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  1. Thanks for all the replies, well all good since I posted no more dead so hopefully it was a sparrow hawk and its now realised they are to big for it.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I thought buzzard or tawny but wasn't sure if they were to big now for tawny. No more dead today but lots out of the pen a bit unsettled which hasn't happened yet this year. not sure when its happening as haven't been able to check them early in the morning this week, but hoping to get down there one day this week first thing depending on work.
  3. Hi dose anyone have any thoughts on what is killing my poults? I have found 6 all dead like this one over the last couple of days, they are in a pen set in a wood all around 13 weeks old. All have had feathers plucked from back or side and got a tear in skin deep into body. I have tried uploading image but cant as it is to big, will try again later. Any ideas o the culprit would be great and anyways to stop it. Cheers luke.
  4. Hi did mine last month, sent by recorded delivery on the Friday got back the following Friday. 7 days for both shotgun and firearms. Only had 3 weeks before both ran out and thought I would have to store my rifle and get a temp shotgun cirt. I received a letter with both saying that they no longer issue temp certificates and will follow up with a visit at a later date. Must admit a was shocked as my dad had waited for around 6 months last year on a temporary certificate.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Have been looking at Wales for next year, but thought it might be worth a go in Devon. Have read the link Fortune cheers might get some pay dirt for her as a Christmas present this year, we got her the panning kit for her birthday with false gold pay dirt. Must say it was lots of fun finding that.
  6. Hi taking the kids to Devon next week for a holiday. My girl is really keen to have a go at panning, has anyone ever tried it in Devon? or know anywhere close that we could have a go. I know there's not much chance of finding any, but will still be fun trying. All info would be greatly appreciated as she is obsessed with the gold mining programs and has her own pan already.
  7. Just seen this on face book. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/167410 Wont be long before they start one for every type of shooting.
  8. I had to call them this week to report the theft of my dads tractor, was on hold for 45mins. Only to be told that as we had found it dumped in a field a mile down the road there was no further action they could take apart from giving me a incident number. Complete waste of time not that I am surprised, when they broke into one of the barns and stole two out boards and a load of power tools they told me it must of been children walking along the foot path. So no further action would be taken.
  9. As above when they are interested, my girl started coming ferreting when she was two and in the beating line from four. But my boy was nearly six before he got into it.
  10. Just a quick up date thanks for all the advice it helped keep me calm and sort it out. After putting down lots of straw and old veg, plus put in some wind breaks and a load of cut down conifers to add extra cover and hanging some of the feed block up that Paul suggested. All the birds are now doing great.
  11. Cheers Paul have ordered 4 off them will look at getting some stuff for the water as well.
  12. No haven't put anything in the water would this help?
  13. Hi Paul hope you and your birds are well, I have checked the pen this morning and I have over reacted a bit (long day and very wet). I caught one this morning and it seems that they have started to peck. They are 9 weeks old and I am feeding the medicated pellets the we got with the birds. Although the pen is on the small size its about the same as last year and we didn't have any problems then. there are 4 feeding and drinking stations with shelters next to each one. We had to move the pen so they could put in a secondary sea wall as the main one is going to breach in the next couple of y
  14. I thought feather pecking but couldn't see any signs of damaged to the feathers but a bit difficult in the heavy rain also never seen that much blood on the tail feathers before. I have proberly over reacted and will have a proper look in the morning but thought it best to get some other ideas of what to look for when I check. The pen is about 12 meters by 27meters with net on top and is on fresh ground as we had to move it. Thanks for all the advice I will let you know tomorrow if I have been a bit nervy.
  15. Hi hope some one can help me, went to one of the pens tonight and at least 10-20 of the poults have there tail feathers bright red with blood and seem to be hopping to legged around the pen. All were fine yesterday when checked and have been drinking and eating well. They are 9 weeks old, were delivered on Saturday and split between two pens the other pen all seems fine. There are 180 birds in this pen so need to find the problem and sort quick. Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated. I have found one dead bird but this was a deformed one that was delivered with a wonky leg.
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