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  1. We've got a White-tailed Sea Eagle in Norfolk at the moment. It has moved down to Hickling from original sighting at Holkham. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/white-tailed-sea-eagle-spotted-holkham-north-norfolk-7850136
  2. I use RWS Z Lang for this type of work. 29g bullet energy is about 45ft lbs round head bullet. These are designed for target shooting but work very well on vermin.
  3. I enjoyed this result. The mini gods at Saracens are not that mighty are they? Especially when they thought they could railroad their way back: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/56307196 The England team looks tired and slow. No inventiveness, predictable. Eddie stuck with the old guard for too long. The french will beat us easily unless new boys Max Malins, Cowen-Dickie and Charlie Ewels have anything to say and do it on the pitch ! Sam Simmonds at No 8 should be an automatic start but he's obviously not Eddies baby.
  4. Yes they're 65mm but as you'll know you can use these in a 70mm chambered gun.
  5. That's the cart I would use use given the chokes. Gamebore Super Game High Bird. 28g No7 felt wad. Will drop pigeons over deeks all day long.
  6. I remember using ELEY VIP a few years back that were loaded with photo degradable plastic (PDP) wads and remember the conversation I had with my RFD about the length of time it would take for such wads to totally bio-degrade. The answer was "Variable depends on how much sunlight gets to the wad, but about six months if fully exposed ".
  7. Best to try a box or two before you go to a slab of 500 ? Same here excellent ammo. 👍
  8. I've used stacks of the new white boxed 38g. I switched to these after Eley discontinued the green boxed 40g jobbies. White boxed ones are less greasy, i'd say they are lubed in someway though. They are super accurate in both my Sako Finnfire 2 and Anschutz 1416, as were the 40g ones. Overall i'd say there was little in it accuracy wise but definitely less gunk left in the breach with the newer ones.
  9. I'm the same @ikerrison but I had the same gun ( I think) in 20g. As you say they are very very nice to shoot. I own a 28g Beretta otherwise i'd be after this. Good luck with the sale Scampy
  10. TW Chambers are good for parts. Have a look at this diagram. https://www.gunspares.co.uk/products/24518/Axsor/
  11. Rizzini made the Highlander and yes it's decent but it's far from "beautiful". A bit of crep actually, compared to........ the better guns. London Best...... you make me wonder, show us yours darling....there's a love..... Good Good.That's because you are an idiot!
  12. You sir seem to know everything beyond question.
  13. I had an itch for a 28 bore after spotting for a friend who used a 28 bore Benelli semi-auto shooting pigeons from a hide. He was mustard that day and we picked 112. I scratched the itch and bought a secondhand 28 bore Beretta 687, 30 inch barrels in very nice condition which i've kept to this day. I'm sure it's built on a 28 bore action? It handles particularly well once you get used to the fast handling.It weighs just under 6lbs, nice to use from a hide but I love it for walking the woods and shooting squirrels. Not long back I shared a hide with a good friend and we shot a fe
  14. I bought a slab of these a good few years back in a plastic wad. I use them for shooting high flighting pigeon. No way would I use them on decoyed pigeons. IMHO they are seriously good if you know the birds are high and long range. A premium price cartridge which is seriously good in some situations.
  15. I think they are quite attractive birds. The last one I saw was near to Winterton, Norfolk. Pictures taken on 23rd June 2011
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