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  1. I bought an aldi machine, about £30. It's vak packed many deer, mackerel, bass and pigeon breasts. Just make sure you buy extra bag rolls. I have no complaints with mine.
  2. ⁰vbhttps://www.optics-trade.eu/uk/mounts/shopby/suitable_for_d_g-f_a_i_r_combi.html Don't know if you have seen this? I'm sure leupold make a one-piece mount to fit. Probably a cheaper option.
  3. I work with chainsaws and power tools, mostly on my own, I shoot (often on my own). So I booked myself on a F.A.W.+F course, now I carry a trauma kit on my fuel can and whilst shooting, it's no good in the truck when you really need it. Cat tourniquet, Israeli bandage x2, scissors, whistle + bits and bobs. Most minor stuff can be dealt with using electrical tape and toilet paper😁
  4. Not my u tube, I need all my wits for shooting ha ha! Does the gun you have seen come with a scope mount? I know they can add a bit to cost. I was lucky with mine, bought it at auction complete with mount, unseen! Put in a cheeky bid and won!
  5. $2000 sounds steep to me but depends how much you want it I suppose.
  6. There is a you tube video review of a F.A.I.R.combination gun. Hope this helps.. Also attached a pic of my Marocchi Finnclassic 12g/.308. If its a good price go and get it or you'll kick yourself. P.s. I wouldn't normally shoot 3 roe in one go but thought I'd missed with my first shot, saw both deer running away and shot again, remaining deer took a few steps and stopped so I took that one too, when I went to shot site there were three dead deer on the ground. I hadn't missed just not seen third deer. Good luck!
  7. Well done mate, not all about the bag. Hope you ate it ; )....nothing better.
  8. Last winter got some close up views of a pair of water rail, very obliging as they fed along a hedgerow in full sight. We often get peregrines in off the coast hunting and training their young ones. Had gannets diving on mackerel whilst out kayak fishing here in s.devon. A favourite walk on the river dart almost always produces goosander, dipper and kingfishers.
  9. Thanks, sorted. Engine oil it is then.
  10. Ta for replies but I'm none the wiser, surely it's not metal to metal in air rifle chamber but leather to metal?
  11. He wants to keep it original (ish)... I have all the parts now just looking for advice on what lube to use on washer. Ta ditch.
  12. I've been asked to service a mates meteor mk2 which has a leather washer, what is the best oil to use for the washer? Along with new washer I'm fitting new spring, guide, breech seal and screws. The old cracked spring guide parted during disassembly. Thanks in advance...
  13. Result! You must be a happy guy. I got a pair of hawke frontier ed which are brilliant, reassuring to know the warranty is good.
  14. +1 Guelder 🌹Rose, native I believe.
  15. Silver Halo out of Torquay harbour has a good reputation. Not been on her but a few mates have and rate the skipper and boat (fast)
  16. moor man

    Plant ID

    Be wary of this plant! An old friend who was a gardener was nearly blinded by one of these, they have very pointy bits on the end!!
  17. Price drop.... £35 posted
  18. Hi Pete, It's a 'good' Harris copy as stated... If I didn't already have a Harris I'd keep it myself. Side by side they are identical barring the name.
  19. Harris bipod clone, 9" - 13" swivel, notched sprung leg V.G.C. (Foot rubbers look brand new) Can't upload at the moment, pm me for pics. £45 posted
  20. yep, if it smells of the sea it's ok if it smells proper fishy (unpleasant )it's bait!
  21. Had this for tea last night..... Only fish I caught all day but I was a happy bunny, a lovely kayak on a hot day, 3 swims, and a cracking bass for tea!
  22. Mackerel shoals have been very patchy here in S.Devon but finally they are here in numbers.....managed a dozen in just over an hour despite a seal intent on robbing my fish!🤣
  23. Enjoyed that, birds were decoying lovely! I like the fact you show misses as well as hits. Seemed to take while to get your eye in but good honest shooting. Do you pick your birds up? I always feel a bit guilty not picking up shot birds in standing crop but you can do more damage with a dog or person trampling wheat to find em. Thanks for posting.
  24. what length and twist on your barrel? What powder will you use? I'm still developing a load for my 1:12 23.5" barrel, vit 150, rws brass, various weights 150-200 grain. Its just for woodland stalking. At some point I will try hardcast bullets too.
  25. only one way to find out.... Have you tried PPU fmj factory rounds? They are cheap enough to try a box or two, different weights. Anything from £12 to £16 a box! What range you shooting out to?
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