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  1. Utter tosh my friend. Perhaps you'll explain your reasoning?
  2. Yes indeed figgy. I've still got a few boxes left.
  3. They love the seed first and foremost. When i've had big bags on rape stubble they seem almost drugged up on the stuff. Split the crop to see what a pigeon cab glean in a very short time.
  4. What a joker that bloke is. Soon some head poncho at the Beeb will realise what a shallow minded cluster bomb they have on their consultancy payroll.
  5. Like minded to my eye. A fantastic bit of kit. It's my kitchen gun. Shoots RWS superdomes (14.5g). Mine is a .22. Ditchy has the .177 Last few shots over the Chrono ft per sec at the muzzle. 573 569 571 574 For a nice and healthy 10.6 ft lbs or thereabouts.
  6. Ditchy you did a top job on my Merc S both the internals and woodwork. Pleased as punch with it, shoots lovely and smooth and accurate.
  7. A great read Houseplant ! Thank you for posting. The wife and i had 5 weeks in NZ in 2017 and toured both the North and South Islands. Fantastic country and the Kiwi people are great outdoorsmen. Where do you live in NZ? Sorry if i've missed this.
  8. Kerbooom ! You'll be able to pick off the ferals on the sugar beet factory Ditchy . I nipped in and saw the butcher today at Acle. Picked up some gret ol' pork chops and lamb cutlets. He's in fine form and sends his regards.
  9. Ancient history, the OP's post was eight years ago.
  10. Barley cut n full swing now and yew lot won’t know where I am.....should get a couple o days in this week with a fair wind.
  11. Didn't the OP post this getting on for 9 years ago?
  12. He’s a good ol’ buoy is Ditchy, one of our finest sons.
  13. You’re most welcome. Good luck with getting your 80 on the money. There are several options available as you see. If you can stretch to a stock upgrade it’s worth it. The cheek piece give great alignment to the scope. Mine is a CS500. Readily available in different flavours if you do a search.
  14. Zapp here's my HW80k fitted with Tinbum Pro Tuning Kit installed, including short-stroke extension. Shoots smooth and lovely. Very consistent 11.8 ft lb See: http://www.airrifletuning.com/product-category/tbt-tuning-kits/weihrauch-beeman/hw80-35-beeman-r1/
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