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  1. Thanks for that gents. I’m more than fed up with PW these days . I’ve been posting on here since 2005 and it’s time to quit. So goodnight and all the best.
  2. No way. Shoot steel through the "wrong" gun with the wrong choke(s). Let's be sensible Motty? The use of steel is gaining pace and just because you may not own an old traditional english SXS built for the lead cartridge doesn't mean you should trash other sportsman that do. Or is it some thing else with you?
  3. Benelli Raffaello 28 Gauge

    I nipped in to Mid Norfolk last week and saw this: https://www.guntrader.uk/3rdParty/MidNorfolkShootingGround/Detail.php?NewGunID=170815140225002 As usual overpriced but it was tidy.
  4. If your objective is to use the same steel cartridge for duck and pigeon then I can understand your question. The move to steel is fashion based bull****. Why do this? There are some very knowledgable wise old boys on here that know lead is superior and won't **** your gun up. At this rate all the cartridge manufacturers are going to churn out more and more steel. Game shooters don't want this or do they? Steel isn't made for our lovely english guns, past or present. So think about it a bit and protect the "pro lead" brigade and the upturn in English gun manufacturing. Sometimes modern man thinks change is progress and in this instance it is not.
  5. R.I.P. - Trevor Baylis

    "In recent years Baylis complained of financial difficulties after revealing he had received little of the profits from sales of the device, and he urged the government to introduce stronger legal protection for inventors". “If you can solve a problem then you are well on your way to being an inventor”. RIP Tevor Bayliss.
  6. squirrel control

    I wonder what the solution might be concerning the squirrels twitching? Having said that I don't have any such trouble with FAC .25 shooting them in the chest. .17 Hornet??
  7. Winter Beer Festival

    The Champion winter beer of Britain 2018 is listed in the link below as are the other category winners. https://winter.gbbf.org.uk/cwbob/
  8. Gallyon book

    I fancy a copy of this. The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is 9781846892578
  9. Weihrauch Hw100 .22

    Are all the bits and pieces included? IE Scope and bi-pod?
  10. Winter Beer Festival

    Here's a list of the beers on offer. Looking good ! http://norwichcamra.org.uk/bf/beerOnOffList.php
  11. Top post YD . Why is it that every time the rivers and broads of Norfolk and Suffolk get raped of fish it's always Eastern Europeans. So Robert Szaniawsk you can go and stick your finger where the sun doesn't shine.
  12. recommendations Winchester cartridges

    I miss the Winchester range of cartridges. At one time everyone used to use them.
  13. Schoffel ???.

    Pricey but very good. Light weight and the water doesn't get in. I'd recommend the ptarmigan.
  14. Born evil?

    Fred West . I think his upbringing shaped him. Must have something to do with the way he turned out.