thinking if there is a cheaper option, maybe a trigger from a different brand? An after market option? Get a gunsmith to alter it? Any thoughts??? Cheers in advance
  13. Thanks gents, local gun shop had a .22 HW45 in stock so collected today, cheers for the advice
  14. It's for my dad and the whole disposal air cylinder or a diver bottle is too much hassle, he won't use it much so this will suit his needs
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