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  1. Cocci makes them loose weight? could be that. Whats the droppings like? If there like water, then the chances are its a bacterial infection.
  2. My daughter has one of the litter mates. He comes out with the terriers and has tried on a few occasions to go to ground. Editted to add he has the same tuft on his head too.
  3. a claart is the clump of mud that sticks to the bottom of your shoe when crossing a field. The saying I'm covered in claarts comes from having claarts on the bottoms of your shoes, which then end up on the bottoms of your trousers from walking.
  4. Terriermen can still work their dogs now for the protection of game, so add fox to that list of yours of rabbits and rats.
  5. Thats a fair price. Good luck with the sale.
  6. Dog fox? He looks like he was in good nick.
  7. No offence taken. Was only written as an ice breaker. Personally airguns and airgunners are of no interest to me.The one's I know around here are young lads who shoot at beer cans down in the Cala beck, which is a pain in the a** when theres pellets whizzing around above mine and my dogs heads.
  8. Welcome to the site. Which side you from East or West Whitby?
  9. Hello stranger!! Hows the moor doing? Did you get my email ok?
  10. Good advice. Try what ricky has said. Let us know how you get on.
  11. Sounds to me as if he is trying to be dominant, and by the sounds of it, he is winning.
  12. I eat mine yummy :look: Well maybee not.
  13. Our terriers would, and do react to dogs running up to them. Why should I muzzle them? All dogs should be kept on their leads. Also not everyone likes dogs and can be quite scared when seeing dogs off leads. I would never trust any dog off its lead where strangers are anyway, more so parks where children could be playing.
  14. Lab owners, vein of my life!!! Our terriers are never allowed off their leads unless doing their earthwork. The amount of inconsiderate lab owners around here really boils my ****, their dogs are always off the lead, their dogs always come running up to our dogs (which hate labs), they never put their dogs on the lead until I threaten them, which is usually as I'm trying to part our dogs which are now fighting because the lab is just out of reach and thinks its all one big game, and the owner is saying "dont worry my dog is friendly" WELL GREAT FOR YOU BUT OURS ARENT!! Keep your dogs on their
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