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  1. I havn't got any of the above, but this is thin end of the wedge
  2. No mate, but crack on. Will meet with you next time
  3. Crossy I have a full set of these in a case if your interested
  4. 19th good for me, you do mean May yea
  5. Fruity I need the next 3 garland dates please
  6. Hi Debbie, These forms, will they need filling out for each farm you shoot at, or will one cover all?
  7. Idle back chair £150 no offers and buyer picks up. regards Reggiegun
  8. Book the cpc course, 40 hours of waffle
  9. Yes,order now for thr harvest lol
  10. reggiegun


    In Other sales here Or with your money buy the silenced Honda from costco
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