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  1. We need a Farage show ! Here it is in all it's glory. Pathetic points scoring muppets. https://youtu.be/ykWdLJX8SH0
  2. I guess the OP Suffolkfred can decide what to do or keep his money in the closet. I find it weird that you try and help PW advocates i.e. new members and they show no decency in even offering a reply. Typically this I why I rarely post these days.
  3. Anglia Sporting might be able to help you. https://angliasporting.co.uk/
  4. Ahoy Ditch, yes I remember you saying you thought they were decent. I never tried them in the SxS for the same reason.
  5. Rose coloured starling at Titchwell yesterday and today. A friend saw his first Brent goose of the season this week while out sea fishing in his kayak off Trimingham.
  6. Fantastic cartridge ! I used a lot of these. I bought at least two lots at 3000 a time back in the day. Gutted when Eley stopped making them. My theory is they came in a 65mm case which didn't suit all semi auto users many of whom wanted a 70mm case, so they stopped making them.
  7. Thanks Marsh Man , I know where you mean. I’m not sure how often Spoonbill visit Brendon today. I can’t recall hearing of many (any) they seem to be concentrated in North Norfolk. Ten shillings would have been a big prize all those years ago especially for the good folk who hardly had a penny to rub together.
  8. Whereabouts was the Bowling Green pub? Anywhere near the Berney Arms? It always amazes me what these old boys used to get up to. The stories of the "gentlemen gunners" in North Norfolk told a tale of how things were back in the day. As you will know they used to go out on the marshes and shoot the rare birds and have them stuffed and mounted. Some of which are on display in the Norwich castle museum.
  9. A very capable cartridge, commonly used on game back then.
  10. A bit more about Little Pintail Thomas: " Wildfowlers and Poachers, first published 90 years ago as he reflected on half-a-century along Norfolk's east coast, catches the smell of salt flats, the sight of vast, vaulting skies, clouds of wildfowl and the bustling self-absorbed village life of the late Victorian period. Rough but endearing characters abound, most of them engaged in a ceaseless warfare between gunners nabbing rare birds to sell to collectors and "The Watcher", first warden appointed when the Close Seasons Act came into force. Little Pintail Thomas, for example, roamed the marshes for avocets or spoonbills but returned from each foray apparently empty-handed. Then the little rascal would collect Mrs Pintail from the Bowling Green Inn, row her upstream for a spot of fresh air and then back again under the eye of "The Watcher". However, on that return journey the inside of her petticoats would be laden with Pintail's feathered spoils. Just to keep the cold out, presumably".
  11. In days of old I shot a lot of pigeon with Winchester Trap 100 when the were and ounce and an eighth of 7 1/2 shot. Mainly because this cartridge was used by everyone and was widely available. Yes i've tried 28g trap loads and they work OK but there are other types that do a better job IMO.
  12. I certainly liked it and got on with it. It never let me down and I only let it go when a 20 bore Kemen K4 came up. Yes the Lincoln equivalent are the same but I've only ever seen these in a silver action.
  13. This was a nice little FAIR 20 bore I had a few years back. It was branded Rottweil and had a colour case hardened action with gold inlay. I think i paid in the region of £700 for it and it was worth the money.
  14. Joint first place goes to Eley Pigeon HV and Hull Superfast Pigeon two very popular pigeon shells. My own personal favourite Express Pigeon power came fourth. I can't help but think the testing is rather flawed, some of the loads are 29g 30g 32g and the Gamebore Pigeon Extreme is a 34g no5. Interestingly The Gamebore Pigeon Extreme finished last. I've used this shell extensively over the years and would say it's one of the best cartridges out there. The only downside to using it is it's hideously expensive (£413 a 1000).
  15. The last week or so we seem to be inundated with Pied Flycatchers all along the Norfolk coastline. Sightings from Burnham Overy, Blakeney point, Holme, Winterton and Beeston Common to name but a few. It would seem the autumn migration is well underway.
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