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  1. can you buy these cheddite cartriges or do you have to make them yourself as searching on google only turned up results of home made carts
  2. Dvae i wish i read your post first you are spot on
  3. I had one of the first p/h dragons and it loved marksman pellets it never let me down shooting over good knows how many crows in one season if your gun likes then nice one cheap shooting i also used then in my hw90 one of the first of many in the uk and they were ok in that also i must admit i never tried to group with them but they killed what i shot at Nowadays when i had my rws500 i fed it on AA field
  4. Why not send out a mass e-mail with the code in it
  5. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/CARS/motoring/...l=mb&p=motoring
  6. 250 28grm #7.5 and 175 24grm #7.5 express super comp both in 20 gauge Make me an offer must be local due to shipping costs
  7. for those that have used them back in ye old days were they any good??? and is there any such product available today ??
  8. shooter2

    bad Ebayer

    I wonder who first told you to cancel the cheque saying it was lost
  9. £750 for a quick sale
  10. Im the same 29 i think we fit into the 80's I can remember doing all those things and more
  11. I have been using 36g #5 express super game for a few weeks on the bunnies to good effect
  12. Just phoned weldon gun room and the camo ones are £315 but are out of stock yet they do have the black ones in stock
  13. we pass a field on our way shooting and everytime for the past 4 weekends there have been woodies feeding in the field and it is only grass and not just 1 or 2 around 30 birds
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