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  1. teal27

    Lanber stock

    Thanks for the reply, have messaged him
  2. teal27

    Lanber stock

    I am after a new stock for this12g lanber sporter delux as it has been restocked and someone has made a right mess of it.
  3. Thanks guys, I have gone for the Lanber after hearing your views, much appreciated.
  4. That would be ideal to try them but they will have to be rfd to me as I live too far away, this is why I have asked for opinions mostly about the build quality and general fit.
  5. Hi guys, haven’t been on here for a while but just a quick question for anyone who has a Lanber sporter deluxe or a classic doubles clubman. Which do you think is the better option, both are same price, it’s just for pigeon shooting. Thanks.
  6. Lyvale express is all I buy now, best cartridges I've used, ive been using English sporters for couple of years now and they kill very clean. I've just started on the pigeon powers and are excellent too but for the price I'll buy more Sporters and maybe some power blues when on offer.
  7. What prices are you guys paying for blues per slab? My local is selling them for £55, is this a reasonable price?
  8. Maybe I'll try the blues and see how they do
  9. teal27

    Laurona spare barrels

    It's either find some barrels that fit or have the chokes opened abit which I didn't really want to do. Not sure how much that would cost either.
  10. I've been using English sporters and have been very impressed with them even at long range pigeons but my local has got some power blues that he says are basicly the same but wasn't too sure as they are expensive compared to the sporters.
  11. Has anyone used power reds or blues on pigeons?
  12. teal27

    Laurona spare barrels

    Thanks anyway mate
  13. teal27

    Laurona spare barrels

    That would be great if a gunsmith had a set they were scrapping that I could get
  14. teal27

    Laurona spare barrels

    O/U mate
  15. teal27

    Laurona spare barrels

    Any know if you can get spare barrels for my old laurona 12G? I would rather pick up a spare set with a more open choke than half and full so I can keep the originals too.