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  1. Hello, Recently (2 weeks ago) i purchased a BSA Tactical, it has been working sweetly and has performed as well as you would expect a top class BSA rifle to do. I have only put about 200 pellets through it and i have not mistreated it or dropped it at any point or left it loaded for long periods of time (perhaps max 30mins). However, recently the spring has, on occasions, become jammed. The trigger is working fine but the spring will not release (atm it is currently jammed, still loaded!!). i was just wondering if anyone knew how to solve this problem before i go to my local gun store where i purchased it from. Any advice on how to solve this or why is it becoming jammed would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Andy
  2. crosman accupel are good pellets with the riflebut the lube may leave ur fingers a bit black. However, i would recomend getting a pellet sample pack
  3. A massive, massive thankyou to fieldwanderer for the master class. wealth of knowledge
  4. no i am not using a sling at this current time, thank you for all these replies, normally when shooting i use a bipod, however, sometimes i do stand and was just interested in any advice for strengthening muscle groups that could improve that type of shooting. Once again thanks Andy
  5. Hello all, am a newbie to the site so please excuse me if i start asking obvious questions etc. . Basically i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get a steadier aim while not using either a bipod or something to support yourself on, ie what muscle groups are best to work on in the gym or any exercises that may work muscle groups to provide a steadier aim. The reason i ask is i am of fairly slim build and after a while shooting can find myself beginning to tire and my aim becomes slack. Any input would be much appreciated. Cheers Andy
  6. Hi am very interested in the xocet, was going to go to my local shop this week but this deal is fantastic, just wondering how old the rifle is? and wats are the scope specs? cheers :blink: Andy
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