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  1. I bought a pair of Grisport Game keeper boots about four weeks ago, very comfortable, all good so far, will need to see how they stand up to a couple of winters, their is a good review on YouTube by Original Outdoors.
  2. Dave66


    I bought a pair of Grisport Gamekeeper boots a couple of weeks ago, happy with them so far, did 7 1/2 miles yesterday, very comfortable. Outdoor Action at Blackburn had them in stock at £139 and was able to try them on first. Have a search on YouTube, there is a decent review of them on there.
  3. I took a bottle that was past its first test date by a couple of years, it failed test with stretched threads where the valve screwed in (they showed me this using the thread gauges) the only feedback was that if I had taken in on time, I may have been able to get a warranty contribution from the bottle supplier, I will get my new bottle tested on time.
  4. 26 Purse nets and ferret carry box, £35, prefer collection but can post at cost, near J27/M6 10 yard stop nets X2, each has four new fibreglass poles (9mm X 900mm)plus two spare poles £20 for both, prefer collection but can post at cost, near J27/M6 or swap 410 cartridges/410 re-loading bits Thanks Dave
  5. This is my dog helping me "working from home"
  6. Dave66

    Cb base ariel

    We used to use a wheel rim in the corner of the room with a "Firestick" ariel fastened to the wheel rim, after a bit of saving up, it was DiPole screwed to the side of the house. For years after you saw cars with the base section of a CB Ariel still fitted.
  7. Welcome,. Thought it was Burnley Dave the door breaker, Barnsley Dave may be his cousin
  8. Just watching it now, a bit of mole talk down the pub, can't beat it. Thanks for posting the link.
  9. I have a 7yr old whippet With a bit of GH/DH thrown in. Never barks (don't think she can bark) but makes a similar grumbling sound to remind me she is around.
  10. Dave66

    Avoid Preston

    I was at the Guild Hall Sunday night, not been for a while, enjoyed it.
  11. Internal diameter of the muzzle end of the moderator is 13.95mm. Gun is a Mossberg. Hope this helps.
  12. Is that Hector's house ?
  13. Do a search on you tube for "See The Lead" by Gordon H, he shows a link to a website selling similar to what you are describing.
  14. Yamaha XTZ750 Super Tenere back in 1992 I stopped biking a few years ago, but if I ever have a mid-life crisis, I will look at buying another one. It was in Bill Head's at Chorley part-exd an XJ900 to get it. Traded it in for a TDM850 a couple of years later, and regretted it as soon as I drove away from the bike shop.
  15. Had mine at work today £7 well spent.
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