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  1. 16 hours ago, ditchman said:

    the stupid thing is ..........it shouldnt be like this at all..........this is a result of simply GREED.....putting money into peoples pockets to the detriment of the enviroment/people

    the sacking of 30,000 plus water bayliffs......allowing construction on backfilled reservoirs....no reservoirs built in 30 years.....total rape of our aquifers.....lack lustre effort in replacing old network pipes..........

    need i go on...........and what makes my pee boil is ....IT IS THE PEOPLES FAULT........

    i have ranted on this topic 5 times now........the water companies are nothing but thugs and theives.......

    what also angers me is the media do not really understand what has drawn us to this position......the media are thick as ****.........

    Steady on boi, no need to boil your water, the simple fact is that those in charge really don't give a flying fig and never will. It's all gone way too far for any recovery.

    16 hours ago, Weihrauch17 said:

    My neighbour has been power washing for the last 2 days, doing his bit.  The day before he went out and left his lawn sprinkler on all day at least until I turned it off. 

    One of ours has an un-natural attraction to his power washer.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Mice! said:

    Fair enough,  I bought two mini cameras so I could hide them easily,  but they aren't very clear unless on the laptop. 

    The one I bought years ago is still going strong despite the clasps having snapped off.

    Would be virtually impossible to hide here in this openish woodland setting. Amazed my feeders stay put.

  3. 15 hours ago, Mice! said:

    Do you not use a camera? Priceless at this time of year. 

    I topped up the feeder at strip wood Wednesday night and put up a camera, we all know it's quiet on the squirrels in August plus I've not been to this feeder since the first of June, there are almost no squirrels being seen by the land owners so I just keep dropping in occasionally.

    My plan was check the camera this evening, see if it's worth shooting in the morning, not a lot of point sitting at a feeder you know isn't being used.

    Well I arrived, walked in without a care and the sun in my eyes, to see a squirrel jump off the floor up the feeder tree, but not very far, then sat watching me twitching it's tail.

    As the car was only maybe 50mtrs away it would have been rude to not go and get the gun.
    Pop the boot, load a mag, back into the wood and the squirrel is back on the deck, with the sun shining almost right at me!!

    It was constantly moving around taking bits of seed, I put some grains and sunflower seeds on the log but the good stuff had gone, I rested on a tree and waited.
    It was completely ignoring me, then finally went up onto the feeder, but didn't know how to lift the lid, so messed for a while getting seeds from the gap, each time it leaned head down, fumbled then sat back up on the lid, once, twice, I shot on the third.
    Solid WHACK, dropped to the floor and did some leg twitching.
    Young male in great condition with unusual colouring, it had looked especially unusual with the evening sun shining at him.


    Strange colours on the throat and head.

    I then checked the camera and had very few images, only one squirrel showing and more Jays, so with my beers in the car getting warm I decided to head off and give the feeder another couple of weeks.

    this is the sunrise that would have greeted me.


    Nice report and result bud but in answer to your question , no.

    It wouldn't be around for long due to public access.

  4. On 11/08/2022 at 08:09, Old farrier said:

    Hard for many people to get to grips with the massive increase of the daily energy costs 

    I can understand gas and electric have to go up all be it a massive amount 

    however the standing charge seems to have increased in line I can’t understand why 

    have they put in new pipes and cables?

    more meter readers 

    or maybe I’m just not looking at the bill correctly 

    Partially to cover the cost of so called smart meters maybe?

    On 11/08/2022 at 10:47, bostonmick said:

    of course we are being ripped off as per usual.but not just with energy bills thats the way the uk rolls.vat on lifes essentials is wrong.the government back in the day sold off all our essential services gas electricity water etc mostly in foriegn hands now.yet they take a green levy on every bill.this has been going on for decades yet i know of no publicly owned generation ie solar wind or wave so where have those untold billions gone.most of the solar farms are foreign owned.the standing charge applied is a real money spinner every property in the uk pays on average 50p a day for the privilege of having a meter and that is before you flick a switch.then we move on to the current petrol and diesel rip off. i live on a road that over some eight miles has three small independent garages one charges £1.98.9 another £1.89.9 and then the one on a nain holiday route to skegness charges £1.74.9 so a difference of some 24p.also next time you go into a supermarket have a look at some of the products that are brought in from abroad bananas grapes melobs etc all have many miles of transport but are still as cheap as they ever were.and plentifull yet locally produced stuff is skyrocketing in price and in a lot of cases scarce.yes we are being ripped off.absolutely no doubt about it.

    Nailed in one.

  5. 21 hours ago, Dougy said:

    Bought a portable Air con unit a couple of weeks ago, left simple instruction for Mrs D. 

    Power ON

    Mode COOL

    Temp 16

    Fan HIGH 

    Exhaust attached


    Got home, 

    Power ON

    Mode FAN

    Temp 23

    Fan HIGH

    Exhaust hanging off. 


    Now shes thrown my dinner in the dog bowl cus i asker her nicley if she understands the diagram i left for her after going through a basic "How it works session" 

    Slow learner is you Dougy.


    A lot of wimps on here, this is just a bit warm.

  6. 2 hours ago, islandgun said:

    I come from a generation that would have had a good cuff round their ear for wasting food in such a way. Its such a shame there wasn't someone there to empty a bottle over their heads [ and trainers]   

    No doubt that person would have been arrested for assault with a deadly carton?

  7. 1 hour ago, Gordon R said:

    Classic, laugh out loud, comedy at its finest.

    Someone has to provide?

    1 hour ago, Yellow Bear said:

    And he will be spinning at high speed in his grave with what his own party has become.


  8. 21 hours ago, oowee said:


    Yes your right and i heard on saturday that school kids in Brixham (or close to) cant get in schools as they are full of Ukrainian kids. This is not right. We must address these issues too. They don't have to be mutually exclusive. We need a government that works not one that spends the last year fending off complaints and arguing about its navel. 

    Nye Bevan had some particularly apt and colourful opinions and descriptions about politicos of a different persuasion, seemingly quite fitting about the current flavours.

  9. On 08/08/2022 at 23:27, Vince Green said:

    Yes and they are being minibussed direct from Albania to the channel ports in two days by the people trafficking gangs.

    You can't tell me the countries they travel through don't know what's going on.  But  they just wave them through 

    Of course because lets face it no other country wants the financial and cultural hit that comes with such numbers of unfettered immigration..........except us for some unfathomable reason?

    I have a feeling this debacle will not end well due to the individual financial pressures in the wind? Bankruptcy awaits whilst the politicos live 5 star?

     This country has been built in the most part on normal, sensible immigration but now? The rat in my outhouse has more morals and common sense.


  10. 12 minutes ago, Mice! said:

    Cheers mate, it'll take a bit of getting used to but I'd been on the look out for something at the right price for a while now. 

    Certainly makes a difference having that bit more mag.

    800yds 🤣🤣

    Yep mag is good for us matures.

  11. 9 hours ago, Mice! said:

    It's an Optisan EVE 4-16x44pi with the NMH10 ret, I don't fully understand the ret yet, But I'll read the manual again a few times and use it, I wanted it for the glass and the mag having read up on the scope, but I didn't want the EVX because I don't dial.

    The scope is lovely and clear but a little sensitive on head position, the ret is really clear, especially when I've been using the Simmons for a good while now.


    This is my first 30mm scope, so needed new mounts and I went for Sportsmatch HTO36C high mounts to suit the BSA rail. I could probably have got away with mediums, but I've got a massive swede and I like to be able to get my thumb between the scope as this is often how I pick it up.


    This is also my first SF scope, it's certainly a lot easier than reaching for the front of the scope!


    I took a while getting everything set up, I don't like the bipod but it came in handy for this.


    Seemed strange taking the Simmons off as its a great hunting scope. 



    So onto some shooting,  I was sat at the patio doors shooting off the workmate,  not ideal, the gun was supported but my right elbow wasn't resting,  but there was too much stuff in the garage to shoot where I normally do.


    Out to 20mtrs was sheltered but 20-35 was blowing left to right with little gusts, the finer ret made a real difference, usually past 25 I can't see the 13mm dots I'm aiming at as the cross hair covers them.


    Nice having the hash marks to use for hold overs.



    Happy enough for now but I'll have to shoot again properly rested to see if any fine tuning is needed.

    Then I'll need to see how I get on in the woods, looking forward to using the IR and seeing how bright the 30mm tube is.



    Should be good out to 800yds bud? 😀


  12. On 26/07/2022 at 04:46, Houseplant said:

    Shocking story/experience for the OP. Thought it would just be a matter of time before reading something like this happening in the UK (or even NZ). A man with a gun on a "block of winter barley" is a completely different kettle of fish to a man with a gun at a school or shopping centre. What were the police thinking? 

    As for the politically correct stuff, there may be a point to be made, but as ever it detracts from the important message which is a law-abiding individual being held at gunpoint for no good reason! Some perspective please.

    Absolutely correct.

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