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  1. I already have a 12b & 20b & am looking to add a 28b to my collection. Ideally 14 3/4 - 15" stock & 30 or 32" barrels. What have people got they would be interested in selling? Steve
  2. Beretta specialists required. I have both a 12b & 20b 687. My 12b is late 1980's & the 20b a bit 'younger'. I would like a 28b to add to my collection. The questions is...do i need to buy a complete gun or could I just buy 28b barrels & they would fit onto the 20b action? I'm not sure how I would find out if older 20b / 28b's did have different scaled actions. Appreciate any help with this. Regards Steve
  3. I'm sure if you are shooting with others its possible to 'time' your shooting with a mate pushing the buttons. In my case I was on my own so reliant on the 5 second solo countdown. Its near on impossible trying to double guess other shooters & the timer! The only time I was on my own was shooting over the lake but even then i could clearly see clays to my right which made for an interesting very low quartering away bird (I only shot it once honest) Steve
  4. As I was roughly in the area yesterday (Preston), I decided to go for a drive out to Kelbrook as its not an area I usually visit. On arrival, the ground looks great, great clubhouse/cafe etc & beautiful surroundings. Staff were very helpful & welcoming. I should say at this point that it was windy yesterday so this can have an effect on clay direction & travel etc however I have never been to a ground before where you are shooting from a particular location & you can see clay's from 3 different stands. At some points, it was like you shooting a 1 man flush! Not a clue which clays were mine & all roughly in range. 'Spare' stands were placed between the normal ones so you were sometimes shooting with another gun only 3 metres either side of you. I enjoyed my time there & will defo go back but wondered if its always like that. Steve & Alex
  5. Evening Folks, I will be around Cupar this weekend for some Game & goose shooting. Wondered if anyone could recommend anywhere localish for a bit of claybusting on the Sunday (2nd December) Happy to take a drive out as I have all day free. TIA Steve & Alex
  6. Gents, As much as I do like a good bacon sandwich, it would be a 250 mile round trip for me. I struggle to hit them as it is so not actually being able to see them in the 1st place would really p.....s me off! Steve
  7. Thanks for the info guys. My son & I did drop in but didn't shoot (peeing it down at the time) Question for those who shoot there regularly. The ground & layout looks immaculate with all stands & traps hidden under wooden enclosure etc. Whilst this looks very professional, sometimes this means they very rarely change the layouts as they are restricted by were those enclosures are or can be put. Example would be 'the Warren' - looks great but virtually impossible to mix things up regularly. Looks like I will be dropping in once a month so hopefully they will swap things around each time we go. Steve & Alex
  8. Visiting Middlesbrough this weekend & thought of dropping into Thimbleby on the way up. Looking for a bit of 'driven' practice before my game season starts & wondered what tower facilities they have? Any info greatly appreciated. Regards Steve
  9. Quick update on the Inter Club shoot. We have enquiries from 18 clubs so far. We have also had a number of individuals ask if it was ok if they came as just single shooters to take part. It is now planned that this will be a charity shoot with money going to Cancer Research so everyone is welcome. We will have a raffle on the day & prizes already include a days pheasant shooting, various escorted marsh visits, £100 voucher for Tidepool Wildfowling, shoot clothing, Goose/duck calls & the usual booze. Details on where & when are I the original post. Quick note: fibre wad cartridges only which will be available on the day. Steve Cook, Club Secretary South Lincs Wildfowlers Club
  10. Evening all, i have a Terrano which I plan to use purely as a shooting truck. i don’t plan on doing any serious off roading but want some tyres that will be ok for green lanes, across stubble fields & headlands etc. any recommendations please? steve
  11. Haven Bank near Coningsby & also Grimesthorpe near Bourne which must be one of the nicest places to shoot in the UK. Grand opening of the New clubhouse this weekend I believe
  12. just bought a 12 plate X5 MSport. looking for a rubber mat to give the carpet a bit of protection. ebay has s few with a slight lip which I quite like the idea of. any recommendations? thanks in advance, steve
  13. Monkton is a little strange in that you need to book in before you go
  14. I've recently acquired a 20 Bore Multichoke. Guy who I got it from said 'I just shoot with 1/4 & 1/2. Now I know these chokes are pretty standard with many game shooters when using a 12 bore (Me included) So the question is....... As the 20 bore tubes are smaller, does this really mean I would be shooting with much tighter patterns? Logically the answer is yes but just wanted to check there wasn't some technical ballistics thing I'm missing? I shot with it today & stuff I hit was hit hard with plenty of feathers out. For interest I was using 25gm 6's. I plan to check on a pattern plate but just interested in any info. Regards Steve
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