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    Stalking, Game and vermin shooting, Rifle Club with my two boys.

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  1. moor man

    Trailboss.......south devon.

    Wanted; Trailboss powder please, south devon area. Thanks.
  2. moor man

    Pleased with retrieve this morning!

    Sounds like a top dog, well done both of you.👍
  3. moor man


    👍Top man.
  4. moor man


    I would love these and happy to pay for delivery if you would consider doing this thanks. Pm sent.
  5. moor man

    Monteria - South of Madrid

    Looks like an amazing experience. What were you shooting and how much lead was required at 163m? It's something that interests me, did you practise here and how? Thanks.
  6. moor man


    Check out Okay Sahin, wild boar hunting. Great to watch but looks dangerous. I wonder how many dogs they lose?
  7. moor man

    Hello from Devon

    I'm in s.devon but have some ground near tivvy, reds and roe. Could have done with a hand couple of weeks ago when I shot my first red....
  8. moor man

    Hello from Devon

    Welcome, also a Devonian. Whereabouts are you?
  9. Great pics, thanks for posting. Hope Jakes ok, looks a bit sorry for himself.
  10. moor man

    Stock refinish and tart up

    You sir have breathed a new lease of life into that gun. Stunning wood and action, you have done a top job👍well done!
  11. moor man

    Thinking caps on

    Pic required really, the answer is out there.
  12. moor man

    Another cracking night on rabbits

    Good effort! What a haul.what do you do with them all? How many hours worth is that? Thermal or ir? Thinking on getting a pard, any views?
  13. moor man


    Solo stalking at the weekend I saw 20+ woodcock flushed, some at a fair distance.(no dog) the whole wood floor was spotted with woodcock poo just showing how many and how busy they are at night. Finished off the day with a walk round with shotgun, put another three up, had one shot and missed🙄 swung the gun on tawny owl that exploded from head high holly but checked myself in good time. Came home empty handed but happy. I always like to see them, such an enigmatic bird, stunning in the hand and on the plate. Im happy to limit myself to 1 per season. From what I have seen I think numbers are very healthy and have no compunction in taking one for the table. Agree that £10/bird is not good for conservation tho.
  14. moor man

    Finally scratched my itch.....

    😂🤣 reminds me of when Delboy crashed the shoot party....hilarious!
  15. moor man

    Finally scratched my itch.....

    Zero'd today, so good to go👍 Certainly seems strongly built with a kind of shrouded receiver, very confidence inspiring! I used the shotgun on clays in week using the scope on 1.5x and was hitting a few, had a 'hopeful' shot at a woodcock this am. Just need to christen it properly, "who dares wins rodeney!".......