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  1. Just a heads up. Auction cancelled for the 26th March 2020 due to Corvid-19 https://www.horners.co.uk/5015-2/
  2. That's a thing of beauty Ditch. Yew did a lovely jorb on it. It'll now be good for the next 100 years and some. I can picture the butchers face when you give ut back tohuum.
  3. I'd like to know what our government and movers and shakers are going to do about removing all these toxic carbuncles from the environment. Lead shot is teeny-weeny by comparison!
  4. So prey tell is there going to be an amnesty when lead shot is banned? So we all have to run off to the the nearest police station and hand in all our lead ammo? That's really isn't feasible is it? So the police won't want this job will they? Also they won't want to handle claims for the cost of receiving it either. It's the biggest load of pigs **** this whole ill thought through thing. I've just ordered 5k lead carts. The BASC are treading on thin ice. If they rumble on much more i'll leave and i know other loyal supporters will do the same.
  5. For the life of me i cannot think of any good reason for .35 FAC air for shooting our pests in the UK . Can you? I use a .25 and it's perfect for situations where .22LR .17HMR do not fit. Just put in for a 1:1 and will be switching to an FX Crown .25 FAC with the the power plenum. 130 shots per charge. Will see how i get on with it.
  6. Really figgy? It's still a pop gun it'll do a bit more than a .22 LR round and isn't anywhere near a .17 HMR It's for those that shoot in the USA and South Africa. I can't see a need in the UK . Will our firearms depts grant it for fox. I think not.
  7. No replies for the OP Burney so i can't be bothered either.
  8. Cor yes please Stu. .25 FAC next up?
  9. Yesterday was a great day full of hope. BREXIT has happened and we drunk a dram or three. Fresh air was a likely cure so i headed up to the north of the county. A few folk shooting and with a 60 mph wind the pigeons were moving. I found a pile of fresh pooh in a wood where i thought they would be roosting and shot from a copse of holly. Wind assisted they went like rockets. Jinking and twisting on the wind, not one pitched in to roost. I dropped 6 from 16 shots and felt quite pleased with myself as two birds were picked roughly 110 yards from where I killed them. Shooting pigeon on a strong wind can't be beaten !
  10. They've been a bit thin on the ground in January in these parts. I might well go and have a go up at North Norfolk on Saturday as the wind is up at 40mph and temps are relatively warm at 9c for February.
  11. I wish you all the best with your recuperation JDog. And i know a couple of drummers, so i'll tap them up !
  12. I like a 28 bore a lot. They are really sweet to shoot with the right cartridge. I picked up a Beretta 687 28 bore a few years back. It's got a 14 7/8 lop and has 30 inch barrels choked half and 3/4. I think it was a special order or something as it wasn't imported by GMK. They are a surprising good hide gun. My 28 bore is on the left of the photo and my mates 12 bore is on the right. We took alternate shots on the day and it went 50/50 ish. I don't know whether you can still get these Bornaghi 28 bore shells? These 24 gram No 7 are really nice. I'm afraid to say folk go wrong when they buy a 28 bore which is best described as a "boys" gun and the fit and dimension(s) are all wrong. You can get them man sized !!
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