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  1. moor man

    Bins suggestions please

    +1 for Hawke frontier excellent quality/valuefor the money.
  2. moor man

    Advice on rifle accuracy.

    First off check scope mounting screws, stock screws, no crud between stock and barrel, clean + dry barrel, tighten mod +check. Shoot again off bench rest or bags and if still not grouping get someone else to repeat your test. Good luck.
  3. moor man

    Finally scratched my itch.....

    Couple of pics; Finn Classic 12/.308 + some of the reds caught on my trail cam..... Captain beaky; yep scrap the single point idea, original open sights first off I think. See how I get on with them. Would like to try a low powered compact tele sight on it if I can find one (1.5 - 4 X 30ish )
  4. moor man

    Finally scratched my itch.....

    Anyone remember the old 'singlepoint ' red dot scope? Mmmmm🤔 I agree about telescopic / shotgun comment, maybe a very low power scope or even ghost ring sights. Haven't even got the gun yet.........😂
  5. moor man

    Finally scratched my itch.....

    Will do👍 Ha ha! No it's for mooching round my permission where roe and occasional red frequent. When I've bumped all the deer, the pigeons and squizzers can get some...😏
  6. Well, just had the good news, I'm now the proud owner of a 12g/.308 combi gun with mounts. Can't wait to get my hands on it🤗 It's a Finn classic, won at auction, bit of a gamble but im one happy bunny...... Just need some .308 dies and I'm away....👍
  7. moor man

    Akah range finder

    Yes please... pm sent..
  8. Yes please... Let me know how you want paying. Cheers.
  9. moor man

    Extended Hedge Trimmer.

    +1 for stihl kit......but expensive. I've used Titan stuff from screwfix and I rate it, great value. Petrol driven, came with hedge trimmer strimmer, chainsaw head, brush cutter and extension piece. +1year warranty. I only expected to get a year out of it now on its 3rd season!
  10. moor man

    Trail cam problem..

    Thanks John, tried the shut-off method but didnt work. Found the main dealer who wants £20 to unlock it....that's with proof of purchase which I don't have. It was bought in a group purchase either on pigeonwatch or stalkingdirectory, can't remember. Ive moved house twice since so don't even have the box/instructions?? Got an Aldi Trail cam out doing the business but more cameras the better.. Anyone else got any ideas????
  11. moor man

    Trail cam problem..

    SD card is new and ok. Will try the freezer thing, how long? Does the camera have internal memory or is it all on the s.d.card? It tested ok before I bu##ered it up..
  12. Boots received, thanks.👍
  13. moor man

    Trail cam problem..

    Just checking over my Ltl Acorn trail cam, new batteries, sd card etc. Hasn't been used for about 18mnths but worked fine with good results. Went through the settings and decided to use a password this time due to security issues the last time it was used. I seem to have now locked myself out! It won't accept the password I set? Anyone able to help?.....or have I just wasted a perfectly good trail cam? Thanks....
  14. moor man

    Leather cartridge bag

  15. moor man

    Pigeon Watch Poloshirts

    Yes please, xl dark green please. Cheers MM.