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  1. moor man

    Bushnell rangefinder

    Bushnell Yardage Pro 800 Rangefinder. Comes with case+strap. In good used condition. Works out to 800yrds+ 4x modes; rain, reflection, >150m, scan. Backlight. Takes 4x aaa batteries. £90 posted (Pics on request via email/txt)
  2. moor man

    And yet more plant I/D

    Credit to JDog as he nailed it first😊👍 One of my fave trees is......... Metasequoia glyptostroboides...(dawn redwood) try saying that when you've had a few.
  3. moor man

    And yet more plant I/D

    Acer palmatum dissectum atropurpureum😎 Nothing to worry about!
  4. moor man

    Ladder trap and shoiting

    Nice shooting with the .410. Could have done with a hushpower 12g yesterday on the pigeons. Do they take much getting used to? What sort of set up did you have and do you bother with a call?
  5. moor man

    Bathampton fishing......

    Thanks washerboy....going to target the chub👍
  6. moor man

    Bathampton fishing......

    Thanks for links Oldun, will take groundbait, bread, sweetcorn, cheese, luncheonmeat, lobworm, maggots/casters and brandling (any good?......I have a reliable source at the local stables) we are staying on the river so literally up and out first light on the weirpool before the pleasure boats start. Back for breakfast, then explore the rest of the water. My mate seems fixated on deadbaiting for pike but I really want to catch a chub or even a barbel😎 Were going 18/6 for 3 days, any more info gratefully received.....ie 'special' pubs worth a visit?👍 Thanks again guys...
  7. moor man

    Bathampton fishing......

    Got a couple of days fishing on the Avon at bathampton middle of june. Staying at bathampton Mill. Any advice on species / methods, local info please? Taking gear for deadbaiting pike, would love to have a go at chub/barbel if present tho. Anyone here fish this piece? All advice welcome, thanks.M.M.
  8. moor man

    My new toy

    Poetic or what?😎 Great post! Ha ha!
  9. moor man

    Nikko Sterling Diamond

    What reticule please? Is it the model with green rubber mag ring? Any pics? Ta.
  10. moor man

    Kahles Helia 8x50

    Well done beanieboy, I was watching this with interest. You got a bargain!
  11. moor man

    Smock, Stalking/fishing/beating SOLD.

    I will have this please... P.m. sent.
  12. moor man

    Stock Renovation

    Beautiful job👍 How did you remove varnish from checkering without damaging it? Cheers, MM.
  13. moor man

    Combination gun

    Thanks for all replies. Guntrader is under constant scrutiny as are other websites. I have a slot for sect.1 shotgun but no variation as yet. I have never bought at auction but wouldn't exclude it.
  14. moor man

    Combination gun

    I'm thinking about getting a combination gun in 12G/.308 cal or similar.(30-30, 30-06) Specifically BRNO Combo. To be used for rough shooting and occasional woodland deer, roe + fallow sub 100m. Anyone here have experience of such guns? How many are out there? Firstly, what do I apply for on variation, .30cal+12g or just the rifle cal? I plan to reload for rifle calibre. Im planning to use quick release mounts and a low powered scope, ghost ring as back up sight? All thoughts/experience welcomed. Cheers MM
  15. moor man

    Hatsan escort springs

    Thanks salopian, I got wabbitbosher to have a rummage in his 'box of bits' in the meantime, fingers crossed.... I was aware 're Edgar Bros, also heard they don't deal with individuals only r.f.d.s.