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  1. what **** thought this one up http://recombu.com/c...nternet-by-2014 and thats better
  2. Pubs without customers oh thats not better
  3. my boss gave me the task of doing askills matrix late last year I gave all the employees a list of tasks there job envolved and ask them to mark themselves the guys who are good at there job undercut themselves the useless ones know it all. I then proceed to get them to show me which the useless ones failed but bitched that they still can do everything just having a bad day
  4. if this is the case then you insurers should chase him for damages
  5. got this on bike number plate can I enforce it if needed No Photogaphic or Digital Reproduction ©
  6. there worth a fiver each when you want me to pick them up?
  7. I have a 2.2 diesel and struggle to get that out of it
  8. dont know but how i see it is her name is still on the debts and mortgage so she gets the bad debit as you
  9. i have a hawke airmax something or other on my 452 works fine for me
  10. wear and tear isnt always a true sign of mileage my x type has 45k on the clock and its genuine but looking at the steering wheel its 100 plus. poor build quality!
  11. give it a good soak in a bucket of wd40 be working in a few days
  12. it gets treated no different we find loads as work that is still in the supposedly empty mail bags! as for the rest of the mail companies tnt post, citipost, uk mail etc all they are a transport companies that use the royal mail infrastructure. try to get them to deliver the consumables on time then tell me royal mail are useless. no I dont work for royal mail
  13. 01522558533 google is your friend
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