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  1. Whitebridges

    To FAC or not to FAC

    Wise words. My Wolverine does 40 good shots at 45 ft lbs in .25
  2. Whitebridges

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    CCI Gamepoint is a hollowpoint 20g bullet. Very accurate and drops foxes shot in the bib / heart area. If you have to shoot foxes < 100 yards this would be the bullet i'd prefer. I've tried these of rabbits but a ballistic tip is superior.
  3. Whitebridges

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    Correct. The answer to the question is the .17 HMR using Hornady Ammo.
  4. Whitebridges

    Cracking day for me

    Lovely write up. You had a great day out in the countryside which is what it's all about.
  5. Whitebridges

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    Never owned a .22wmr so what do i know? .17 hmr is a brilliant round for rabbits, i've had mine for six years now and wouldn't change it. Thousands of rounds through my Annie, no **** whatsoever with Hornady ammunition. Fox gun is a .204 ruger.
  6. Whitebridges

    Promises made.

    Well done muncher and motty. You boys seem to get on well shooting out of a ditch or is a dyke or drain even? Good shooting
  7. Whitebridges

    HMR17 what is the normal accuracy.part 2

    Might be worth trying bags on the motor and also shooting in the prone position for best results. Pretty good though muncher 👍
  8. Great . I agree 30g of no 7 is a superb load ! Yes, I got that. Not that caladonian after all . The Spanish Inquisition.
  9. These boys do a 30g fibre no 7 Wimbers. http://www.caledoniancc.com/products/game/traditional-loads/classic-12-gauge.html
  10. The other funny thing is they are 'Suitable For' Partridge exclusively https://www.hullcartridge.co.uk/game/cartridges/partridge-cartridge Clearly unsuitable for Pheasant, Pigeon and Grouse.
  11. Lovely, it's not everyday i get done in by a yella bellie. Thank you kindly.
  12. Can't see anything on the Hull Cartridge website : https://www.hullcartridge.co.uk/ Mind you the Game Fair is on and they may have launched it there? Anyhow..... rediculous stupid product. What are they thinking?
  13. Whitebridges

    Kral Jump Puncher

    Mostly internals bruno. Did a bit the external bluing. Quality bit of kit but some would say not as original. When i get stuck in to a few "targets" i'll post. No wish to derail the OP's post.