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  1. I will have them if you can wait a week? Steve
  2. My problem is the field is huge. 800m + long & 600m+ wide. If I turn up at 2pm the field will be covered in birds. I move them when I set up but they just fly 300m down the field & never actaully leave. Nexts birds that come in have a choice of my 10 plastic decoys or 300 real birds down the field!
  3. Just for interest, how do you find the tgrigger pulls? I just bought one for a bit of fun & maybe early season partridge shooting. My hit rate was shocking but put it down to how heavy the triggers were. I was snatching the triggers to get them to operate & subsequently 'pulling' the barrels up over the targets. any info much appreciated. Steve
  4. A good windy morning on the crows at a local pig rearing unit. 5 until 9am. This was the 1st collection as the farmer asked me to clear any if they fell in the pens before the pigs could eat them! Ended up with 159/250 cartridges. (plus 3 unlucky pigeons) Ratio should have been better the jackdaws on the wind were like exocet missiles!
  5. Looking for advice on the best time to shoot crows. I have access to a large pig rearing unit & have always gone as early as possible (4.45am at the moment) to set up before they start to arrive. My thinking being they are really keen 1st thing when hungry (last Saturday I bagged 159/250 carts) Problem is work often gets in the way so wondered if crows have feeding cycles like pigeons i.e. 1st thing, rest/digest ten back out again at 3pm ish. I've checked the fields & there are crows there but I don't know if they stay all day or flight back & forward. Any advice/info much appreciated. Steve
  6. I will have them if you can wait until the back end of next week. I need to visit Swindon so can return that way back to Lincolnshire. Steve
  7. I thought it was sold 2 years ago @ £1700? At £1700 I'll have it!
  8. Alex1Nat2


    I'm interested in the adblue issue. Is the issue overuse of Adblue or an electrical issue? I've just purchased a 68 plate from a garage who told me they had the vehicle serviced prior to me taking delivery. (I have a stamp in the book) A month later & I got an Adblue warning. Managed to get 10L into it. So did it use 10L of Adblue in 2000 miles of matbe the suggested serfvice didnt happen!
  9. Advice Wanted. I''ve just purchased a 2018 Navara whick has a Truckman hardtop on it. I'm interested in getting some reaer storage like the 'gun draws' on the D Max Huntsman. Looking on the internet there are various manufacturers & types but prices vary from £450 to £1500. I want something thats safe for gun & cartidge storage but at the same time, not overly 'fixed' as due to other things the family does, would like the flexibility to remove it so I can get tents, surfboards, ski's etc in it. Just interested in what people have & the quality & functionality they have. Any help much appreciated Steve
  10. Alex1Nat2

    Beretta 28 Bore

    Loooking for a Beretta 28 Bore. Ideally 687 but 686 if pushed. 30" Barrels 14 3/4" - 15" stock Whats anyone got? Steve
  11. I’ve a big birthday coming up & always wanted to treat myself to a 687EELL. Ive both 12 & 20b 687’s already (looking for a 28b if anyone has one?) just seen a very nice Chapuis Arms C40 which is very sensibly priced & nearly a grand less than an EELL I want to spend(£4K max) anyone have experience of both to offer advice please. i did go to the French Gamefair at Chambord a couple of years ago & saw the Chapuis craftsmen working on actions, stocks etc & was very impressed.
  12. But why risk it if half choke does the Job?
  13. After local knowledge. Presently staying near Newquay for this week & going back to Lincolnshire next Monday. Already getting an itchy finger & wondered if anywhere local I could go for a blast with my son where we could ‘loan’ a gun. I have my license. looking for sporting & both of us are experienced shots. any advice greatly appreciated. Steve & Alex
  14. I’ve been shooting the Gamebore Whitegold steel (white case, not the cheaper clear cased one) for over 2 years now. For your average shooter, on an average sporting round you will not tell the difference other than in your pocket at £165/1000. I shot the 100 sporting round at Grimsthorpe last week & shot an 83. Only 1 target on the round made we wonder if the cartridge was up to the job. It was (unfortunately I wasn’t!!) Usual rules apply about no more than half choke but I Shoot quarter & half anyway.
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