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  1. I have an 12 week old sprocker and want to know what the best way of training her would be, obviously being so young i know that I must start with only the basics, but would love to get her into some class of sorts. Would love to be able to take her off the lead and flush out game on the trails near us, masses of walks and fields to take advantage of
  2. I'm in the process of cage training my sprocker pup ( I said I as it was me who pestered after having a pup, so to stop the moaning I do more than my fair share). At the moment the cage (medium sized) isnt partitioned off and my pup is 11 weeks old, most nights she goes in the cage at 11 after i get in from work, and has been taken out. She goes through the night till 5am mostly without messing although this mornin I got up to a STINKY cage as she was given a treat before we went up, never again. She does go outside most times but accidents happen dont they?... When we take her out we te
  3. Hi all, we have just bought home a bitch Sprocker. She is 11 weeks old at the moment and i would love to mate her when she is older(obviously), I have been advised to skip the first season as she wiil be to young and getting caught could stunt her growth. However my wife would like to have her done so she wont get caught and we have been told this reduces the risk of cancer, any advice on the first point most welcome and as for the second, if we do decide to have her done what would be the best time age wise for this to happen.
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