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  1. Thank you very much. I have now acquired one in England but I am grateful for the offer. Perhaps someone else will see this. Roger Yes, thank you very much. Roger
  2. Thank you to both. The German site has several tempting rifles but nearly all are subject to bidding, which I never like, and some or most are not available for sending outside Germany or at least continental Europe. I am now on the track of a rifle in this country. If I travel, I shall not stop, except in a country lane, certainly not a motorway service station, and I will carry latex gloves for myself and the vendor.
  3. As per the title. I would prefer one in really good condition and with the adjustable cheek piece. Would consider one needing a bit of work, but not one that has been altered or is in really bad condition. Very grateful for any leads. Will travel from Hampshire.
  4. I'm grateful for all the further suggestions and advice. Look forward to acting on them and experimenting, though patterning is not too easy for me at the moment: neurotic horses in the fields adjacent to our garden and I don't find the steel plates smeared with whitewash that you can find at some clay grounds all that helpful compared to good old plain wall paper, but I agree that this is the only way to test anything.
  5. Many thanks, guys. Very helpful. I think I will go ahead in that case.
  6. I'm very tempted to buy a nice gun but it has chokes fixed at 1/2 and 3/4 and I shoot not-too-challenging sporting clays i.e. not being very skillful, I can't really hit the far out targets that these relatively tight chokes would be best suited too. So, since I don't wish to install multi chokes or to have the chokes bored out, is there anything I could do in terms of cartridges to make the gun usable at the sort of distances that I'm used to?
  7. Cumbrian

    Browning Chokes

    P.M. sent to day.
  8. That would be nice, thank you - just have to see if I can abandon my friend once in a while.
  9. Thank you again. Yes, the closure of grounds is both sad and a real nuisance. I'll have to talk to my shooting partner as it was he that had the really bad experience at Wallers. He has to travel a fair distance, so he may not wish to risk it.
  10. Thank you - yes, I have been there and liked it. Agree about the layout and choice, and I could hit some of the targets, too! But that was mostly when they were able to open on a Tuesday, no longer possible, alas. Otherwise, I have been put off by reports of really bad queueing. Has it really changed?
  11. Very helpful reply - thank you. I really can't stand queues nowadays, esp., to be blunt, if caused by complete novices and family outings taking an excessive amount of time when they ought to be catered for on beginners' stands that the organiser can't be bothered to provide for them. We all have to start somewhere but it's the same as not allowing learner drivers onto busy main roads for their initial lessons.
  12. Can anyone recommend this clay shoot for the average (or worse) clay shooter? An acquaintance has suggested it as a venue but it is a little distant from me, so, frankly, what I really need to know is how difficult are the targets? If they are designed for proper competition CPSA shooters, then they are very, very unlikely to be suitable for my mediocre level of skill. I don't mind if some are beyond me, but I would like to be able to hit something like 50% +. If it is any guide, I shoot quite happily at 1. Spitfire, near Stockbridge, 2. Lains, near Andover, and 3. the Acorn shoot on the Compton estate near Kings Somborne i.e. I can hit 50% or sometimes 60% + at these grounds. I also used to shoot at Chalky Hill, near Alton and could score in the mid 30s out of 50 on a good day, until I and others got fed up with the queues and ceased to attend. Hope someone can enlighten me. Thank you.
  13. A few concluding remarks. 1. Renewed thanks to all who helped or took an interest in this little episode. 2. Like everyone else, I can entirely recommend the Arnold Heal gunshop and Jai Nolan, the owner. Very nice little shop, full of guns and ammunition rather than clothing, and its owner was a pleasure to deal with. 3. The BSA fully lives up to its description of 'excellent'. Indeed, the woodwork and metal work are better than excellent for a gun that is nearly 60 years old. The bore looks to be in good condition, too, but I am too busy with match cards for the winter season to try it out for some time. The relative lack of wear everywhere, including on the rubber butt pad (usually a give-away area), made me wonder just how much the rifle had been shot. Then I came to think that it must have had quite a lot of use because when I looked the large cocking lever the bluing there seemed to be rather worn away where the fingers would have gripped and rubbed it - and fingers contain moisture and acid, which are not good for metal. By comparison, the bluing on the barrel is very little worn, even close to the fore end where it would have been frequently grasped to take the rifle from its rack or to replace it there. Then I looked more closely and discerned, so far as I can tell, not bluing but case hardening on the lever; in fact, the case hardening colours (blue and grey, not spectacular but definitely present) are not much more worn on the front wearing surface than they are on the back of the lever, which would not have had much contact with fingers. Of course, I could be wrong about it being case hardening. Any other suggestions? Roger
  14. Well, I bought the rifle, without much hesitation. Very good gun shop and a worthwhile journey, though not, perhaps, a great ferry experience. A few more details - if any one is interested - a bit later, probably on Sunday as I am out beating all day (in the rain) tomorrow.
  15. Except that it will be raining! But thank you anyway - I have certainly enjoyed my previous trips to the island as a day visitor, and my wife is a bit miffed that she can't come with me this time. The gun shop has some interesting cartridges on offer, and probably other things, too. Roger
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