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  1. Yes i have seen one, all my experience of Lee dies was when i was shooting pistols they were shocking with aluminium and plastic components, i was loading 200 rnds a week and broke several sets, the guy who wore one out was loading twice as much as me and shooting a lot of competition. Apart from loading for my 45-70 BPCR many years ago i have never used Lee equipment for any of my rifle loading because of the quality issues back in the good old pistol shooting days. Ian.
  2. I have a gong i made in 2006, its 15" diametre 1/2" thick hot rolled steel plate,laser cut. I suspend it from a kids swing frame on chain bought from homebase. It has had hundreds of rounds shot at it from distances of 300yds to 1K, including 270, 308 & 300WSM. The worst it has is very light cratering with slight dimpling on the reverse, IMO you dont need armour plate, hot rolled will do the job and only cost me £25 cut. Ian.
  3. The 17 Fireball is not a hot cartridge unlike the 17 rem, burning a max of around 19grns of powder its not a barrel burner. I have had mine for just over 14 months now, bought used and have put 600 rnds through it and accuracy is still spot on. Ian.
  4. marnold, i got rid of my HMR for the very same reason, poor and inconsistant ammo. I now shoot a 17 Fireball, its fantastic, wish i had got one sooner, handloading with Berger bullets works out at £32 a hundred a little more then HMR ammo but i have full control over the quality and have a tailored round for my rifle, It shoots 3/4" five shot groups all day and i have dropped rabbits and crows out to 320yds Ian.
  5. Okay here goes, Lee is budget priced gear that loads good ammo but leaves a lot to be desired on the quality of fit and finnish, Lyman, Hornady, Forster and RCBS are mid range gear of higher quality then the lee and will last a lifetime, Redding is slightly better on quality then the mid range and it too will last a lifetime. All load good ammo if you do your bit but if you dont wont to be buying more kit because its worn out or broken, dont buy Lee, it just does not have the durability of the others. Ian.
  6. I have a 2005 Mitsi shogun sport V6 auto, its an excellent vehicle, very comfortable full leather interior, hi-lo transfer box very reliable and deathly silent, being so quiet and an auto it is an excellent lamping vehicle. I only do about 5000 miles a year so not to worried about the 23-25 mpg Ian.
  7. Yvette Cooper for me, once the PR people sex her up a bit she will be pretty hot Ian.
  8. As an invasive species there is no nead to satisfy the demand to try all non destructive methods of control laid down by the general licnece before shooting. Risk to public health is also a valid reason for terminal control. Ian.
  9. Fine as long as you dont accidentally cut the tail off completely!! Ian.
  10. Yes 6mm is .236" but measure the diametre of a 6mm Bullet and you will find it measures .243" Ian.
  11. +This, i have been present in a local gunshop on several occaisions when this has taken place Ian.
  12. Canadas are an invasive species, because of this conditons of the general licence requiring non lethal means be tried before killing do not apply, canadas can be shot straight off. Ian.
  13. Use an adequate calibre, 22 Hornet should be considered the bare minmum. Ian.
  14. bicykillgaz, I have a new unused J&P custon products socket head CZ 452 action/stock bolt kit: https://www.jnpgunsprings.com/product_info.php?cPath=10&products_id=13 Yours for £20. PM me if you are interested Ian.
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