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  1. reggiegun

    Lee Reloading Equipment - Bargain

    Messaged you sir
  2. reggiegun

    RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure With Stand

    I will take this please
  3. reggiegun

    50 cal Ban

    Well sad mate
  4. reggiegun

    PBir X Infrared Torch

    Steve, I will take this. Do you take pay pal?
  5. reggiegun

    garlands rifle shoot dates

    Fruity thanks for the bench
  6. reggiegun

    SOLD Harkila Fleece Size L Warm as Toast !!

    I will take this please, pm me with payment details.
  7. reggiegun

    Photon Yukon RT

    I have one on my creedmoor, once mounted and zero'd its been fine. I bought the Burris XTR adjustable mounts, as there is not a lot of elevation and windage adjustment. Also fitted a stand alone IR tourch.
  8. reggiegun

    Play in fore-end on Miroku

    I have got slight play in the fore-end on my miroku trap gun, it's play on where the fore-end iron bites on the barrel lug.How do you adjust this anyone any idea please?
  9. reggiegun

    SOLD Hornady 22 Cal 50 grain V Max

    i will take these as well
  10. reggiegun

    SOLD Nosler 6.5 Cal BT 140 Grain

    Yes please
  11. reggiegun

    Pick up Insurance

    Sorted now, i have been with Adrian Flux for years, got a quote a third of the price. Bye bye Adrian Flux.
  12. reggiegun

    Pick up Insurance

    Best place for pick up motor insurance please, as Adrian Flux are taking the pee!
  13. reggiegun

    Bird ownership

    If the birds are on your land there yours to shoot, the game keeper must be a bit thick, if i was you i would be asking for some rent money for the land they use on yours, or better still you shot it.
  14. reggiegun

    Eley 38gr subsonic 22lr

    Item sold thanks