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  1. Can't help but feel Daystate are clutching at straws with this one. Yes it looks kind of nice with a side lever. It needs a stock which has a comb riser. The FAC model in .22 gives a relatively low number of shots (30) so it's a nice from me but a "not interested and won't buy" at the same time. I love my .177 bolt action regal in sub 12 ft lbs which is a keeper. Why would anyone buy a Revere?
  2. We've always done that haven't we? I mean gamekeepers hang out the likes of dead corvids, mole men hang out moles. What an utter nonsense. If my daughters saw this they'd say something along the lines of...."Good job done there...." The kids need educating !! I'd be very interested in the NFU's findings.
  3. Ditch pure jam . I bet you can’t nail his other half.
  4. Ditch, you've bin pissun' about with this longer than bus shelter love. Smack it and smack it hard. Boom!
  5. Ditch. no time for resting, fags and barbiturates. Get on it ! You are getting beaten up by an almost blind fluffball. Shame that lovely little terrier you had is no more otherwise they'd be over the hedge and gone. You realise you've got Mr Moley because there's no doggies. My father-in-law kept a well maintained croquet lawn once upon a time and I shot more moles out of the windows of the Old Hall than he or the gardener ever trapped. A 4.10 out of the upstairs Fat Sarah refectory might be the best way forward.
  6. There's continual talk of airgunners wanting the 12 ft lbs limit scrapped but do you really think this can happen when there is a very good system in place in that you can actually possess an airgun of higher power just apply and get granted a firearms certificate. If you have good reason and satisfy the criteria then you will be granted a license. Simple ! Compared to some countries we have much better access to airguns for the purpose of shooting pests that a lot of our cousins in mainland europe for example. 12 ft lbs of power is more than enough to cleanly kill rabbits. I'm nearly 60 now and i no longer want to (can) crawl around on my belly ( now a lot larger than it was) stalking rabbits for hours on end. I used to love it and could get close and by close the distances were between 20-30 yards. Sometimes i'd get lucky and get really close (5 yards). I got reasonable proficient and the first things got was taught were: 1. Know the distance of your target. 2. Know your gun/pellet trajectory 3. Practice Practice 4. The target is just behind the rabbits eye and if you can't see it you soon will ! So as time passes your shooting habits can change. These days the last time i used sub 12 ft lbs was for rats and mice. I still shoot quite a lot of rabbit from paddocks where obviously there are horses and damaged crop areas but i either do it from hides or from a truck and the distances are further than I feel confident using <12 ft lbs. So, for my needs at FAC .25 gun suits my needs. At the moment I'm picking this gun up more and more in favour of my .22 long rifles. Things could change though. I enjoyed reading this thread, thanks to those who posted.
  7. Whitebridges


    I own one. Fabulous guns. Loads better than some of the Chinese , Turkish **** out there . Good ones can easily fetch £400+ A minter in .177 can go for £500
  8. ... Ditch and mine if you would be so kind. Diana, very nice indeed.
  9. Whitebridges

    New gun

    Good for you pork chop. Guns are personal things. It wouldn't be for me but enjoy your edgun matador. You are not allowed to change your mind now btw !
  10. It'll be stunning once you've fettled it Ditch, back to former glory. Do you know how old it it? I spoke to ma about the gold leaf that father used to use. She reckons she hasn't come across it since we lost him six years ago. I know it's still in her house....somewhere but with the lockdown I really can't go and rummage in his bureau drawers myself. So i've asked her to hunt it down. Last time i saw it it was in sheets twixt fine see through paper.
  11. Ditchy, welcome back ! I've gort a bit o' news on that there gold leaf so i'll drop you a PM soonest. Sarah has gorn all sweet on me as she's now working at the sugar beet factory. I said you were just up the rud and.......i wunt put the rest up.
  12. You might mean these guys ? https://www.meoptasportsoptics.com/us/ You were talking about : Myopta in your OP
  13. Whitebridges


    Please fill in your profile REDINGTON Where are you from: Please do this.
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