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  1. Having just read the above fantasies, I have desided its time to move on. Best regards, Feather,
  2. Good thinking Teal My first thought was, did it reduce its food intake in any effort to compensate for the feather lose. We must think the pigeon is completely stupid, not by a long chalk. I have seen Gannets at sea throw up all the fish in their gut in order to make an escape when the fishing boats came to close to them on the water. Best regards, Feather.
  3. Blimey! better check your decoys Lad, maybe one looks like a helicopter Best regards, Feather.
  4. Congratulations Dazza, I see you have been working on you vocabulary. Best regards, Feather.
  5. feather

    diesel do

    I would mix it 50/50 with fresh diesel, then give it a go :o Best regards, Feather
  6. feather

    I'm really old!!

    Blimey! I remember farthings and three penny pieces, (threpney bits) in use. Best regards, Feather.
  7. Well my friend, a Mugwump is a bird long in the body that when it sets a fence its mug is one side, and its wump is on the other side. :thumbs: best regards, Feather
  8. With all due respects mate, I'm sure the bird you saw was a Mugwump. :thumbs: Best regards, Feather.
  9. feather


    Over the years in Canada, I have found to "swat" a horse fly is wrong as this tends to inject into your flesh some of the **** in the fly. Try brushing the fly off the bite and then kill it away from the area, it works for me. Best regards, Feather
  10. feather


    A great sence of humour Webber, carry on "Plonking" Best regards, Feather.
  11. feather


    Not a bad record for a 14 month Dekit, already shooting, new gun on the way, FAC/SGC granted. Another two months and I bet you will be going out with a girl or two. (check your date of birth). Welcome, and best regards. Feather.
  12. feather


    Just think of the pigeons you could shoot if only you had their budget my friend. Best regards Feather.
  13. Many thanks Paul for your kind remarks in your P.S. I am sure at heart you are a scholar and a gentleman. Best regards, Feather.
  14. I have used them in an old laurona that is quite a heavy old gun you dont notice the recoil difference in that one My regular gun is an old hammer s/s Boy o Boy do you feel the difference in that one Thanks Dave K, You have brought back the memory of the first time I fired a 12 bore shot gun. It too was a hammer ss. I remember I was still going to school at the time, and the stock was far long for me so I could only reach the back trigger (choke) and thats when I learned the meaning of Full choke. Best regards, Feather
  15. The closest I have is a recording of my Mother-in-law, expressing an opinion. Best regards, Feather.
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