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  1. I'm the same. I used one for a while years ago and loved it. Near on two years ago Ditchy and I talked about the Mercury "S" and we both said we would try and source one each. He's got the .177 version and it's a stunner. It was a bit of a wreck but he's made it.... eh superb. I only managed to get the one he's working on recently. I looked a so many abused ones. As it turns out this rifle is hardly sound inside. Our view on the good ol' Mercury S is that if the Birmingham factory had done the quality control properly and finished the gun to a high standard they would still be making guns and would have kept the German makers out of the market ( largely Weihrauch and Feinwerkbau ). Simon tells me that the design of the Merc S is superb and the only reason they went down the toilet is QA and not price. Sickening isn't it? A British manufacturer gone t*ts up for not paying due care and attention.
  2. Ditchy, i'm so sorry it's turned out to be such a cow's ar£e on the inside ! Thanks for posting the pictures, makes one wonder how anything ever left the barrel in the state it was in. You're working miracles. I'll get you booked in for a hand wash at Ludham Lucy's.
  3. Smart hide arrangement PC and a nice bag of birds. Brilliant !
  4. I think he was born in Halifax. I fill that thing up with brick rubble if it were me.
  5. I bet they are. I was thinking more along the lines of home cooked. You know the kind of thing, rolling pin and making artisan sausage meat. Luvverly.
  6. It's time we had a sausage roll thread !!!
  7. You've done an excellent job there. You've saved a good number of song birds through your efforts. You've got to love the .22lr
  8. ^^^ plus a gun and cartridges.
  9. I really like Eyebrook. http://www.flyfisheyebrook.co.uk/ Trouble is early season it's possible to catch your limit very quickly.
  10. Great news ! A very informative read. Thanks for posting Sciurus.
  11. There's something special about springers. They get under your skin! As a lad i spent hours shooting the likes of BSA Cub, Meteor, Falcon, Relum Tornado (not so good) Diana, Original 45. As a teenager is was Weihrauch hw35e and others. Loads of fun with Airsporters in different guises shooting rats on pig farms. Then the PCP turned up, I guess mid 70's? The first one i owned was a Falcon and at the time it blew all the springers i had ever shot into oblivion in terms of accuracy. This gun now is pretty poor compared with newer PCP's. A chap i know quite well lost his father and i recently acquired a .22 Falcon Prairie. I had the gun looked at an the seals were replaced and a few tweaks were make here and there and bob's your uncle it shoots nicely. I have other PCP's one of which is a .25 FAC Air gun. The thing is phenomenal but really has a specialist use. What i'm really after is a "house" gun. Something i can leave close to hand so the squirrels, magpies,Jays, mice and the odd rat can be shot from the back door or from one of the upstairs windows. I want that gun to be a springer. Ditchy and i had a good ol' mardle about this in his shed this afternoon.
  12. I shot a Browning B2000 for years that didn't have a bead and didn't really notice any different. My only regret was having a bead put on it then stupidly selling the gun.
  13. Looks lush ditchy. One of my favourites. Feel free to post pics of fettling the merc "s" as you go if there's any interest. Do let me know which vino is your fav.
  14. Thanks for the positive comments, i'm sorry to hear TC doesn't have anything good to say. One day the "ref" issues will be resolved maybe. I'm not a serious clay buster shooter more the twice / thrice a month keep my eye in type of merchant but if you compare the old Lakenheath GC ground ( i was a member there) this facility is heaven sent! Friendly staff, regularly changed layouts, brilliant canteen, nice shop. Managers that care about their customers. Great progress at Eriswell and I for one appreciate everything they are doing to make clay shooting a better experience.
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