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  1. Balls to reloading, let's sort the food.
  2. yes please pm payment details
  3. I havn't got any of the above, but this is thin end of the wedge
  4. No mate, but crack on. Will meet with you next time
  5. Crossy I have a full set of these in a case if your interested
  6. 19th good for me, you do mean May yea
  7. Fruity I need the next 3 garland dates please
  8. Hi Debbie, These forms, will they need filling out for each farm you shoot at, or will one cover all?
  9. Idle back chair £150 no offers and buyer picks up. regards Reggiegun
  10. Book the cpc course, 40 hours of waffle
  11. Yes,order now for thr harvest lol
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