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    Dog Training, Shooting, convincing the wife I need more firearms :)
  1. Ah yes, thanks. I was in a rush. Usually I find anyone who exclusively relies on Facebook, they tend to require messenger for contacts so I didn't look further. my bad. thanks!
  2. I bought the gun privately. I will see if Armex can help. Thanks for replies Damn, I can't find any contact details for Armex, looks like they only use Facebook. I won't use Facebook. Don't suppose anyone has an email for them?
  3. I bought a Hammerli 850 Magnum for my son, first gun. After just a few months, none of the six magazines will cycle/index when the bolt is cocked. Any advice would be appreciated, I have googled for hours :(
  4. Hi, bit long in the tooth but just in case..... did this sell? Thanks
  5. Sorry to revive an old thread. I am looking at the Reiver Sportsman which was mentioned on this thread, not sure if anyone still here has one of these boats, but if so I would be grateful for a bit of advice on them. Main point is how they compare to a 17 foot cathedral hull (pilot) for stability, seakeeping and general sea handling either under power or at anchor/drifting etc. What are the main differences? Thanks to anyone who can answer
  6. Looking to get my kids into reloading for their Webley .410 learner gun. I am looking for a Lee Loader .410 2.5" loading kit or ANY other .410 loading kit. PLEASE HELP my kids can't afford to shoot it at these shop prices!
  7. Dog Trainer

    For Sale

    All gun sales should be registered through Gun Watch. Please see the "Gun Sales (Private)" pinned topics for more information.
  8. don't suppose you have another one, or maybe can suggest a cheap place to buy one of these live traps?
  9. Dog Trainer


    Selling my Ruger M77 .17 HMR. Its all weather varmint stock, stainless anti glare finish and comes with Ruger scope mounts and moderator but no bipod. More details here: http://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/showthread.php?29859-Ruger-M77-MKII-.17-HMR-Stainless-Varmint-amp-Rings-amp-Mod-amp-2-x-Mags
  10. "I like to save as much as possable but if I cant afford to do something properly" - and who defines "properly"?! That's a huge grey area. for me, IF Prvi shoots well in my rifle, then that is proper shooting, and if its affordable too then its enjoyable proper shooting. I agree, and if I was saying something like "I don't clean my guns ever, because I can't afford the cleaning kit" then I would feel your point is justified, but I am merely asking for suppliers of lower priced ammo to try in my rifle, and your response of giving it up until I can afford the pricier stuff is just a bit ludicrous in my view. Anyway, I have better things to do like clean guns and fire them, and clean them and fire them, so forgive me all and thanks to everyone for the advice, but I will eject myself from the thread now unless any ammo discussion takes place which might be relevant to shooting more cheaply without sacfricing safety.
  11. Ackley, so if someone can't afford to ignore the cheap ammo, they should give up............ EXCEPT and UNLESS THEY COME TO YOU FOR SOME RELOADED ONES? The picture becomes clearer still. I tend to agree with previous comments, I find you more than a tad arrogant.
  12. Will do thanks. I don't agree with lying by the way, and you are clearly lying about them being "accurate fox droppers", as they are cheap so they just can't be. I bet you don't even wear Prada sunglasess, do you realise people like us are the chavs of the shooting world? I feel awful about it really.
  13. Hi, I take it you are not offering those 300 for sale?! Obviously I can't collect because I haven't got a Rolls Royce, but hopefully you have then we can meet up without denying our families "fit and proper transportation" :D :D
  14. Ackley it won't be at ALL, in "this guy's case". You sound like one of these people who are quite fooled by the clever marketing techniques of all companies, whereby only the most expensive item is "any good" and anything else is "not worth using". Well if you are a millionaire then that's fine, but most of us mortals have to make value for money judgements every time we buy anything. I could buy a Hungarian optic, or a cheaper US or even Chinese scope. Of course they won't be quite as good, but they WILL do the job. I have looked into Prvi ammo and this sort of apparent ignorance crossed with a bit of snobbery didn't prevent many stalkers who i know (previously similarly snobby about price of ammo) from just trying it out. More often than not, the Prvi shot as good or better than their stock ammo which cost twice as much (back then). It's just ludicrous, you are saying that because I can't afford the MOST EXPENSIVE (note that does NOT mean BEST!) that I should give it up til I can afford the most costly ammo. That really is non-sensical unless you are a sales rep for Norma of course! I would expect to hear it from them, but not from an impartial person on a forum. Prvi ammo from all research I can gleen, is GOOD ammo. Like any other ammo, it needs to be tried in each rifle and may or may not shoot well. You are saying that because it "MAY NOT" shoot well in my rifle, I should not try it and should just hang up the guns until I can buy the most expensive. But the most expensive (as any experience shooter knows) can often not fire well in a gun. Everyone knows this including you no doubt. But to say that the cheap ammo is not worth trying is really quite ridiculous and I find it mildly offensive, basically saying shooting is a rich man's game and if you can't buy the best you should not be doing it. Sorry Ackely but that's the kind of snobbery that prevents me joining a golf club, I think your mindset belongs in a snobby golf club where you can look down on those who can't afford the membership of the most expensive club. It a loop this which is designed to keep prices high, and keep morons striving to pay the most for things, AT THE EXPENSE OF FINDING THE BEST QUALITY IN ANYTHING. I will shoot Prvi if I can get it cheap, I won't feel like a leper and I am sure I will kill plenty of game with them, IF they shoot well. If they don't, then I will have to think again, but I will not deny myself the use of them purely because of their price tag.
  15. Thanks to everyone, Peter Lawman looks worth a shot (no pun intended ) so will give him a try. Have heard good things about him before from others. GaryB, The IMI Samson sounds darn cheap! I wonder where they are made. If you do find out where he buys them please drop a note in here as I would be interested in seeing how those shoot in my rifle. Regarding the financial advice, just for what its worth I said I want cheapest because I have limited funds and this is true. My kids are not starving and I have got a roof over my head! Thanks for the concern there but I really am just looking for the cheapest ammo so I CAN afford to shoot without worrying about the cost. I could buy rounds at a pound a pop if I want, but it would mean very limited time spent zeroing and not as much enjoyment when I pull the trigger. I am not destitute, just looking for the cheapest supplier of .223 and heard good things about the Prvi which at 45-50p a shot is a flipping no brainer. I don't think this means I should give anything up. Also, it isn't just a hobby. I like to play the guitar, thats a hobby to me, so if my guitar needed new strings I would not buy them because it is not important enough, but shooting does provide food for my dogs (the best kind, real natural fresh killed meat) and also meat for my family to eat so its more than a hobby. I could survive without shooting, so water bill comes before it, but its far more than a past time for me Thanks again to all who helped.
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