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  1. Yes, that would be right. It was a house, with some rather nice panelling in the two rooms where he kept his guns. Very much one of a kind. Rotten luck to die at only 54.
  2. Then maybe you will remember Michael and his small, quaint gunshop close to the centre. He dealt mostly in shotguns, especially Winchesters if he could get them.
  3. Thank you. (My pseudonym relates to part of my family background, not to where I now live, I'm afraid.) I don't know the exact power of my HW97, but it is only run-in, as I understand the term as it relates to air rifles, i.e. about 300+ pellets through it. I bought it some years ago, second hand but virtually new from a dealer in Shaftesbury, lovely guy, now dead well before his time from cancer. Always seemed pretty powerful to me, but how do I know exactly. Maybe I will need to have the BSA properly checked if I suspect anything amiss. For now, I guess I had better just shoot it and see. When the time comes - if it does - I might send it to John Bowkett, rather than BSA, especially if out of warranty.
  4. Many thanks for your post. And may I thank all the others that have contributed in the few days since I stupidly neglected to continue checking for additional replies? All much appreciated. The power question is a bit awkward as I do not have a chronograph. Perhaps a pragmatic test with an old telephone directory or similar, or a thick plank of pine, and using my HW97 as the benchmark would be a satisfactory substitute? I know that my HW will make quite a mess of an inch of pine. It is nicely run in and I use only good quality pellets e.g. Diabolo Exact.
  5. That is not good news. I have omitted to look in on this forum since this was posted until now. Actually, I bought a new BSA .22 today. I gather that the cylinder is the weak point, so I will look out for that. I suppose that if it proves perpetually faulty I might be able to get a full refund. However, I am hoping for the best. The rifle is just the right weight and feels well balanced. It came with a fully charged cylinder, so I will keep a careful count of the shots I take and if the number falls well short of the 50-60 full power ones that I would expect from manufacturer's claim of 62, then I suppose I shall know that I have a dud. Just at the moment, the main problem is that I cannot obtain a Weihrauch silencer, so I am thinking of using a Swift (Richard Pope) moderator that I have on my CZ .22 rimfire. It works brilliantly well on the CZ. Can anyone tell me whether there is any reason why I should not use it on the BSA? Would the much slower pellet compared to a .22 rimfire bullet cause any problems? Grateful for advice.
  6. Many thanks to all who have so kindly responded. Lots of useful information and advice here. I like the sound of the BSA ultra or clx, not least for the weight. I have always admired the BSA Martini Internationals .22 LR for their engineering, so I would hope that their air rifle successors - still made in Birmingham, I'm glad to note - will not disappoint.
  7. Right, thank you, but don't the Weihrauchs come with their own silencer? And if they don't, which silencer would you recommend, please?
  8. Thank you. Very helpful and encouraging. Feels like more than 9lbs if I compare it to my Browning 325 at 7lb 11oz., but of course the latter is better balanced. Thank you. Very helpful, and good to hear about the accuracy and cycling, too.
  9. I have used a HW97 for quite a few years, and very good it is too. But I am finding it rather heavy to lift and hold at my age, plus the effort of cocking it with somewhat damaged wrists. Also, our dog gets very frightened of the noise of the spring and recoil. So, will a PCP be considerably lighter, obviously no cocking problem, and will it be almost silent compared to my current rifle? Grateful for your advice.
  10. We have bull finches and song thrushes, both on the Red list. I think that will suffice, and if other species benefit indirectly, so much the better. I see that cuckoos are also there; I heard one this year but not last year.
  11. Advice, please, on the best Larsen trap available in England. Two magpies have taken up residence in our garden and they are too crafty for me to shoot them. Thank you for your help.
  12. I have one, a Teague extended, so no need of a choke key. Comes cased. Looks unused, certainly never used by me. Price new is £52. Any suggestions about a price for it?
  13. I might be able to help. Will have a look.
  14. That is useful to know. The advert for a Rotex is doing the same thin.g
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