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  1. It’ll make a super vehicle for the right person who has the right set of mechanical skills and knows landies maybe. I’m sure it will sell fast, all the best.
  2. A thing of beauty, seen it in the flesh several times. It's been loved and cared for. Good luck with the sale Ditch.
  3. I'll see if i can find yer one.
  4. Certainly but the conditions need to be right. On this beach i'd go as light as a barbel / chub rod. For small hooks are best, size 4/6 and three inches of rag lug. 2-3 oz rolling lead. If using light line use a leader of say 20-25lb bs. Sometimes they can really scrap. I caught one at 42cm that was a muscle machine.
  5. I'd like to suggest Mungler, it's wise to think about the sort of fly fishing which appeals most. There is a huge variety of forms on offer all requiring different "kit" in the form of rods, line types and weights, reels, flies and attire. Maybe think a little about: 1. Rivers or stillwater, reservoirs such as rutland etc are very different from stock ponds. 2. wild fish or stockfish 3. salmon, sea trout, rainbow trout 4. wild brown river trout, 5. sea fish such as bass etc. etc. 6. bank or boat. 7. Bonefish and tarpon in foreign climes? etc.etc.....the list is endless.. Maybe you just want to get hooked up and see how it feels then decide on your preferences ? Fly fishing can be very damaging to the bank account ! It's worse than a fixation with shooting. Good luck and have many happy days.
  6. Beaufort describes Force 6 as a "Strong Breeze" Living where i live i fish quite a bit so yes i'll post OPP. I'm feeling flattered.
  7. T'was a lovely still evening after a stormy sea over the weekend, so plenty of colour in the water. Mix of harbour and king rag. Fished it for years and short casts win every time on this beach for soles.
  8. Cheers OPP Generally me too. BTW rods were 13ft 6 ins
  9. I had a good nights fishing under a full moon last night. Fished old boy metal booms on a three hook paternoster (hook size 4) close in the gutter at about 25 yards out. Successful bait was ragworm. It was a late night and the birds were singing as i opened the house door on my return home. I'll leave them a day or so before grilling them and basting in butter. Great eating sole. The largest was 34cm long.
  10. Excellent photographs Well done on finding a few winners.
  11. Very sad news Malc. Great picture, she was certainly a beautiful looking dog. I bet she had a great life. My sincere condolences.
  12. To my mind the HW80 is one of the best springers ever made. Here's mine. It's been tarted up somewhat and shoots 5p groups with .22 AA Diabolo Fields at 27 yards at a very consistent 11.66 ft lbs. Spec is: Custom Stock CS500, Wegu buttpad. Rowan Engineering extra-setback trigger. Rowan Engineering trigger guard. Deben Whisper 180 silencer. Tinbum T Pro Tuning Kit i, including short-stroke extension. Wish you all the best with your project Medic1281 You'll love yours when it's all done !!
  13. I'll set you up with my gear Ditch and ghillie. Gun and ammo provided. You can kill 'em while i have a pint in the Cantley Cock.
  14. Sandwell Field Sports are about and hour away from you. They have a good reputation for tuning and repair work. Might be worth a try: https://sites.google.com/site/sandwellfieldsports/home
  15. You talk with a lot of spirit and authority and yet you have absolutely NONE ! You have shouted at me twice so take some of the same. The way you talk makes me spit. It's as though you're going to hand your guns in and join the anti's, prey tell? Go on then be an activist, join the other side and pick the flowers in the meadow. I guess you're over the age of 18 but with a very low IQ.
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