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  1. air arms tdr (take down rifle)?
  2. down the length id say as older cage birds tend to get this
  3. ACVOKE (ACCLES and SHELVOKE) .177 (4.5mm) AIR PISTOL. Acvoke (Accles and Shelvoke Ltd. Birmingham) .177 calibre air pistol. SERIOUSLY RARE and SERIOUSLY COLLECTABLE. Apparently these were produced from 1946 onward for a period of 10 years. Given a limited period of manufacture AND that is now around 65 to 75 years ago you can easily guess why these pistols are rarely available for sale. £499.99 hope this helps
  4. I know lol has the bag came yet?
  5. still for sale due to non payment
  6. SOLD to Rewulf thankyou very much
  7. £27 last price drop as will be expensive to post
  8. £20 posted last price drop
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