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    i shoot, i fish, i cook and i forage.<br />originally from sheffield moved to the south about ten years ago.
  1. hendersons


    Don't forget my smoker is available whenever you feel the need
  2. I'm glad you all had a good time. Sorry again I couldn't make it but I will be next year. Sorry also to all those thathave messaged me I'm not meaning to ignore you and will be in contact as soon as I can find a couple of minutes whenI'm not asleep or at work.
  3. To be honest I would always leave the gun in the cabinet rather than shooting clays for some reason I just can't get excited by it. Nice use of frogger there made me smile.
  4. Not sure you would need to cross the road.wouldn't you just walk up the spine road over the two roundabouts and then down to countrywide? I have never shot their myself but a few of the lads. (bakerboy,thunderbird,malkiesrow and a few others) did and said they thought it was good
  5. Www.old-downs-pursuits.Co.uk The above is supposed to be pretty good and you could probably walk it if you are feeling energetic.
  6. I always appreciate wood. I was hoping we would see yours this time. Those sleepers nearly killed us last year
  7. Wood is wood to some folks and some of us can't get it
  8. I reckon you should have bought a proper gun like a Hatsan
  9. Not sure how this one can be my fault. At the risk of sounding stupid myself, does this mean you wouldn't be able to release springs on a snap cap. Seems a little odd
  10. i have two. i thought about upgrading to a larger one but have a feeling that my other half will get a sgc at a later date. So i keep rifles in one and shotguns in the other and if she does decide to get a cert herself i will get the shotguns on her ticket too and then she can have access without having to get fac.
  11. Phil has offered to make a contraption to make sure we get the maximum out of her.
  12. i expect so. i'm planning on doing a few store cupboard things from wild foods this year. hopefully from my guns, veg patch,foraging and chickens I should be nearly self sufficient this year. Just need to figure out how to milk Cheryl so i can make cheese.
  13. i thin we may need the involvement of activeviii to knock something together
  14. Just starting here. i shall pick a bit on the way home next week and do a bit of pesto pasta
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