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  1. Sold to dogger.....(s.t.f.)
  2. Price drop.....£35
  3. Marttiini Explorer Inox knife. High polish finish. Good edge, no honing marks or scuffs. Excellent condition knife. Hardwood handle, Normark embossed leather sheath. 8"oal, engraved with... "Inox Explorer Knife made by Marttiini Finland" £45 r.m.s.f, insured.
  4. For sale; Caldwell Slimline Electronic hearing protection. Used very little v.g.c. Excludes unwanted loud noise but allows you to hear normal speech. Batteries included. £30 Posted
  5. moor man

    Gun lock

    For sale; wall mounted gun lock. Unused, good condition. Useful for shop use or display. Make; Nor lyx £27 posted
  6. moor man

    Hazel nuts

    First shoot all the grey squirrels! Then you may be in with a chance. Round here they work the trees, eat everything good and drop the empty nuts and rubbish, bu##ers!
  7. I owned a Maroccini o/u fixed choke, it was my first 12g and performed well for me , my son now has it. Had a broken firing pin fixed but other than that it was trouble free. How well do you shoot with it? Try it on the clays, sounds ok for the money, go for it if it fits...
  8. moor man


    Nice one! Good to have mates👍 Hope he appreciates the gesture and doesn't lose them👍
  9. moor man


    +1 got a pair of visionking 8.5x32s to keep in the car and they're not bad at all for the money! (£23)
  10. Ha ha! that's bonkers😄 Sounds luvverly.......
  11. Ha ha! Sounds a bit odd if you ask me........anyway got to get back to the basement as im halfway through hand buffing a batch of nice shiny 6.5x55 brass, hmmmm my preciousss👋💍👋
  12. Omg im sorry! 🤣Just noticed, mixed headstamps too, I'm so ashamed.....😱Lol! Don't know how that cheeky little Norma case got in there..
  13. Thats no good! Whats it made of? The RCBS stuff im using (walnut husk) hasnt been changed in a couple of years and works luvverly with a bit of polish. 1hr if they are relatively clean, 2-3hrs for shiny shiny! I put a sheet of kitchen roll in the tumbler (torn into several bits) this collects all the dust and you just chuck it after each batch. Be aware the dust off tumblers is full of nasties, dont breathe it in, run it in a garage/outhouse if you can. Dont touch the brass with your bare hands as this will mark the cases. I use a cheap plastic salad dryer to get all the media out. My Smartreloader tumbler does a good job, I found the ultrsnc.cleaner is good for primer pockets and inside of case necks but only takes 20 and its a bit of a faff rinsing/drying properly. I try to do all case prep before tumbling so they go straight into air tight ziplock bags then into screwtop coffee jars. They stay shiny for a long time like that! Don't give up, it's worth the effort.
  14. If it fits your lad then go for it, £200 sounds about right. 21g clay loads and a bit of padding to soak up any recoil and off you go. Ask a few questions "....about these screws?..any problems you know of? etc." Offer £150 then settle in the middle somewhere. Mention the obvious visible damage it may help to knock off a few quid? Tell him its for your lad he may throw in some extras. Buyers market at the moment. Good luck.
  15. I put a squirt of car polish in my tumbler, the cases come out very shiny and they don't tarnish as easy. Cheap and cheerful, Aldi or Lidl I think.
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