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  1. Either Knot or Dunlin.......or not😁
  2. yes please (if rapid.25 doesn't have them) thanks.
  3. moor man

    trout smoker

    mmm....making me hungry. Picked up my smoker for £3 from our local recycling centre, don't think anyone knew what it was! ha ha! I smile every time I use it.
  4. Almazan kitchen on youtube, very inspiring!
  5. Thanks Born free, will check coil screws and electrics in handle too. Dave; Mitox have a fair rep for saws amongst the arborists I believe.
  6. Got to admit this has me a bit baffled..... Picked up a Mitox 3600UX strimmer/brushcutter cheap. looks little used but 'won't run properly' To date I have; Changed to fresh fuel, 50:1 Checked fuel line ok. Checked fuel filter ok Stripped carb and cleaned with carb cleaner, diaphragms look fine. Cleaned plug. Reassembled and fired up it does run but will not pick up revs when given throttle. Here's the strange bit.....when the on/off switch is moved to 'off' it will pickup revs, run normally for a few seconds then stop? Is it electrical I wonder? A new carb is £50 but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's not the problem. Any thoughts from the P.W. posse? Thanks.
  7. I was a bit bored this afternoon, ended up doin these. 👍Ditchy.......how's yer moles? Us got sum gurt big ones here in Deb'n, big as dogs they be!! Can pop some in post if u loike....🤣😂👍free!
  8. Good idea, I try to position cams to not pick up early/late sunshine as it does tend to wash out image, ta. Is it standard tripod thread? Good idea,.....👍
  9. Got fed up with water on lenses ruining what could be great shots so...... Just knocked up a couple of these. Made from cut out 2L plastic milk jugs, sticky camo tape and zip ties (blue peter badge on the way...) The zip ties go through trailcam base and rain cover then I use green covered wire to fix to tree. The 2L jugs fit 'Little Acorn' sized trailcam perfect, this one is a cheap amazon Boblov.
  10. That's great! Im sure some animals know when they are safe...
  11. I've used a few and had some success. The acme crow call has never been productive for me but the Primos power crow has. Also the Flambeau/Lohman 'gold crow' call. I use them mainly if im pigeon decoying and crows are passing out of range, you can lure them in close enough to shoot. I usually put a few outlying crow decoys in my pattern with an empty couple of egg shells for added interest. Apologies to those in the know but the main thing with corvids is staying hidden till last minute, their eyesight is sharp and can be tricky to fool. Other times they're almost suicidal!😎
  12. moor man

    Period Scope

    Haha, funny😂
  13. ....for a borescope application?
  14. Thanks JDog, thought it could have been a red oak🤣
  15. Anyone know what this is please?
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