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  1. JSB Exact Monsters??

    As per my wolverine James:
  2. Sub £200 air rifle for Grey Squirrel?

    If I were you i’d think about applying for a FAC. Looks like you have “Good reason’ . Plenty of .22 shorts or LR about for less than £200.
  3. Hi all from Mid Suffolk

    Welcome Gary. Shooting as a sport and pastime seems to be growing. If you haven't done so already please consider joining one of the shooting organisations such as the BASC.
  4. On Clover

    Sugar beet is being lifted here. Got a field with some chippings and tops on it. I hope a frost get's to it.
  5. Shooting with glasses,

    I used to shoot in glasses and contact lenses but now need varifocal glasses. First time i tried 'em my shooting was even worse than usual. Had to change my perscription for contact lenses to +5 in each eye. Spot on ! Trouble is i can't see ****** all close up with contact lenses. So i bought a pair of 1.5 reading glasses so i can see what i'm doing when stuffing the gun. Works good though, it's a help when you can actually see the target properly.
  6. An unusual for me, mixed bag

  7. Famous last quotes

    When I follow my own head, I am, in general, much more correct in my judgment than following the opinion of others. Horatio Nelson
  8. An unusual for me, mixed bag

    Well done! We would appreciate a few pictures.
  9. BBC2 tonight

    What about old jimmy temple - north norfolk
  10. Carb overhaul

    I bet ditchy's drooling.
  11. Advice needed .22lr

  12. Advice needed .22lr

    The other .22 LR i use is a a Sako Finnfire II carbine with a Hausken moderator. Top bit of kit ! Haha. Have you got any greys where you are IG? Brilliant gun the 1416. I put a rod through mine once a year and that's it. if I do more extensive cleaning she doesn't like it at all. Cheers.
  13. Advice needed .22lr

    BTW I came across a stock change and the annie now looks like this. It shoots a bit better freehand for me.
  14. Advice needed .22lr

    Anschutz 1416 thoroughly recommended.
  15. .177 or .22?

    Well Stu you obviously have an open FAC ticket so it's your choice to choose the gun and take the shot or not. Same as me ol' partner. Some "gardens" where i live are big with moats and flint brick walls 15 ft tall and four foot thick.