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  1. Advice Wanted. I''ve just purchased a 2018 Navara whick has a Truckman hardtop on it. I'm interested in getting some reaer storage like the 'gun draws' on the D Max Huntsman. Looking on the internet there are various manufacturers & types but prices vary from £450 to £1500. I want something thats safe for gun & cartidge storage but at the same time, not overly 'fixed' as due to other things the family does, would like the flexibility to remove it so I can get tents, surfboards, ski's etc in it. Just interested in what people have & the quality & functionality they have. Any help much appreciated Steve
  2. Alex1Nat2

    Beretta 28 Bore

    Loooking for a Beretta 28 Bore. Ideally 687 but 686 if pushed. 30" Barrels 14 3/4" - 15" stock Whats anyone got? Steve
  3. I’ve a big birthday coming up & always wanted to treat myself to a 687EELL. Ive both 12 & 20b 687’s already (looking for a 28b if anyone has one?) just seen a very nice Chapuis Arms C40 which is very sensibly priced & nearly a grand less than an EELL I want to spend(£4K max) anyone have experience of both to offer advice please. i did go to the French Gamefair at Chambord a couple of years ago & saw the Chapuis craftsmen working on actions, stocks etc & was very impressed.
  4. But why risk it if half choke does the Job?
  5. After local knowledge. Presently staying near Newquay for this week & going back to Lincolnshire next Monday. Already getting an itchy finger & wondered if anywhere local I could go for a blast with my son where we could ‘loan’ a gun. I have my license. looking for sporting & both of us are experienced shots. any advice greatly appreciated. Steve & Alex
  6. I’ve been shooting the Gamebore Whitegold steel (white case, not the cheaper clear cased one) for over 2 years now. For your average shooter, on an average sporting round you will not tell the difference other than in your pocket at £165/1000. I shot the 100 sporting round at Grimsthorpe last week & shot an 83. Only 1 target on the round made we wonder if the cartridge was up to the job. It was (unfortunately I wasn’t!!) Usual rules apply about no more than half choke but I Shoot quarter & half anyway.
  7. I’ve got one. If I’m being honest it cost £99 & is ok. It looks, feels & smells like leather. Ive had it for a year now & had a number of proper wet weather game days where the inside gas stayed dry with no real rain through the zip etc. That said, the colour from the leather is badly worn around the rim around the barrel end & also the top where I have it in my hands as I put the gun back in. It’s gone pinkish with wear so obviously a stain that’s not hard wearing.
  8. I already have a 12b & 20b & am looking to add a 28b to my collection. Ideally 14 3/4 - 15" stock & 30 or 32" barrels. What have people got they would be interested in selling? Steve
  9. Beretta specialists required. I have both a 12b & 20b 687. My 12b is late 1980's & the 20b a bit 'younger'. I would like a 28b to add to my collection. The questions is...do i need to buy a complete gun or could I just buy 28b barrels & they would fit onto the 20b action? I'm not sure how I would find out if older 20b / 28b's did have different scaled actions. Appreciate any help with this. Regards Steve
  10. I'm sure if you are shooting with others its possible to 'time' your shooting with a mate pushing the buttons. In my case I was on my own so reliant on the 5 second solo countdown. Its near on impossible trying to double guess other shooters & the timer! The only time I was on my own was shooting over the lake but even then i could clearly see clays to my right which made for an interesting very low quartering away bird (I only shot it once honest) Steve
  11. As I was roughly in the area yesterday (Preston), I decided to go for a drive out to Kelbrook as its not an area I usually visit. On arrival, the ground looks great, great clubhouse/cafe etc & beautiful surroundings. Staff were very helpful & welcoming. I should say at this point that it was windy yesterday so this can have an effect on clay direction & travel etc however I have never been to a ground before where you are shooting from a particular location & you can see clay's from 3 different stands. At some points, it was like you shooting a 1 man flush! Not a clue which clays were mine & all roughly in range. 'Spare' stands were placed between the normal ones so you were sometimes shooting with another gun only 3 metres either side of you. I enjoyed my time there & will defo go back but wondered if its always like that. Steve & Alex
  12. Evening Folks, I will be around Cupar this weekend for some Game & goose shooting. Wondered if anyone could recommend anywhere localish for a bit of claybusting on the Sunday (2nd December) Happy to take a drive out as I have all day free. TIA Steve & Alex
  13. Gents, As much as I do like a good bacon sandwich, it would be a 250 mile round trip for me. I struggle to hit them as it is so not actually being able to see them in the 1st place would really p.....s me off! Steve
  14. Thanks for the info guys. My son & I did drop in but didn't shoot (peeing it down at the time) Question for those who shoot there regularly. The ground & layout looks immaculate with all stands & traps hidden under wooden enclosure etc. Whilst this looks very professional, sometimes this means they very rarely change the layouts as they are restricted by were those enclosures are or can be put. Example would be 'the Warren' - looks great but virtually impossible to mix things up regularly. Looks like I will be dropping in once a month so hopefully they will swap things around each time we go. Steve & Alex
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