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    Shooting, Motorbikes being Married !!!

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  1. Dave66

    My Lurcher ???.

    I have a 7yr old whippet With a bit of GH/DH thrown in. Never barks (don't think she can bark) but makes a similar grumbling sound to remind me she is around.
  2. Dave66

    Avoid Preston

    I was at the Guild Hall Sunday night, not been for a while, enjoyed it.
  3. Dave66

    .410 shotgun moderator sizes

    Internal diameter of the muzzle end of the moderator is 13.95mm. Gun is a Mossberg. Hope this helps.
  4. Dave66

    My holiday residence

    Is that Hector's house ?
  5. Dave66

    Video camera for glasses

    Do a search on you tube for "See The Lead" by Gordon H, he shows a link to a website selling similar to what you are describing.
  6. Dave66

    Best bike you've ever owned ( motorbike)

    Yamaha XTZ750 Super Tenere back in 1992 I stopped biking a few years ago, but if I ever have a mid-life crisis, I will look at buying another one. It was in Bill Head's at Chorley part-exd an XJ900 to get it. Traded it in for a TDM850 a couple of years later, and regretted it as soon as I drove away from the bike shop.
  7. Dave66

    Flu Jab yes or no?

    Had mine at work today £7 well spent.
  8. Dave66

    Hudl2 ?

    I use the original Hudl (1), does everything I want it to, easy to set up. This is typed on it Cheers Dave
  9. Dave66

    Swanndri coat (Medium 96cm)

    Coat now sold (to Luke) Thanks
  10. Dave66

    Swanndri coat (Medium 96cm)

    Swanndri coat, used but no rips or tears, green. Extra stitching at the shoulders + strap on left shoulder. No hood but has button fittings around the collar. £35 if collected or meet local, extra £5 for postage. Thanks Dave
  11. Ferret Finder MK3 & Two Collars, very little use, £120 collected or arrange to meet if local. + £5 postage Thanks Dave
  12. Dave66

    Aircon regassing.

    My 09 plate Octavia is doing the same, a slight cooling for the first few minutes, then nothing. Time to get it checked. Please let me know how you get on. Thanks....Dave
  13. Dave66

    sell up or modify?

    FW, the coating is like a plastic laminate, if you cut into it, it will start to peel.I think the chequering is moulded into the finish, not cut into the wood.It is not designed to be stripped off. I was forever taping on comb raisers, until I picked up a 525 (with adjustable comb), set the height and forgot about it. Much happier shooting with it than I was the Raptor.
  14. Dave66

    sell up or modify?

    Has it got the plastic/weathecoat covered stock, if it has you cannot cut into it. I had the same problem with my Raptor, great gun but ended up trading it for something that fitted a lot better.
  15. Dave66

    worried about selling a gun.

    I have recently sold two guns through Pigeon Watch/Gun Watch, One within 24hrs of advertising, the other within 48hrs. Both buyers were genuine and a pleasure to deal with. Go with your instinct, if you are not happy selling privately, sell through an RFD.