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  1. Another pic from the same morning. Forgot to put sling on and had to carry gun carefully over steep ground.
  2. Quite correct sir, they were bought out by Beretta group and marketed as Marocchi. Finn classic is a nod to it's heritage. Still need to have some range time to see if 12g.solid slug fires to same point of aim as rifle barrel. Scope is a cheap lit ring reticule from visionking 1.5 -6 x 40 but I have to say it has been great so far.. Looking for a set of barrels 12/12 for it and maybe some nicer wood? Trigger is too heavy for v.accurate rifle shooting but I can get a 2" group @100yds. which is fine for my permissions. Single trigger, auto safety, barrel selection is button on trigger. Flip up rear sight.
  3. Had a good day yesterday, .308/12g Marrochi Finn Classic 512 combi gun. Im pretty impressed with the gun and yet to compleat a 'double barrel challenge' ie deer and a gamebird. Zeroed it last week with fed.fusion 150gnS.P. 1/2" high@100yds (old school) All 3 Dropped on the spot, boiler room shot. Got some work to do now😃
  4. Just looked at his work, I can see why so many of you have recommended Dan Bromley. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for answers so far👍
  6. Can anyone give me an idea of how much a rebluing job on a semi auto barrel would cost? Any recommendations on who to use? Im in Exeter area if that helps. Also, can I send a barrel normal post or does it have to be rfd'd? Thanks....
  7. Sold to dogger.....(s.t.f.)
  8. Marttiini Explorer Inox knife. High polish finish. Good edge, no honing marks or scuffs. Excellent condition knife. Hardwood handle, Normark embossed leather sheath. 8"oal, engraved with... "Inox Explorer Knife made by Marttiini Finland" £45 r.m.s.f, insured.
  9. For sale; Caldwell Slimline Electronic hearing protection. Used very little v.g.c. Excludes unwanted loud noise but allows you to hear normal speech. Batteries included. £30 Posted
  10. moor man

    Gun lock

    For sale; wall mounted gun lock. Unused, good condition. Useful for shop use or display. Make; Nor lyx £27 posted
  11. moor man

    Hazel nuts

    First shoot all the grey squirrels! Then you may be in with a chance. Round here they work the trees, eat everything good and drop the empty nuts and rubbish, bu##ers!
  12. I owned a Maroccini o/u fixed choke, it was my first 12g and performed well for me , my son now has it. Had a broken firing pin fixed but other than that it was trouble free. How well do you shoot with it? Try it on the clays, sounds ok for the money, go for it if it fits...
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