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  1. Need some help guys. Some kindly gentlemen broke into my Fourtrak on Friday night. It was parked in the driveway under a security light. The only thing they were after - my Roof mounted LF140. Although they tried their damnedest they didn't get the handle, they got the reflector and bulb. I never ever thought that someone would even be looking to steal this. Most shooters are decent people... So my next 2 steps are: 1. Buy CCTV (done) 2. Get a replacement reflector and bulb. Does anyone know where I can buy a new reflector? or Does anyone have a broken LF and be willing to sell theirs? Thanks, Dan
  2. Have that set, so does my mate. Great set. Although a lot of the sockets are a drive smaller than you would like. Doesn't step up to about 22mm.
  3. Mate if you can explain to me how then I would be grateful. I have a handle in the garage that is useless to me...
  4. Cool. They come with about 6" of wire to crimp on to. It needs to have a few inches still on it
  5. Yes pleas Pm payment, and can u confirm there is wire still on the Mount? I got shafted on here before bytrxnav.
  6. The brother shoots a .204. No problem getting heads as we don't have the expanding Ammo clause that is in England. Powder is the next best thing to impossible to get, but that's true of powder for any calibre here. We are running 39gr SBKs in a Federal Case over 26.5grains of RE10x and CCI small Primer. Gives ~3900fps and have taken foxes to 391 (Leica rangefinder confirmed).
  7. What size chest and waist does this suit? Need a Christmas present for the brother...
  8. the spring carrier arm is weak at the front bush. If it's being used for serios off roading they can snap. You can see if its bad by getting down on 1 knee...
  9. I have the 6.5-20x40 and I reckon it's worth 400-450
  10. I prefer 6-9 myself. I suppose it depends on your height and the height of the roof.
  11. Good man Ollie. I was thinking of buying this... You saved me 40 quid
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