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  1. Price drop.... £35 posted
  2. Hi Pete, It's a 'good' Harris copy as stated... If I didn't already have a Harris I'd keep it myself. Side by side they are identical barring the name.
  3. Harris bipod clone, 9" - 13" swivel, notched sprung leg V.G.C. (Foot rubbers look brand new) Can't upload at the moment, pm me for pics. £45 posted
  4. yep, if it smells of the sea it's ok if it smells proper fishy (unpleasant )it's bait!
  5. Had this for tea last night..... Only fish I caught all day but I was a happy bunny, a lovely kayak on a hot day, 3 swims, and a cracking bass for tea!
  6. Mackerel shoals have been very patchy here in S.Devon but finally they are here in numbers.....managed a dozen in just over an hour despite a seal intent on robbing my fish!🤣
  7. Enjoyed that, birds were decoying lovely! I like the fact you show misses as well as hits. Seemed to take while to get your eye in but good honest shooting. Do you pick your birds up? I always feel a bit guilty not picking up shot birds in standing crop but you can do more damage with a dog or person trampling wheat to find em. Thanks for posting.
  8. what length and twist on your barrel? What powder will you use? I'm still developing a load for my 1:12 23.5" barrel, vit 150, rws brass, various weights 150-200 grain. Its just for woodland stalking. At some point I will try hardcast bullets too.
  9. only one way to find out.... Have you tried PPU fmj factory rounds? They are cheap enough to try a box or two, different weights. Anything from £12 to £16 a box! What range you shooting out to?
  10. yes😄 (sorry) 6.5mm sp, deer don't seem to mind em, fine for sub 100yds woodland stalking, not as accurate as hornady sst's but less carcass damage.
  11. Either Knot or Dunlin.......or not😁
  12. yes please (if rapid.25 doesn't have them) thanks.
  13. mmm....making me hungry. Picked up my smoker for £3 from our local recycling centre, don't think anyone knew what it was! ha ha! I smile every time I use it.
  14. Almazan kitchen on youtube, very inspiring!
  15. Thanks Born free, will check coil screws and electrics in handle too. Dave; Mitox have a fair rep for saws amongst the arborists I believe.
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