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  1. Very many thanks to all of you for your informed posts. Just what I had hoped for. I am encouraged to go ahead with a purchase, either now or later. (I am in need a bit of a treat at the moment, though whether I deserve one is another matter.)
  2. That is a very helpful point, and it makes entire sense for there to have been a separate 20 gauge action with the other small gauges in the manufacturer's mind. Thank you.
  3. Anyone know if Browning scaled down the 20 gauge guns in their 325/425 series i.e. action and pistol grip, as well as obviously the barrels? I am quite interested in acquiring one and the scaling down would be a bonus, if it applies. I seem to recall that they were scaled down, but others will know better than I do.
  4. Thank you both - good suggestions in theory, but I have no idea of what is available in Riga - it might be Chinese rubbish, and my son has no idea of how to judge any gun, let alone a scope. I would much prefer to equip him before he sets out, if possible. Actually, now that you mention a purchase in Latvia, I would prefer him to buy a .22 LR if he is buy anything there, though there again he is fairly clueless, as I say. I am sure that even a rimfire would be more difficult to export than an air rifle. Roger
  5. Yes, indeed. The official enquiry might take some time, however, so I was wondering if anyone had direct experience of this little problem in a European-wide sense, though I admit that individual countries might have different rules if there is not some EU - wide directive on the subject. Of course, with theoretically open EU borders pre - and, (please God) - post the Chinese-virus shut down, he ought to be able to drive through unchecked, provided he can find a suitable route; when I travelled to Latvia, by rail admittedly, some 30 years ago, I had to go via Byelorussia , which was, and, presumably still is, a very, very different kettle of fish for the traveller from any EU country. There is a sea route via Sweden.
  6. My son, who is half Latvian (on his mother's side) and has a Latvian passport, as well as his UK one, and a small farm in Latvia (but is not a Latvian national), wishes to take an air rifle to shoot rats etc on the farm when he is eventually allowed to go to Latvia for an experimental stay of a few months. I can get him a good air rifle here but what are his chances/ problems of importing it into Latvia? Grateful for any advice.
  7. Thank you very much for the reference to Swallow Forge. Looks interesting.
  8. Many thanks to both of you for your help.
  9. Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, of Phillips Cold Blue for a whole barrel (or even for a touch-up job)? Or can you recommend any really effective cold blue that is obtainable in the UK, the problem being that several, apparently very good blue treatments are confined to the USA, either for shipping purposes or because of the cost of posting for a dangerous product? The Phillips Blue is available and not too expensive over here. The commonly available Birchwood Casey product does not seem to be top notch. My reading suggests that the best results for any product will come from not only very careful de-greasing, careful preparation, heating the barrel, oiling afterwards, etc, but also from using some kind of etching/bonding first stage agent, e.g. Mark Lee's Browning, which, perhaps surprisingly, is obtainable from Brownells U.K., unlike most of the highly recommended second stage treatments, for example, Oxpho Blue, which are stuck in the U.S.
  10. Thank you very much. I have now acquired one in England but I am grateful for the offer. Perhaps someone else will see this. Roger Yes, thank you very much. Roger
  11. Thank you to both. The German site has several tempting rifles but nearly all are subject to bidding, which I never like, and some or most are not available for sending outside Germany or at least continental Europe. I am now on the track of a rifle in this country. If I travel, I shall not stop, except in a country lane, certainly not a motorway service station, and I will carry latex gloves for myself and the vendor.
  12. As per the title. I would prefer one in really good condition and with the adjustable cheek piece. Would consider one needing a bit of work, but not one that has been altered or is in really bad condition. Very grateful for any leads. Will travel from Hampshire.
  13. I'm grateful for all the further suggestions and advice. Look forward to acting on them and experimenting, though patterning is not too easy for me at the moment: neurotic horses in the fields adjacent to our garden and I don't find the steel plates smeared with whitewash that you can find at some clay grounds all that helpful compared to good old plain wall paper, but I agree that this is the only way to test anything.
  14. Many thanks, guys. Very helpful. I think I will go ahead in that case.
  15. I'm very tempted to buy a nice gun but it has chokes fixed at 1/2 and 3/4 and I shoot not-too-challenging sporting clays i.e. not being very skillful, I can't really hit the far out targets that these relatively tight chokes would be best suited too. So, since I don't wish to install multi chokes or to have the chokes bored out, is there anything I could do in terms of cartridges to make the gun usable at the sort of distances that I'm used to?
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