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  1. Thanks, very helpful. Sounds like quite a set up! The mold is a 2nd hand lyman 311299 with rcbs handles off another mold (34)rcbs 35-200-fn)
  2. Thanks for replies. Dodyrog, re casting temp, very possibly too cool. Was struggling a bit with flippin useless halogen hob,(amateur) just not hot enough. Had better luck with gas camp stove. Do you use a hardness gauge or other to measure? Bought a pencil set to give an idea of hardness. 2600 fps and no leading... impressed. What sort of accuracy have you achieved? I take it L.L.Allox is not up to those speeds then.my ideal would be to develop a deer legal (above 2050fps) accurate load that performs on target (good expansion) What proportion linotype to range lead would give 15 brinell hrdnss approx? I also have some pure pb if that is relevant....thanks.
  3. Lee lube n size, bullets are + 0.002" barrel diam. Powder; Alliant 2400, 1600 -1900fps Paperpatching looks interesting also😄
  4. Looking for some advice, can I use Lee Liquid allox on these or do I need to use a wax lube to fill the grooves? I cast these shiny beauties for a .308 project. Came out quite well I think. Managed to fit my R.c.b.s.mold handles to my Lyman .30 cal mold to produce 100 of these. Quite few went back in the pot to start with. Cast with a linotype/lead mix (thankyou Vince Green)
  5. Hi, just cast these shiny beauties... Now looking for some gas checks to finish em off, just a trial run really. Dont really want to buy 1000 box. 50-100 should do it, w.h.y? Thanks.
  6. +1 for gerber. Main reason being I broke the blade on a previous gerber and they sent me this f.o.c. great service (Fiskars look after the warranty now)
  7. Find someone with a fluffy, lonely, cute, vegan pet ferret and introduce the fluffy chirpy parakeet. In no time at all they will become lifelong best friends. Awww cute!🤣👍
  8. Metal bucket to catch sparks from grinder......
  9. moor man


    Well done, nice buck..
  10. Looks like a long eared owl? Great footage👍
  11. This.....if you like tinkering Both......If you have the money Tx200....If you just want to go out+ shoot 😎 Both are quality guns, I have a tweaked hw97k and love it. Would love a tx200 too. Have fun.
  12. Make first couple of rounds fouling shots, just need a couple extra of your first powder weight, if that makes sense? What method are you using?, OCW, ladder test, grouping with 3/5shots? Barrel heating may have an effect so maybe round robin method. What is your goal, 100m deer, 1000m target? 1"groups at 100yds is more than enough for deer, save your money, time and wear on your gun. Reloading can become a self serving master if you're not careful😁
  13. Bloomin heck! he's a big boy. What did he weigh?
  14. List both calibres/one handgun on your variation with a cover note explaining the details. If there's a problem they will be in touch no doubt. May pay to give your Firearms Dept. a ring for clarification. Good luck, keep us posted👍
  15. Calm down chaps! It's not even Friday yet😃....... As has been said....... just go out and shoot it, enjoy the gun for what it is. If your decoying just bring your birds a bit closer.👍
  16. You will end up with mongrels surely?😆
  17. Cracking scope for the money👍 I have one and it's bombproof, surprised it hasn't gone.
  18. Another couple from Holts auction; TIKKA 12-BORE / .222 REM. £100! Savage 12g/.22lr £90
  19. Lot 4453: ZBROJOVKA BRNO .12-BORE / .308 W. MOD. 502.8 DOUBLE-TRIGGER OVER AND UNDER COMBINATION GUN / RIFLE, serial no. 00461, This went for £325+commission, looks like a great little outfit, rings too! Anyone on PW buy it?
  20. moor man


    Shift work can play havoc with your health, relationships. Only do it if it's really worthwhile. Sounds like there's no guarantees either. Only worth doing a second job if you are sure you won't get caught. All depends on circumstances really....
  21. Nooooooòooo! never ever ever never let bitches or dogs in your workshop!(Golden rule no.1) Hope you get it sorted....
  22. That confirms what I'd heard about 1oz. lee slug mold👍 Was planning on trying these too....imported from states, made by BPI, supposed to be stable in flight due to the fixed wad acting as a tail. I shoot a marlin 1894 .357 U/L rifle but struggle to get any accuracy with it past 50yrds with my home load cast. Tryed gas checks, different lubes, weights etc.no luck.
  23. What's your solid slug recipe if you don't mind sharing? How accurate are the (lee?) slugs, is one better than other? Nice workshop by the way👍 Some of my .357mag cast...
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