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  1. moor man

    .357 bullets

    Pm sent.
  2. moor man

    Powder coated bullets..

    Thanks phaedra, will get myself on fullbore....
  3. moor man

    Importing from usa...

    Thanks, duly noted....looks like we just need to bend over...
  4. moor man

    Powder coated bullets..

    Ok thanks, I did slug my bore and can produce reasonable cast bullets. Had a dabble in diy pan lube, was pretty messy and only part successful tho. Using L.L.A. now but always open to new ideas. I'm on castboolits and marlinowners, are there any other uk forums worth looking at? I know you 2 have a lot of experience so thought I'd ask. a.t.b. MM.
  5. moor man

    Importing from usa...

    Thanks, thought that may be the case. Always worth asking on here. Any suggestions for European suppliers? Funny, I had you 2 in mind when I posted.
  6. Hi, anyone imported reloading components from usa recently? Is it worth doing and will I have to pay duty? Thinking of using Midsouth Shooter Supplies for bullets, moulds, gaschecks. Pros/cons? Costs? Alternative suppliers? Thanks
  7. Anyone powder coating their cast bullets? Using bullet lube (L.L.Alox) at the moment but would like to try this out. Currently casting .38/357cal 125gn-200gn😳 +possibly 6.5mm in future. Looking for some practical advice, ie, suppliers, tips, pros/cons w.h.y.... Ta.
  8. moor man

    6.5mm bullet mould

    Wanted bullet mould for 6.5 mm. preferably Lyman, R.C.B.S. Thanks.
  9. moor man


    Think you mean this; not this....
  10. moor man

    Small woodland shooting

    It depends on the woodland, is there cover for birds? Are there shoots nearby? Is it a 'warm ' wood or exposed? I shoot in a small douglas fir wood (3 acres) its part of a much larger wood with various owners, some are tree huggers who regularly spend the weekend there, others are never seen. My permission is owned by a 'tree' man/friend who asked me to thin out the local roe numbers as they're hammering the Douglas regen. Not enough cover to hold roe but they regularly move through nibbling the young tops. Midweek shooting and a bit of common sense resulted in 2 roe in two trips, it has worked out ok for me. I needed to park up the road and enter the wood quietly for best results. I plan to put a temporary high seat. Perhaps you can put up a feeder or two to draw in stray birds (will attract squirrels also......good fun to shoot) is your best bet. Good luck.
  11. moor man

    Weekend Quiz?

    Well without further ado....... The culprit Vespa Crabro
  12. moor man

    Weekend Quiz?

    Ha ha, I'm not that sad....
  13. moor man

    Weekend Quiz?

  14. moor man

    At last some cooler weather and some pigeons

    Had a great couple of hours over stubble yesterday with a mate and his dad. We set up in the teeth of gale, two hides, got soaked within minutes but had some good sport with rocket propelled birds. It never ceases to amaze me at the variety of shots which present, I seem to miss the easy shots and surprise myself with the optimistic ones. Always satisfying when you've shot a bird, lose sight of it not knowing if you connected to hear the crash through the branches or thump as it hits the ground behind you. Not a huge bag but that's ok, I will use all birds shot and give some to friends.
  15. moor man

    Hobbies besides shooting?

    Kayaking, fishing, kayak(sea)fishing (always good to return with a feed) sailing, reloading, bullet casting, hillwalking/scrambling, wildcamping, bushcraft....... Unfortunately the bass ban has taken the edge off the kayak fishing but a few fresh mackerel are always welcome...