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  1. yep, if it smells of the sea it's ok if it smells proper fishy (unpleasant )it's bait!
  2. Had this for tea last night..... Only fish I caught all day but I was a happy bunny, a lovely kayak on a hot day, 3 swims, and a cracking bass for tea!
  3. Mackerel shoals have been very patchy here in S.Devon but finally they are here in numbers.....managed a dozen in just over an hour despite a seal intent on robbing my fish!🤣
  4. Enjoyed that, birds were decoying lovely! I like the fact you show misses as well as hits. Seemed to take while to get your eye in but good honest shooting. Do you pick your birds up? I always feel a bit guilty not picking up shot birds in standing crop but you can do more damage with a dog or person trampling wheat to find em. Thanks for posting.
  5. what length and twist on your barrel? What powder will you use? I'm still developing a load for my 1:12 23.5" barrel, vit 150, rws brass, various weights 150-200 grain. Its just for woodland stalking. At some point I will try hardcast bullets too.
  6. only one way to find out.... Have you tried PPU fmj factory rounds? They are cheap enough to try a box or two, different weights. Anything from £12 to £16 a box! What range you shooting out to?
  7. yes😄 (sorry) 6.5mm sp, deer don't seem to mind em, fine for sub 100yds woodland stalking, not as accurate as hornady sst's but less carcass damage.
  8. Either Knot or Dunlin.......or not😁
  9. yes please (if rapid.25 doesn't have them) thanks.
  10. mmm....making me hungry. Picked up my smoker for £3 from our local recycling centre, don't think anyone knew what it was! ha ha! I smile every time I use it.
  11. Almazan kitchen on youtube, very inspiring!
  12. Thanks Born free, will check coil screws and electrics in handle too. Dave; Mitox have a fair rep for saws amongst the arborists I believe.
  13. Got to admit this has me a bit baffled..... Picked up a Mitox 3600UX strimmer/brushcutter cheap. looks little used but 'won't run properly' To date I have; Changed to fresh fuel, 50:1 Checked fuel line ok. Checked fuel filter ok Stripped carb and cleaned with carb cleaner, diaphragms look fine. Cleaned plug. Reassembled and fired up it does run but will not pick up revs when given throttle. Here's the strange bit.....when the on/off switch is moved to 'off' it will pickup revs, run normally for a few seconds then stop? Is it electrical I wonde
  14. I was a bit bored this afternoon, ended up doin these. 👍Ditchy.......how's yer moles? Us got sum gurt big ones here in Deb'n, big as dogs they be!! Can pop some in post if u loike....🤣😂👍free!
  15. Good idea, I try to position cams to not pick up early/late sunshine as it does tend to wash out image, ta. Is it standard tripod thread? Good idea,.....👍
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