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  1. Have a look at the front of the tractor before thinking about taking the sump off, most of the older MF tractors used a big heavy cast iron "Stressed" sump where the sump is used to mount the front steering beam and radiator etc, you will need to make sure you can suspend the front of the tractor once you start to pull it apart. This is why trying to flush it out first is an easier option. Good luck with it
  2. Thank you for putting the link up, what a great way to spend the day, love watching stuff like this. I have a photo from the Royal Rock pack in an old book Thanks
  3. I have some from when I was a teenager, they must be 40+ years old, forgotten I still had them. They have discoloured a bit. I can post you a few. How many were you wanting ?
  4. It comes from the book John Macnab written by John Buchan, it is a good read
  5. How far are you from Northern Diver at Appley Bridge, they will test and refill, tell them it is for airgun use. They refilled mine just before Christmas, quick phone call to confirm a time, handed it to them at the door, filled in 10 minutes and brought the cylinder out to my car, great service.
  6. Signed, every bit helps Thanks for sharing it
  7. Dave66


    If you only have an iPad, and you want to upload a picture of the iPad itself, put the iPad in front of a mirror, take a picture, and upload it ?
  8. They used to have their meeting at Briars Hall when the pubs were open.
  9. I don't wear this so often, it takes me too long to work out what time it is, currently 6pm
  10. Thought I was looking at my own watch with the photo from Mice! And cheap enough if you damage or lose one. Which I have done.
  11. Dave66

    Ferret pole cats

    Have a look on Hunting Life forum, probably more ferreters on there, plus always an entertaining read !
  12. Purse nets are still here. Box and stop nets have sold.
  13. I had a 2009 Octavia with a BXE engine, the oil pump drive failed at 90k, ended up getting a second hand engine out of a write off. My current Skoda has the 1.6TDi, now upto 130k with no problems to-date.
  14. Santa has been furloughed this year, can't risk visiting all those households outside his support bubble, well... that is what I have told the Mrs
  15. Most of the 4.203's for LR conversions came out of Commer Walk Thru vans, I think that is the van you are thinking of.
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