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  1. I normally have mine so when the rifle is on the sticks and my eye is at the scope I can lean slightly in to the rifle without having to bend my back. This suits me best but you might have to use a bit of trial and error to find what is most comfortable for you.
  2. I've had exactly the same e-mail from mikewilliams19376@gmail.com for a shotgun that I have advertised on Gunwatch. Seems like this "Mike Williams" is not having a lot of luck with guns he's buying and finding that they are constantly getting damaged after he has paid for them.
  3. I have edited my original post as after double checking the e-mail I have found that the scam was in fact sent to me from my GUNWATCH advertisement and not from a GUNSTAR advert as I originally said so if you are advertising on GUNWATCH please be aware and take care! Maybe (If at all possible) the Moderators could alter the title of the post from GUNSTAR to GUNWATCH please. Sorry for any confusion guys!
  4. My thoughts exactly! It hasn't even warranted a reply. Maybe so but I really would not like to see any unsuspecting member ripped off.
  5. Just thought I would give a heads up on what I believe is a Con Artist on Gunwatch. I have a Hatsan Escort for sale and received an enquiry asking if it were still available. I replied that it was and got the e-mail back which I have copied and pasted below. I have heard of these sort of cons before but I'm not 100% sure how they work - But I'm not taking the chance. I just wanted you guys to be aware and not get conned. Here's the e-mail that I have just received and been advised to ignore - The sender/con atrist uses the e-mail address of mikewilliams19376@gmail.com Hello am sorry for my late responce i will like to let you know that your asking price is affordable by me. I paid another uk seller whose the item got damaged some days ago: and is no longer be available for sale or even repairs. This is the main reason why i decided to buy yours because they are almost the same and similar, I hope you understand? shes ready to refund back my total money by check from their bank account . I decided you handle the check as you also live in uk. I'm a US Citizen and currently working on the ship in the Pacific; it's advisable I use same money to pay your own im going to instruct her to issue the paycheck and make it send to you if you agree please do get back to me with your full details also want you to know that the check will 100percent clear in your bank account before pickup of the item here is the details needed for the payment Your Full Name.... Your Complete Address.... Phone Number .....to reach you EDIT: Sorry, I have just double checked my e-mails and found that this scam was quite clearly sent through GUNWATCH and not GUN STAR as originally claimed. I apologise for any misunderstanding, I am on some quite heavy painkillers at the moment and they are effecting me more seriously than I thought.
  6. I am glad to hear that I was able to help another member out and that something that I did was useful for others. I still use the original set of tripod sticks (The same set that I made in this video) and they are still as reliable as ever - My Freelander would feel naked without my tripod sticks in the luggage section!
  7. Last chance at the reduced price of £200 Face to Face or £225 with transfer fees paid from my end before it goes to the shop where it will almost certainly be up for sale at a much higher price for whoever wants it!
  8. The diamond sharpener arrived nice and quickly and well packed. Great value. Many Thanks. A pleasure to business with this member.
  9. Thanks Jeddy, I have tried to price the shotgun so that it is well worth buying. A appreciate your comment!
  10. Price now reduced for a quick sale. I will accept either £200 Face to Face or £225 if you want the gun transfered to you and I will pay the transfer from this end - The buyer will still be responsible for any fees incurred at their end)
  11. Yes, many shooters put these guns down as cheap and unreliable, if only they would give them a chance they would find that they are just as reliable as most other semi-automatic shotguns costing two or three times the money! (Like you I wish I could have trained mine to hit everything I pointed it at - But that's my fault and not the shotgun's!
  12. I'll try one. Please PM me your payment details. Bank Transfer or Paypal is easiest for me if either are good for you.
  13. Very rare I post on here nowadays but I have to wonder if you might have made the same mistake that I did? I usually use a Haydels Crow Caller (Which works well and does the job it was designed for) but decided to buy and try a Primos Power Crow Caller because of all the good write-ups they have always received. When I took it out of the packaging and in to the fields I was terribly disappointed as it sounded like Daffy Duck with a serious throat infection. I was about to try pulling it apart to see if I could adjust the reed when I realised that the mouthpiece had a thin rubber protection sleeve over it. With the rubber protection sleeve removed it worked perfectly (What a plonker) Not much different from my Haydel caller but still quite effective at bringing the crows in! Even so, as many have/will tell you it does take a little practice - You need to sort of "growl" into them rather than just blowing to get that good raspy sound that attracts the crows..
  14. Nic, you have a PM regarding a .270!
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