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  1. In days of old I shot a lot of pigeon with Winchester Trap 100 when the were and ounce and an eighth of 7 1/2 shot. Mainly because this cartridge was used by everyone and was widely available. Yes i've tried 28g trap loads and they work OK but there are other types that do a better job IMO.
  2. I certainly liked it and got on with it. It never let me down and I only let it go when a 20 bore Kemen K4 came up. Yes the Lincoln equivalent are the same but I've only ever seen these in a silver action.
  3. This was a nice little FAIR 20 bore I had a few years back. It was branded Rottweil and had a colour case hardened action with gold inlay. I think i paid in the region of £700 for it and it was worth the money.
  4. Joint first place goes to Eley Pigeon HV and Hull Superfast Pigeon two very popular pigeon shells. My own personal favourite Express Pigeon power came fourth. I can't help but think the testing is rather flawed, some of the loads are 29g 30g 32g and the Gamebore Pigeon Extreme is a 34g no5. Interestingly The Gamebore Pigeon Extreme finished last. I've used this shell extensively over the years and would say it's one of the best cartridges out there. The only downside to using it is it's hideously expensive (£413 a 1000).
  5. The last week or so we seem to be inundated with Pied Flycatchers all along the Norfolk coastline. Sightings from Burnham Overy, Blakeney point, Holme, Winterton and Beeston Common to name but a few. It would seem the autumn migration is well underway.
  6. This is a very important point. From new they come heavily gunked up and should be thoroughly cleaned otherwise they will not shoot properly. Most dealers clean the barrels properly before they release the gun but this is not always the case. My Crown is bang on the money.
  7. Nice to hear of five Hawfinch showing last Sunday at Lynford Arboretum near Thetford.
  8. I thought numbers of Spoonbill in Norfolk were slowly on the increase but someone reporting 35 on Stiffkey Fen yesterday.
  9. Mr Golley knows his stuff that's for sure.
  10. Western Sandpiper link below: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-16317226
  11. Nice ! I'd like one with side lever cocking though.
  12. Try Chris at Wymondham Sporting Guns https://www.norfolk-sporting-guns.co.uk/ or Phillip at Phillipwebstergunsmith at http://www.philipwebstergunsmith.co.uk/ Both stock Beretta guns.
  13. Here's the linky thingy to Tinbum kits. https://www.airrifletuning.com/product-category/tbt-tuning-kits/
  14. There was a flock of bee-eaters at Gt Yarmouth recently. The last time i saw some was in Cyprus ! Report here: https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/bee-eater-birds-at-gapton-hall-yarmouth-8076980
  15. I drove along there on Monday, from Potter Heigham to Thurne where I did a bit of fishing. Loads of birds along there sitting on the wires and dropping in to large areas of laid barley. A heck of a lot of crows too.
  16. Looking good RFB ! 👍
  17. I see under the Shiant project the non-native Black Rat was listed as a target. Thanks for these links.
  18. A while ago I read something about the Hebridean Corncrake breeding environment had taken a step backwards due to hedgehog and rat predation.
  19. I don't know the striker at all but I read your earlier post and it seems it's capable of high power. Is it worth putting it on your ticket? Now you've done a bit of maintenance It's the sort of gun that will shoot pretty nicely as FAC level. Mind you ten and a half will kill our fury friends as long as you don't push it too far. Happy to help you out with some lead free as I really don't have any need for it. Good luck I hope you get the Striker shooting as you would like it. Did they make that gun in .25 cal ?
  20. Good plan Scully, stockpile. Now the loo roll has all gone i have the room. 😀
  21. Blimey, steel is the shot of Satan. It'll ruin a decent gun. I have a lovely old 16 bore SxS made by Clough of Kings Lynn which is about 100 years old. And a Wilkinson SxS made in 1911 . Remember Wilkinson Sword the razor blade people? What am I supposed to do with these lovely things ? Cut 'em up and stick 'em in the melting pot?
  22. Lovely birds Corncrakes. The first one I ever saw and heard was from the bridge at Wiveton, looking south towards Glandford, Norfolk. In the 1990's I fished for salmon and sea trout on Benbecula , in the Outer Hebrides and saw three in a week ! We used a hair comb and grease proof paper to call them. It worked.
  23. The Lead Free JSB's would be worth a try in a sub 12ftlbs springer. Here's a picture, they are in the middle. Be warned they are vastly expensive . Something like £13 a tin of 200. Happy to send you a few to try FOC. Just drop me a PM.
  24. Superdomes in .25 are over 30g and are to heavy in a sub 12ftlb gun imo. I've tried all sorts and lighter .25 ammo works best. It likes the old Pylarm at 18.6g. It doesn't like the lead free JSB Exact at 16.54 it just jams up every time which is a shame.
  25. Very kind. It shoots as good as it looks.
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