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  1. Whitebridges


    I was out shooting pheasants the other day and another gun refreshed my memory. He reckons that James Dyson is the third largest landowner in Britain. We then had a brief discussion about Dyson the BREXITEER. The more i listened the more i liked what i heard.
  2. Whitebridges


    I'm a huge Dyson fanboy. No kidding over the last 5 years i must have bought ten, probably more. For my warehouse, home, car, garage, dog basket they are the bees knees. James Dyson is a true entrepreneur who employs a lot of good British people in the UK. At one time i had a lot of involvement with Bath Rugby (through a sponsorship deal) he was respected by all in his dealings with the club and put a lot back. He was educated in Norfolk and again supports his background and beliefs. Recently he donated £19 million to a local school. You don't get that from an offshore competitor. Gresham School Norfolk He makes superb "hoovers" and watch this space soon enough he will make electric cars that work and we can all afford ! Keep it local keep it British.
  3. He's a backbencher Ditch since Fat Sarah got his DNA all over her La Brasserie.
  4. Fully paid up member Ditchy me ol' partner. NLF HQ at Harnsers bunker now has electric and a few USB docking points for tha 'pooters. No more airport tax at Norwich International airport. Supplies stockpiled at Roudham, https://www.englishwhisky.co.uk/ Fat Sarah and Mary from Mulbarton will be salaried ( and pay no tax) the former as Cultural Secretary and the latter Chief Tea Lady (CTL). All we've gorta do is stick the fences up !
  5. We had Liebor round the other day and i was given a propaganda leaflet. He said we must save the NHS. I agreed and asking him how they proposed to pay for it. "Stick Corporation Tax up to the level(s) it was before the tories reduced it". Not the answer i was looking for, so he didn't get a cup of tea or a hobnob biscuit. We're South Norfolk which is Cons. I told their canvasser he had a hard job which could have been made easier if Boris had a pair and stopped fibbing .A poor lot but thank the Lord we don't get SNP in Norfolk.
  6. Welcome MarcusTheHat. I had a few shots with a Theoben Eliminator when they first came out. How do you find yours? The trigger put me off getting one yet the trigger on a Rapid Mk2 was very very nice. Quite a few FAC Eliminators come up secondhand these days and are relatively cheap.
  7. A very enjoyable video, thanks for sharing. Just goes to show how the world keeps moving on. Look at those cannon Krieghoff "game guns" ! Not to my taste with their big and ugly screw in chokes. I bet they weigh close on 9lbs. Yellow 12 bore cartridges - i don't like anything in yellow that isn't a 20 bore. Please remember to wear a tie next time. I bet a very good shot using and ounce of Eley Impax through a proper Holland and Holland game gun wouldn't have touched a feather on those birds, unless of course you can tell me otherwise. I'd call this progress but it's not exactly my kind of thing.
  8. I never said it was a 1761. Only trying to help that's all.
  9. My Annie wasn't anywhere near that sort of dough. I've changed the scope on it. At the time of the picture below i was shooting long range crows and magpies.
  10. I've been using these for a while. I think they're great. The news from America is these will be available in .177 and .25 in the USA about November time. So in the UK we'll get them a year hence. In the meantime do try the .22
  11. Both guns are of merit. Whatever suits your fancy. My .22 rimfires are a Sako Finnfire 2 and an Anschutz 1416 in a thumbhole stock. The 17hmr is an Anschutz 1417. For me they are excellent. The choice is yours.
  12. Whitebridges

    Impact mk2

    Very impressive figgy. 👍
  13. Whitebridges

    Impact mk2

    You should have some fun with that figgy. Enjoy and please put some targets up. I'd love to know what the shot count is like in the real world as opposed to the factory quoted figures.
  14. One of the best improvements you might like to make Arron is to disclose your precise location on your profile. Birmingham and surrounds is gigantic Just a little tip.
  15. I don't know of a Perazzi MX80. Do you mean the MX8? You should be able to find a very nice gun for 3K so try a few before you buy.
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