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  1. moor man

    Slippery ***** Gun Wax

    I was interested in this thread so I picked up some 'Wood Silk' from Wilkos. I was quite impressed with the finish, it brings the wood to life, don't know how durable it is but it sure smells nice!👍
  2. moor man

    Sling swivels

    Yes please, (got the pics ta) Pm me with payment details, ta. MM.
  3. moor man

    Red dot/reflex sight

    Exactly the info I'm after, thanks. Will look at the vortex. Still after info if anyone else has experience with red dots.ta.
  4. moor man

    Red dot/reflex sight

    Thinking of putting a red dot on my 12g/.308 combination gun, anyone use these sights for for game/vermin. Got a 1.5-6×20 nikko stirling on now but fancy a change. Any recommended makes, pros/cons?(not a cheapy chinese) Ta.
  5. moor man

    Fishing with dogs!

    Thanks for posting that, very interesting, new one on me, I wonder......? Mates got a caravan in Watchet, mmmm
  6. moor man

    Lab X gwp pups for sale

    Any pictures please? Lost my 3/4 lab pointer cross earlier this year, its a great working dog cross. Stalking, pheasants, pigeon, she even retrieved a mallard my first fowling trip on the exe. (Just down the road a bit.....N.A.)
  7. moor man

    Ten shots one outcome !!

    Exciting stuff eh? Great photo, what is it framed by? looks like you're inside a cave?
  8. moor man

    Flight line decoys ff5

    Had the same problem myself decoying in a snowstorm......never works!
  9. moor man

    Wanted; .308 boxes

    Hi, anyone got .308 ammo boxes looking for a home? Need enough to hold 100 rnds. Have heard the lapua brass boxes are good?
  10. moor man

    Wanted: Lyman Cast Bullet handbook

    Hi, anyone have copy for sale? Thanks.
  11. moor man

    .30cal brass

    Sorry should have read .308. Sorted for brass now thanks, still looking for 20(ish) of 150gn+180gn sp to try....
  12. moor man

    .30cal brass

    Wanted .30 cal. once fired brass. Quality preferred😁 Need to make some test rounds for my 12g/.308 combi gun. Thanks in advance. MM.
  13. moor man

    .30 cal bullets

    Wanted, odds and ends, left over .30 cal bullets for reloading. 100 - 200gn. Don't want to buy a box of 100 to find my gun don't like em ta. I am trying to find the preferred weight for my 12g/.308 combi gun. Thanks in advance..
  14. moor man

    Bins suggestions please

    +1 for Hawke frontier excellent quality/valuefor the money.
  15. moor man

    Advice on rifle accuracy.

    First off check scope mounting screws, stock screws, no crud between stock and barrel, clean + dry barrel, tighten mod +check. Shoot again off bench rest or bags and if still not grouping get someone else to repeat your test. Good luck.