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  1. An Awe of Eagles

    Lovely sight i should think IG. I've only even seen single birds. Not a cloud in the sky! I googled the collective noun for eagles and it came up with "convocation". You learn something new everyday.
  2. Divorce looking likely

    Only in Lincolnshire... An old countryman once said to me: " You need to train a woman just like you do a dawg". So get the good lady up at first light, she cooks breakfast first and then washes up. Then she puts all the gear, guns, deeks, shells, netting, poles etc. in your motor and off you both trot for a passionate day in the hide together. After you've treated her to sausage and chips on the way home, she can then clean your gun, de-breast the sixty pigeons you've shot, wash down the dog and only then is she allowed to put her nighty on ready for you while you finish watching Match of the Day or Premiership Rugby ( your preference). If it doesn't work try moving to Sutton Bridge. Good luck my friend.
  3. New l200 or Navara

    I ride about in a Navara. It's about three years old now. Had it for two years or thereabouts. Had 2000 miles on it when i bought it, ex dealer show motor. It's now clocked up 20K miles, does everything i need. As Harnser says it's darn comfortable on road. If you use the cruise control at 60mph you'll get about 40 MPG. Put your toe down more like < 30 same if you use it a lot sitting in traffic. I'd buy another as i've had zip all problems with it. The next one will be an automatic though. WB
  4. carillion

    ......and the Ba&t$d will probably be using this figure in his "last three best years" for his final salary pension. It makes me cry for the hard working and genuine working class populace .
  5. carillion

    It's very normal for senior managers to also be trustees of their company pension schemes. I can't find any hard core legal precedent versus pension scheme trustees. Mungler will know if there is anything. Most of the naughty boys get a tap on the nose via The Pensions Regulator (TPR). http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/press/tpr-names-pension-schemes-whose-trustees-failed-to-complete-their-basic-duties.aspx Complete lack of individual accountability all round the pensions arena.
  6. carillion

    Here is half a clue: Your role in a scheme offering defined benefits (DB) As a trustee of a scheme offering DB benefits, you have a responsibility to ensure there is enough money in the scheme to pay members’ pensions as and when they need to be paid. To see how much money is in the scheme, you have to arrange for a ‘valuation’ to be carried out, no less than once every three years. This assesses the assets and the liabilities of the scheme. You need to appoint a scheme actuary to carry out this process. If the scheme is not fully funded, you must draw up a recovery plan and submit it to the regulator within 15 months of the effective date of the valuation. The recovery plan sets out how much will be paid into the scheme and over what period. In most cases, you have to agree the recovery plan with the sponsoring employer. You also have to be responsible for monitoring scheme investments and keeping an eye on the financial strength and health of the employer who is standing behind the scheme. Extract from this: http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/trustees/role-trustee.aspx But with the fall back position of the pension protection fund do 'pension fund trustees need to give a ****? Laughable.
  7. carillion

    Take a gander at this if you will: http://www.pensionprotectionfund.org.uk/Pages/homepage.aspx Smacks of civil servants to me. Believe me there are a lot of white collar workers rubbing their hands in glee at the extra work they are going to get sorting out the mess. Oh and I see Labour are calling for an enquiry and rightly so. That's going to be cheap isn't it. The really bad thing is this whole thing will impact on us leaving the EU at pace. Sadly, I think it's all been done by design i really do.
  8. Shot range

    Me to JD but i'm a newbie with 49 years shooting under my belt. I can't make head nor tail of what's going on with this.
  9. carillion

    Thank you JohnfromUK. I've been looking in to this a bit more. Why o why didn't the management change anything? There can be a big difference in Final Salary Schemes. In the private sector (where Carillion sit) they should have lessened the terms, should they not? For example many schemes changed in the private sector from non-contributory 2/3rds ( 40/60th) final salary ( non- contributory ) to for e.g. Contributory 80th Schemes where members had to make a contribution. The management are wholly responsible for this oversight as they must have known that the pension pot's were unsustainable given the investment returns available and of course the annuity rates on offer. There is no way on earth that these pensions were ever going to deliver the terms members expected. It would seem that these deficits will be supported by the Pension Protection Fund (PPF). Isn't that funded by the tax payer?
  10. carillion

  11. carillion

    Carillion collapse raises job fears. Read all about it folks. What a complete fiasco. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-42687032 Well said Rehana Azam, national officer of the GMB union "What's happening with Carillion yet again shows the perils of allowing privatisation to run rampant in our schools, our hospitals and our prisons."
  12. carillion

    Don’t teach me to suck eggs. You don’t really know the exact terms of of the pension arrangements do you? It is very likely some of the schemes terms and conditions would have been changed and new money purchase arrangements put in place for new workers for e.g.
  13. carillion

    Final salary pension scheme? Are you serious? ‘The management might have this but what about the workers?
  14. carillion

    A very good summary of the whole thing . So what do you think of the whole debacle? My view is that it must never be repeated.