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  1. It must be a clear legal defeat for NE;it is the surprise/nil notice which feels so wrong.Leigh Day the solicitors are a well known firm;I do hope they do not act for many landowners/shoots/Cartridge manufacturers.....I wonder what impact this will have on world class companies such as Hull/Gamebore..... The General Licence was/is and always has been 'an ***' ..but the impact on farmers yields/song birds especially in April I do think the impact will be quite widespread and for such a 'law' to be revoked at nil notice feels against natural justice in itself...what a mess!
  2. Finn Russell my Lions no 10..in broken play and timing of a pass he is genius..... what a weird game but very entertaining. I was thinking England have come the furthest in this 6 nations,blowing a 31-7 lead at home though is not ideal World Cup preparation! Italy did well to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again!...Ireland & France have really fallen back...but it does lead to a very open World Cup when frankly anything can happen.....can't wait for it. Stand out players of 6 nations for me;FInn Russell/Alun Wynn/Hadley Parkes/Tom Curry.
  3. well done Wales..convincing win.I think the Irish half backs,arguably the best in the world in 2018 have gone awol......!
  4. go drive one..over powered beetle is a daft line from Autocar circa 1979..... if you want reliable sheep in wolves look at RS audi/BMW M4. If you like driving dependent upon budget 911 997 turbo.I reckon you'll get your male menopause and be able to sell it with tiny depreciation. R8 will cane you on depreciation. My male menopause looked like this Caterham/Elise/M3/M5/RS4/TTRS/911s(x3)430/458/Cayman S...I would'nt fit in 1st ones anymore! If you want a practical supercar/where service bills don't require donating a kidney the 911 is hands down the best car. If you want a penile
  5. they are basically gamebore velocity plus...perfectly good cartridges.
  6. the neatest packaged pigeon breasts I've ever seen!..top work.
  7. OP I dont know Burton on trent area well but someone will be along shortly with a recommendation.I do not know Pennsports,but the top grounds 'darn sarf' RBSS/Bisley is £100 er hour so £165 is v expensive.....
  8. look in section above 'pigeon shooting tips'...good basic set ups in there. If in doubt as to number of decoys use more;also take cradles/or kebab sticks and add shot birds.
  9. interestingly I think if Wales 'come down' too far from the high of this performance,and lets be honest in their first 2 games they were pretty average then Scotland,with Finn Russell back are dangerous;they produce 1 great game each year and are a potential banana skin at Murrayfield...Gatland and Wales have for 2 weeks live breathed built the England game right up;I think they now need to be careful of thinking 'job done' neither Scotland nor Ireland will be easy.England are back to Twickenham,will be some wound licking and will have Itoje back........don't see them losing again. Here's look
  10. an awesome physical game well played Wales. Biggar huge impact off bench;Englands plan A of highball got too predictable and poorly executed in the main. The Welsh wingers and WIlliams at full back won the aerial battle quite comfortably and England penalty count not good enough. One real bright spot from the 6 nations so far though is England finding a true no7;Curry was the outstanding player on the park;but as a team 2nd half Wales were outstanding and teams win games of rugby.Last 20 minutes England looked bereft of ideas up til that point though a close game that could have gone either wa
  11. my view is take the A hole for a beer;it is amazing how some people can change opinions.He clearly has issues and it is most likely something other than you but I would face it up;can't be too pleasant at least after this you will know where you stand...either way.
  12. My old 16g loves Eley VIP 28g 6s........funny init'coz I am not mad on the VIP 12g???......
  13. Whatever our personal thoughts on a day and bag size I do think that as shooting folk you either agree with shooting game or not and that we should defend all bag sizes and the choice of our fellow sportsmen.Limits on wild birds say woodcock/geese etc at certain times is just responsible stewardship,capping the bag on a shoot which rears the birds to be shot is frankly only constrained by the wallet. For most is the 'craic' of the whole day/mates/catering/banter/great day out and the shooting of 'x' number of birds just part of that formula. After a while you settle on a number constrained by
  14. yes can send by post(barrels only). Barrelblacker on here is superb he is Ashford, Kent but no worries arrived back superbly wrapped up and superb job. It costs @ £90 for the blacking,but contact him and he will confirm & how best to send them.He has done 3 sets for me all excellent.From memory his fee included sending them back!! The trade use him around here and he can get quite busy,allow @ 3weeks. You won't be disappointed in the quality of his work.
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