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  1. Have they improved the Shotkam? I bought one years ago but I couldn't get it to record properly,
  2. Looking for the above for my old Beretta A303
  3. I have an franchi AL48 you can have for £50 stock has been altered about by previous owner but is perfectly useable and has a twist multichoke fitted, works in 28grm or above
  4. I didn't bother in the end but i did speak English to them with a French accent and i think it went down well
  5. Hi I'm heading to France this weekend,has anyone bought cartridges from France? are they cheaper?can you just bring them through Customs without declaring them and is there a limit to quantity?
  6. I have an old box of 10 cartridges that look Russian dated 1/4/1961, the label has AZOM,a green box with a duck on the front,anyone know anything about them?
  7. I have one,with a twist choke ,it's tatty but I went to my local shoot and won the day with it,very funny tbh as it looks awful,my zombie gun,buty with the 70mm and 28 grms it always worked,I need a new stock for it
  8. sounds good as it happens I'm in charing , 5 miles away
  9. I was thinking about selling my Perazzi as I have a bad shoulder,instead I am thinking of having it serviced and potentially re-blacked,I phoned Teague about some stuff and they mentioned they use them for Blacking etc,I have chatted to them and they come across pretty competent,has anybody had any dealings with them before I send my gun to them?
  10. stamped at 1510 grm but have been teague'd and with a set of chokes in weigh 1485 grm
  11. As above good condition with two sets of keys,collection only maidstone kent area £80 pm me if interested
  12. located in the Maidstone kent area,as new,2 sets of keys, Around £150 inc delivery new £100 collection only selling on behalf of a friend who bought a house where it was fitted PM me if you are interested
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