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  1. reggiegun

    Clay Shoot New Years Day

  2. reggiegun

    Clay Shoot New Years Day

    Where is open in the Northwest for clays New Years Day?
  3. reggiegun

    Winchester 94AE

    Who that Daff mate
  4. reggiegun

    Winchester 94AE

    Any one know where i will be able to obtain a Cartridge block for a Winchester 94ae in 357?
  5. reggiegun

    Drone pro is back on sale!!

    Hi do you have a link to these units please
  6. reggiegun

    357 magnum loads

    Con Scully I don't use gas checks
  7. reggiegun

    357 magnum loads

    Thanks Newbie
  8. Hi, im loading some lead cast bullets 158gr with bullseye powder, in my Lee manual it states 5.9 starting and 6.5 max. This seems high to me any one loaded with bullseye powder? Same with 158grn jacketed bullets, 6.3 start 6.8 max Anyone loaded with bullseye powder and the same bullets lead bullets shooting in a lever action plated bullets in long barrel pistol cheers reggiegun
  9. reggiegun

    .44mag marlin

    I have some 44 mag lee dies if your interested
  10. My mate is due his renewal from Cheshire Firearms
  11. reggiegun

    Lee Reloading Equipment - Bargain

    Messaged you sir
  12. reggiegun

    RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure With Stand

    I will take this please
  13. reggiegun

    50 cal Ban

    Well sad mate