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  1. Whitebridges

    another "mainly"

    Ditch, i'll bring over a no6. You can have a shufftie brother.
  2. Whitebridges

    another "mainly"

    The Opinel no9 could be a bit large to some eyes. Have you considered making something smaller per se a no6? You might just have antler to fit?
  3. Whitebridges

    another "mainly"

    Superb. Delicious even.
  4. Whitebridges

    Some very difficult pigeons.

    That sounds like a terrific bit of sport well earned through thorough reconnaissance. The cartridge kills ratio is a very respectable 3:1 in such conditions, so well done !
  5. Whitebridges

    brocock sniper fac

    Here you go OP: http://brocock.co.uk/index.php/bantam/ And to quote: " The Bantam is a full power rifle with a .22 cal producing up to 31 ft/lbs and the .25 cal producing up to a full 46 ft/lbs".
  6. Whitebridges

    Milvus milvus

    I took the dog out for a walk (mid Norfolk) this morning and had one fly over straight over us. Stunning birds that seem to be establishing themselves in the area. Lovely photos GG.
  7. Whitebridges

    Nearly Missed Them

    Precision bird lay out PC. The trough to the left would have made a perfect bin for your empty cases.
  8. Whitebridges

    game dealers norfolk

    60p a bird is a million dollars compared to what i'm getting. Nowadays I take my fresh birds to local pubs/ gastro/ restaurants. The last lot i shot (46) were as fresh as a daisy and still warm. I pilled them in the motor and the head chef took them in exchange for a few pints of Lacons. A pigeon breast salad in this place is 11.95 !! 😂
  9. Whitebridges

    "im mainly messing about"

    Nice going ditchy ! Lovely mardle. Acle auction next week will bring suffun'.
  10. Whitebridges

    Side by Side Club

    Thanks for the link John. The author still lives in Norfolk I believe.
  11. Whitebridges

    Side by Side Club

    This Thomas Clough of Kings Lynn 16 bore came up at a local auction recently. I was born in Kings Lynn so thought i'd try a bid or two and ended up with this little beauty. The gun is a fair bit older than me though made in 1914. T.Clough used to be on the high street in Kings Lynn until they were bought out by Gallyons in the 1940's. A lovely bit of local history. Weighs just 5lb 12oz and handle like a peach. What a gem, pleased as punch I am.
  12. Whitebridges

    Side by Side Club

    Here's my 12 bore Wilkinson (same company that makes razor blades i'm told) of Pall Mall London boxlock. Made in 1906 she's a joy to shoot.
  13. Whitebridges

    To FAC or not to FAC

    The impact noise was the issue then? I think this is what you said? Was the shot quiet or was the swoosh of air the noisy bit?
  14. Whitebridges

    To FAC or not to FAC

    .25 fac air ( 45 ft lbs) doesn't stack up at 200 yards. I've tried it for interests sake compared with a .22lr. Eley HP subs are the most accurate round in my Sako for hunting out to 100 yards. A lot better with Eley tenex ( at over a tenner a box) accuracy wise. In summary the powder gun win hands down at these ranges. Don't get me wrong I would not raise a gun to vermin at such ranges. The .25 fac didn't come close to the performance of the .22lr on a target at this range. But...... .25 fac air out to 85 yards has it's advantages. In some situations I prefer it to .22lr when out and about shooting pests.
  15. Whitebridges

    Eriswell Lodge

    Lots going on at Eriswell including a new club house. Been a member there from day one after it re-opened ( formerly Lakenheath GC ).