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  1. reggiegun

    Pick up Insurance

    Sorted now, i have been with Adrian Flux for years, got a quote a third of the price. Bye bye Adrian Flux.
  2. reggiegun

    Pick up Insurance

    Best place for pick up motor insurance please, as Adrian Flux are taking the pee!
  3. reggiegun

    Bird ownership

    If the birds are on your land there yours to shoot, the game keeper must be a bit thick, if i was you i would be asking for some rent money for the land they use on yours, or better still you shot it.
  4. reggiegun

    Eley 38gr subsonic 22lr

    Item sold thanks
  5. reggiegun

    Eley 38gr subsonic 22lr

  6. reggiegun

    Few pics,rabbits,pigeons,rut,stags.

    Great photo's
  7. reggiegun

    Eley 38gr subsonic 22lr

    340 eley subs £20 collected with ticket. manchester
  8. reggiegun

    Rifle scope run out of elevation

    Fit a 20 moa rail
  9. reggiegun

    .22LR ammo for sale

    You at Garlands next?
  10. reggiegun

    One lowland stag to remember...

    nice one mate
  11. reggiegun

    Cloudside Shooting Ground

    And a good bit cheaper
  12. reggiegun


    Try and get one of the FF5, I paid for one 3 weeks ago, just had an email, they have some production problems about faulty motors, so have stopped making them for a while. Poor, also still not got a refund
  13. reggiegun

    Powder thrower

    With your money RCBS uniflow powder measure