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  1. A Q for the experts out there. Is there any logical reason why Anschutz gun users seem to have a lot less trouble than those using other guns?
  2. I quite like the look of the Dreamline classic. It’s a light gun and quite fancy one in .25 FAC. It seems that FX are concentrating on suppling the USA as a priority as there are very few in the UK at moment.
  3. Excellent figgy. Good man.
  4. Yes and Yes. Revised Running Total: BASC---1. 43 Signed---2. 59
  5. So you don’t ring their necks or use a priest?
  6. Just picked this up from ditchies trail cam.......
  7. I can folla yer boi. Now you ought to get on on to that other stuff !
  8. This issue is well reported, however i have never had a problem with .17 hmr ammo. 95% of the ammo i've used is the Hornady stuff. I check them in ( never found a split pre firing) and out (never had an issue after firing. Jst to add some scale to what i'm saying, i've shot a lot of this ammunition. Here's the check i do after a night out on rabbit. Tip 'em out on a board and check the cases for splits. If i ever had a split case i'd take the whole batch back but it's never occurred.
  9. A part of the trip is a wine tour to the Barossa Valley ditch and one thing is for sure, i won't be using a spittoon !
  10. Sako Finnfire 2. You can get these with a wooden stock, mine is plastic so i use it in wet nasty weather. The other one is an Anschutz XIV Carbine with a nice wooden thumbhole stock. Both recommended. Pay you money take your choice.
  11. Some nice ideas. Go for it !
  12. Very different from the Italian Prosecco i should imagine. How did it taste?
  13. It's sold ! https://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/20172-Beretta-AL391-Urika-for-sale
  14. The truly anal airgunner will possess some resizers and a set of scales. If you make a call to invest i hope this shows up in the guns groups.
  15. My post above is precisely what i am going to do. I'm not going to get a 4K camera out and make a feature film of my efforts to disperse pigeons gorging rape, peas, brasicas etc. full stop. The authorities whoever they are WILL NOT be geared up for this type of situation in at least a million years. By which time we will (hopefully) have left the EU so we can them make up our own rules...... I'd say the likelihood of me getting challenged is well past 1000/1 and if i am i'll take them to the sword, that's a promise.
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