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  1. All between 6 and 7 mm
  2. Toyota Hilux bed liner fits mk6/7 over rail type. collection from Mamnchester £110
  3. Bridge stone dueller tyres x4, 265/65/17 just come off my hilux. Loads of tread left, one has had puncture repair, they have just come off my hilux last Friday. Collection only from Manchester so you see what you buy. £120 no offers
  4. 30 cal Hornady SST 125 grain x 90 165 grain x 69 180 grain x 21 Speer 30 cal 165 grain Spitzer SP x15 All above together £55 posted mainland UK. 6.5 cal Nosler ballistic tip 140 grain x 80 £36 posted. 6.5 cal Sierra 140 Grain HPBT x 86 £35 posted. 22 cal 40grain VMax x 80 £14 posted
  5. Looking for a picatinny rail for an Anschutz 1431/32 action, anyone point me in the right direction
  6. 17 hornady hornet die set wanted, also any cleaning rods etc
  7. Get a camera up, would be interesting to see if it is piggy
  8. Anyone attend any of the clay shoots in the Northwest since they have re-opened? How are they squadding it and any recommendations. Regards
  9. Can I buy the black gunslip first picture £15 posted please?

  10. They have been going for years, not sure if he RFD's from his home now. No a few people who bought from them without problems
  11. I have some chokes in a box with two triggers. Invector plus chokes x 3 cylinder skeet full Two replacement triggers, one gold the other steel. Fits Browning 325. £60 posted uk mainland.
  12. looks like some good high pheasants
  13. My MK60 will only eject the bottom barrel if you open it fast and hard, if you open it slow it will not eject. No **** in the ejectors, no broken springs in the forend, the rods that go through the action look like they protrude the same distance for bottom barrel as the top when fired. Any idea's?
  14. I will have the first pair please; 1st pair size 85/96/112 which is appox 38" waist,new,£18 posted pm payment details
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