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  1. Rizzini made the Highlander and yes it's decent but it's far from "beautiful". A bit of crep actually, compared to........ the better guns. London Best...... you make me wonder, show us yours darling....there's a love..... Good Good.That's because you are an idiot!
  2. You sir seem to know everything beyond question.
  3. I had an itch for a 28 bore after spotting for a friend who used a 28 bore Benelli semi-auto shooting pigeons from a hide. He was mustard that day and we picked 112. I scratched the itch and bought a secondhand 28 bore Beretta 687, 30 inch barrels in very nice condition which i've kept to this day. I'm sure it's built on a 28 bore action? It handles particularly well once you get used to the fast handling.It weighs just under 6lbs, nice to use from a hide but I love it for walking the woods and shooting squirrels. Not long back I shared a hide with a good friend and we shot a fe
  4. I bought a slab of these a good few years back in a plastic wad. I use them for shooting high flighting pigeon. No way would I use them on decoyed pigeons. IMHO they are seriously good if you know the birds are high and long range. A premium price cartridge which is seriously good in some situations.
  5. I think they are quite attractive birds. The last one I saw was near to Winterton, Norfolk. Pictures taken on 23rd June 2011
  6. Can't help but feel Daystate are clutching at straws with this one. Yes it looks kind of nice with a side lever. It needs a stock which has a comb riser. The FAC model in .22 gives a relatively low number of shots (30) so it's a nice from me but a "not interested and won't buy" at the same time. I love my .177 bolt action regal in sub 12 ft lbs which is a keeper. Why would anyone buy a Revere?
  7. We've always done that haven't we? I mean gamekeepers hang out the likes of dead corvids, mole men hang out moles. What an utter nonsense. If my daughters saw this they'd say something along the lines of...."Good job done there...." The kids need educating !! I'd be very interested in the NFU's findings.
  8. Ditch pure jam . I bet you can’t nail his other half.
  9. Ditch, you've bin pissun' about with this longer than bus shelter love. Smack it and smack it hard. Boom!
  10. Ditch. no time for resting, fags and barbiturates. Get on it ! You are getting beaten up by an almost blind fluffball. Shame that lovely little terrier you had is no more otherwise they'd be over the hedge and gone. You realise you've got Mr Moley because there's no doggies. My father-in-law kept a well maintained croquet lawn once upon a time and I shot more moles out of the windows of the Old Hall than he or the gardener ever trapped. A 4.10 out of the upstairs Fat Sarah refectory might be the best way forward.
  11. There's continual talk of airgunners wanting the 12 ft lbs limit scrapped but do you really think this can happen when there is a very good system in place in that you can actually possess an airgun of higher power just apply and get granted a firearms certificate. If you have good reason and satisfy the criteria then you will be granted a license. Simple ! Compared to some countries we have much better access to airguns for the purpose of shooting pests that a lot of our cousins in mainland europe for example. 12 ft lbs of power is more than enough to cleanly kill rabbits. I'm nearly 60
  12. Whitebridges


    I own one. Fabulous guns. Loads better than some of the Chinese , Turkish **** out there . Good ones can easily fetch £400+ A minter in .177 can go for £500
  13. ... Ditch and mine if you would be so kind. Diana, very nice indeed.
  14. Good for you pork chop. Guns are personal things. It wouldn't be for me but enjoy your edgun matador. You are not allowed to change your mind now btw !
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