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  1. Matrix: Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last? Sully: That's right, Matrix. You did. Matrix: I lied.
  2. Yes Scotland can be independent but there will be a big price to pay for it to happen and will it be worth it?. Can you see many companies that have most of their customers in the rest of the UK remain in Scotland? dont think so. Unless it becomes some sort of tax haven and can you imagine the ordinary folk accepting that.They are away with the fairies I live near faslane and they say only a few hundred jobs are there what lies they tell, I see couches and thousands of cars go into the base and you can see the whole base and see how big it is from a view point in Glen Fruin/Haul road. The dec
  3. is that the one that a grenade falls into the empty well and explodes then the well is full up with water?
  4. Welcome back Mr Cutler I too took a 6 month break. Glad to see most the pw massive still here.
  5. First point Scotland if voted yes would not be in the EU and with a deficit worse than Greece wouldn't even get in if it asked, France and Spain would deny them as well. Second point they are tearing apart Scotland since they announced the first referendum it has not been the same Wastemonster this English ********, north sea oil. Just go on sturgeons fb page they all thinking of Utopia. Its just the I'm more Scottish than you chip on shoulder **** who think they will get special treatment in the big world. I think PM Theresa May should call her bluff and set a date it will be another no
  6. Sorry but I disagree if the labour market wasn't flooded with cheap foreign labour wages would go up above minimum wage and maybe to a level that pays way better than benefits. All right blaming a lazy Brit when not one of you's on here would work on minimum wage job when they have a family to raise.
  7. Hi there. Earlier today I went over speedbump at between 5 and 10mph and there was a slight bang came from the front drivers wheel area. Now if I go over a speed bump or a pothole in the road it makes a noise like a metal thing is loose a chink kind of noise. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks
  8. Sorry I cant see no figure of a priest.
  9. Well you need to go to the optician I wont just take a pic of a stump. I knew where it was as it sat down in front of me. I was at work cant exactly carry around a DSLR with me. It was back again Yesterday as I said it was not worried I was working on just the other side of the river. Think next time I wont post anything as such thought it would be a bit of fun.
  10. Well I did tell you it would be easy once i gave you a clue. This stag didn't give two hoots about me even though I was operating a stihl saw and a digger just kept eating and eventually lied down to where you see it in the photo.
  11. There is a Red deer stag in there and its looking at the camera.
  12. PW cracks me up. I will post another clue if no one can spot it by the time of the 2nd page of this thread.
  13. Ah man I think if I give a clue to what it is, it will be to easy. But its Fauna
  14. I wont give any clues yet as I think it will be to easy. It was taken by my mobile camera so not the best of quality.
  15. google shopping have you tried there for them?
  16. Boromir


    This guy in the US explains immigration pretty good. https://www.facebook.com/john.pickering.127/videos/10153055728726682/ He is saying how can we help these poor countries if there brightest are moving away? When they could stay and help make the country of origin a better place for everyone there.
  17. Dont matter if the reforms are successful. I fear that more laws and treaties will be put on us from Brussels if the the vote is to stay in and our politicians will say that the majority voted for it. If we have to renegotiate it should be from out of the EU after all they need us more than we need them. This is not a once in a generation chance this is our last chance to get away from a corrupt monster the EU and save ourselves.
  18. Has anyone ever thought that a Vegan could be killing more animals than meat eaters? Unless they grow all their own food Im sure a farmer has to put measures in place to control by means of shooting trapping or disease (myxomatosis). I mean a rabbit or deer dont think like oh look there a field of carrots just for humans Im not gonna eat that. Thats my argument anyway and I think I have a valid point.
  19. +1 I'd prefer to pay a little more now and help the UK dairy produce quality fresh milk rather than import milk that will sure double the price once they know they have the market. oh and blaming Maggie wont fix it.
  20. Well we split the hive about 3 weeks ago and we put a 2nd super on it then, we had to put another super on as they were full with honey last week, now im new to this but to me thats some honey theyve made and theyve not been aggressive at all.
  21. Im starting my hive next year as well and I like you find bee's fascinating, I remember being at the Royal Highland show and spent hours watching them. From what Ive been told Hives are cheaper around about Christmas time. Also worth joining a beekeeping club membership shouldnt cost much £6 for me and there should be someone there that will help you out, lots of info and presentations. Till I get my own Im helping with my works hives we have just split the hives into two and Im hoping to get a Queen from one of them next year as they are a good strain not aggressive and producing lots o
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