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  1. pro_carper

    Hills pump for pcp air gun

  2. pro_carper

    Hills pump for pcp air gun

    As title says i have a hills pump for air gun great condition works as it should. Selling as i no longer need it. Can send pics via wats app £60 posted or £50 collected ulverston
  3. Avian x pink foot decoys one season old With all stakes and slot bag brilliant condition and brilliant decoys only selling as they are just to bulky for me iv killed alot of geese of these decoys and work a treat for weary geese as the detail is second to none Open to offers on them can post at cost or can be collected from ulverston Tikka m595 243 magazine holds 3 £40 posted or can me collected for £35 Pigeon magnet i bought 2 spares two years incase my original broke when out decoying. I sold one on and this one has been sat in my out house ever since so still new and never used but needs spreader blocks only cost a few quid online comes with start stop remote £50 collected or can be posted at cost Also have a hand made flapper very well made by a fella off face book but it seems to be catching when spinning the motar probly a easy fix for someone whos good with fiddly stuff £30 or can be posted at cost. This cost me £85 new
  4. pro_carper

    Air arms s200 mk 2

    Iv just sent mine away for a fella off ebay to copy and make me a brass one for £18
  5. pro_carper

    3 litre 300 bar air bottle

    Message you
  6. pro_carper

    Kral np02 reviews

    Seems a fairly cheep gun compared to others on the market. Has anyone used one? Good and bad points?
  7. pro_carper

    Air arms s200 mk 2

    Mines got a multishot adaptor on
  8. pro_carper

    Air arms s200 mk 2

    Are the bolts easy to take off and fit again?
  9. pro_carper

    Cheap scope and mounts combo

    Anyone recomend a good cheapish scope and mounts combo to go on a air gun?
  10. pro_carper

    Air arms s200 mk 2

    Does any one no if there is a aftermarket bolt for these guns as they seem flimsy ?
  11. pro_carper

    Air arms s200 mk 2

    Problem solved needed to be cocked whilst pumping it up
  12. pro_carper

    Air arms s200 mk 2

    Just got this second hand for abit of ratting and farm yard vermin bashing and have gone to fill it up and is leakibg out of what sounds like the bolt. Any ideas of what it could be Easy fix or take it to the gun shop any i fo would be great thanks
  13. pro_carper

    Goose calls

    Greylag sold Open to offers on the b81
  14. pro_carper

    Goose calls

    Haydels b81 snow goose call tuned for pinks £40 posted Solway calls greylag call screw in type very easy to use £70 posted
  15. pro_carper

    Extrema hard case (blue)

    Beretta hard case this is what my extrema 2 came in i wont be selling the gun so it just sat gathering dust someone might make use of it. Guessing it will fit all autos £40 posted