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  1. Ha ha! that's bonkers😄 Sounds luvverly.......
  2. Ha ha! Sounds a bit odd if you ask me........anyway got to get back to the basement as im halfway through hand buffing a batch of nice shiny 6.5x55 brass, hmmmm my preciousss👋💍👋
  3. Omg im sorry! 🤣Just noticed, mixed headstamps too, I'm so ashamed.....😱Lol! Don't know how that cheeky little Norma case got in there..
  4. Thats no good! Whats it made of? The RCBS stuff im using (walnut husk) hasnt been changed in a couple of years and works luvverly with a bit of polish. 1hr if they are relatively clean, 2-3hrs for shiny shiny! I put a sheet of kitchen roll in the tumbler (torn into several bits) this collects all the dust and you just chuck it after each batch. Be aware the dust off tumblers is full of nasties, dont breathe it in, run it in a garage/outhouse if you can. Dont touch the brass with your bare hands as this will mark the cases. I use a cheap plastic salad dryer to get all the media out. My Smartreloader tumbler does a good job, I found the ultrsnc.cleaner is good for primer pockets and inside of case necks but only takes 20 and its a bit of a faff rinsing/drying properly. I try to do all case prep before tumbling so they go straight into air tight ziplock bags then into screwtop coffee jars. They stay shiny for a long time like that! Don't give up, it's worth the effort.
  5. If it fits your lad then go for it, £200 sounds about right. 21g clay loads and a bit of padding to soak up any recoil and off you go. Ask a few questions "....about these screws?..any problems you know of? etc." Offer £150 then settle in the middle somewhere. Mention the obvious visible damage it may help to knock off a few quid? Tell him its for your lad he may throw in some extras. Buyers market at the moment. Good luck.
  6. I put a squirt of car polish in my tumbler, the cases come out very shiny and they don't tarnish as easy. Cheap and cheerful, Aldi or Lidl I think.
  7. moor man

    Baby emus

    Don't know, can't catch the b#ggers! We thought about trying to cross one with a octopus so we could all have a leg at christmas..... I'll get me coat.....
  8. Nice buck and a good account of your trip, thanks. Congratulations btw, I've only had 1 so far. He looks like he's changing to summer coat? How heavy?
  9. There were 3 young in total, one branched next to nest , one sitting in a tree 30 yrds away from nest and a last one still in the nest. I could just see his?head poking above the messy jumble of sticks. Lots of down floating in the air, caught glimpses of the vocal parent birds through the canopy. Watched them for a bit then left them in peace. Magic..
  10. A bit fiddly but it works, binos are hawk frontier ed and phone is samsung!
  11. A.k.a. 'phantom of the forest' Awesome bird!
  12. Nope... Nope.. Nope.. Answer is Accipiter gentilis Well done Twenty!
  13. Yes, pics taken yesterday in S.W. U.K. Not a Gyr, although I have seen one at Berry Head Quarry nr Brixham some years ago. Seeing these fledged chicks gets me quite excited, they are making a comeback in s.w. despite what some people say. Took a few snaps then crept away to leave them to it. I have been accidentally 'buzzed' a few times whilst stalking woodland making me duck! Im sure they would not ever make contact as they are supreme fliers. Should be some clues there....😁
  14. Bit of a sunday quiz..... Sorry about pic quality, taken on my phone through binos😁👍
  15. Hi vince, a couple of the guys at our range use their own p.c.bullets. I asked the same question. Seems the only advantage being they shoot cleaner than traditional lubed bullets. Unless I see good evidence I wont powder coat mine without a trial. Do you make your own lube? Thinking about a carnauba type diy mix? Thanks again for lino you gave me, been using some to make .308 subs. Trying them out today hopefully👍
  16. Always the same, too far away!
  17. Thanks, very helpful. Sounds like quite a set up! The mold is a 2nd hand lyman 311299 with rcbs handles off another mold (34)rcbs 35-200-fn)
  18. Thanks for replies. Dodyrog, re casting temp, very possibly too cool. Was struggling a bit with flippin useless halogen hob,(amateur) just not hot enough. Had better luck with gas camp stove. Do you use a hardness gauge or other to measure? Bought a pencil set to give an idea of hardness. 2600 fps and no leading... impressed. What sort of accuracy have you achieved? I take it L.L.Allox is not up to those speeds then.my ideal would be to develop a deer legal (above 2050fps) accurate load that performs on target (good expansion) What proportion linotype to range lead would give 15 brinell hrdnss approx? I also have some pure pb if that is relevant....thanks.
  19. Lee lube n size, bullets are + 0.002" barrel diam. Powder; Alliant 2400, 1600 -1900fps Paperpatching looks interesting also😄
  20. Looking for some advice, can I use Lee Liquid allox on these or do I need to use a wax lube to fill the grooves? I cast these shiny beauties for a .308 project. Came out quite well I think. Managed to fit my R.c.b.s.mold handles to my Lyman .30 cal mold to produce 100 of these. Quite few went back in the pot to start with. Cast with a linotype/lead mix (thankyou Vince Green)
  21. Hi, just cast these shiny beauties... Now looking for some gas checks to finish em off, just a trial run really. Dont really want to buy 1000 box. 50-100 should do it, w.h.y? Thanks.
  22. +1 for gerber. Main reason being I broke the blade on a previous gerber and they sent me this f.o.c. great service (Fiskars look after the warranty now)
  23. Find someone with a fluffy, lonely, cute, vegan pet ferret and introduce the fluffy chirpy parakeet. In no time at all they will become lifelong best friends. Awww cute!🤣👍
  24. Metal bucket to catch sparks from grinder......
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