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  1. What you up to fella, how're you keeping?

    1. Get your **** back in here Bob!

      1. Bob!

        What's occuring?

        1. Unfortunately it's a big organisation and small items like yours pale into insignificance when you consider the amount and value of business that they do. I have had a similar problem, phone calls usually receiving a "we'll get back to you" response, that does not happen. Afterthought being a wonderful thing, you would probably have been better to send it through a gunsmith who had an account with them.
        2. bob300w

          Gary Glitter

          On the contrary Bob, I understood Tulky's post entirely. The victims of pre-empted crime, especially the young or otherwise vulnerable, will always elicit my sympathies, as well they would of almost everyone reading this. That, I would have thought, would go without saying. The point I was making in my original post, and the one I chose to expand upon, was that criminal justice is not something that should be governed by passion and mob-rule. Instead it should be applied evenly, according to the severity of the offence committed. In the cases of those who act out of a psychological predilection, their punishment should perhaps be tackled differently, so that the punishment (and it should be a punishment in the event of a crime being committed) has a longer-term constructive effect. But once the period of punishment is over, if further rehabilitation of the offender is required for their own good or the good of society in general, then this should be applied sympathetically – according to the needs of the individual. Regards, LS I agree with what you are saying, however a person cannot be made to undergo further rehabilitation without either his consent, or a court order surely? If Gary Glitter refuses any treatment, and as his case was not in this country, I don't see how he can be compelled to, where does that leave the situation?
        3. Go on then, fill us all with envy, how much per/1000?
        4. bob300w

          Gary Glitter

          You sound like a Sympathiser to me Hang the ****** i say - infact NO, thats to bloody quick and easy for him - nice slow and very very painful death would be much better for the likes of him and the rest of the perverts out there. When it comes to crime and punishment old boy, sympathy doesn’t enter into it. What I advocate is the notion if you commit a crime you ought to pay the penalty set out in law. Once that penalty is discharged that should be the end of it. Now, I’m sure that you could have a long debate with us chaps here regarding what does and does not constitute an appropriate penalty. Those same points that you make in your post should be made to your MP, that’s what they’re there for. Regards, LS I think that you totally missed tulky's point about being a sympathiser, however, would you be so dismissive of this case if one of your family had been on the receiving end of his "attentions"? I don't think so either. You also appear to have overlooked the fact that he may have served a sentence, but he is not rehabilitated, and never will be, he will offend again. Your sympathy should be for the victims, who are serving a life sentence, not for the offender.
        5. They look very much like Muckboots; http://www.uttings.com/?categories/footwear/Grubs/
        6. If anybody is looking for stock and shares to buy, Australian lager and Australian ******* Heavy Metal recording studios may be a good investment at the moment.....I foresee sales rocketing over the next few weeks.......
        7. bob300w


          That's an interesting document Bagsy, and getting back to the original post on this thread, there appears to have been little point in calling the police, as it says; "Trespass – a definition The unauthorised entry onto land or property belonging to another person. Trespass is a civil not criminal offence; the police have no remit to intervene." So it seems unlikely that they would have turned up if called. Had they been told that guns were involved, they probably would have arrived, and the outcome may well have been two revoked certificates.
        8. bob300w


          I agree, but even without a gun, there were two people trespassing in the original post, it's going to be your word against theirs when it comes to deciding whether you used minimal force or "attacked us both so severly that I was traumatised and could not work for a month". You also have the problem of their status as trespassers, I was under the impression that trespass was only an offence if you were causing damage, two people walking on a golf course could legally be seen to be just that, two people walking on a golf course. They could have even been members of the golf club, and if two cammo'ed six footers with guns chased me, I think that I would do a runner also, even if I owned the course!
        9. bob300w


          yep, however, you've summed it up in one hit, the only thing that you omitted was the excellent advice from Winchester; KEEP YOUR GOB SHUT PHONE THE PLOD LET THEM DEAL WITH IT
        10. bob300w

          BIGFOOT FOUND!!

          Yep, that's pretty convincing, now I'm a believer as well.
        11. bob300w


          I think that you need upodating somewhat. TNT are ADR certified and deliver ammunition and powder. The licence that you refer to is not a licence, to give it it's full title, it's an; "ADR-Vocational Training Certificate for drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods". It involve drivers sitting in a classroom for three days listening to the regulations relating to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (CDGR) both in the UK and Europe (ADR). At the end a question paper is completed, you may have your course notes with you, and of the 20 that sat it on the day that I did, the only one to fail was one who failed to turn up.
        12. I think that part of the problem is that all of the wheat is cut at the same time and there is a large choice of fields, disturb them on one field and they simply use another. It's the same down here, there are no large flocks either, flocks of 10-15's are the average.
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