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  1. Looks like it’s limping lol
  2. Loads down Northwest, all over Sale Water Park
  3. Be carful who you use, as with modern cars, if it isn’t fit correctly, you can wreck your ecu. Best to have a dedicated wiring lume fitted.
  4. Anyone tried Nielsen Sonic lead free bullets. I shoot 150 grain soft points in my 308 currently, what do you recommend going down in weight? Anyone’s views please.
  5. Trouble with flooded rivers is you can’t see all the willow branches etc, I have had a dog stuck in these once, not a nice experience, I did mange to get the dog out, but then you put yourself at risk.
  6. reggiegun

    Vit N120

    Sorted now. Thanks top man Hoogs
  7. reggiegun

    Vit N120

    Yea phoned them Tuesday as I was up that way, they don’t actually stock the powder in the shop so you have to pre order it with them.
  8. reggiegun

    Vit N120

    Hi, After some Vit N120 in Northwest area. None of my local RFD stock it.
  9. Yea he said, everyone going for long throated barrels for heavy bullets and like you MORE powder What ever you got I will purchase
  10. What you got mate. See you’ve had your rifles re-barrelled. Was at Steve’s last Sunday
  11. As title Ansultz 1432, 22 hornet magazine
  12. As title 52grn Amax wanted
  13. Toyota Hilux bed liner fits mk6/7 over rail type. collection from Mamnchester £110
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