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  1. Colster

    New lamp for rabbits

    I've had my current Cyclops lamp for ages and fancy a change. I only use it in the 4x4 plugged into a Flymo plug and the other half of the plug runs straight to the car battery. Used on rabbits with either LR or HMR. The Lightforce 140 or 170 was the daddy back when I bought the cyclops, is that still the case or are there other lamps to consider now? Ideally keeping the budget under £100
  2. Colster

    Shooting truisms

    Bumped for giggles
  3. Colster


    Nope and is quite distracting even while just driving around, I tend not to use it and stick to the physical on/off button instead
  4. Colster

    Cabinet for a rifle/moderator

    I take the mods off all of mine after use except the .22LR but that is only because it's only a 16" barrel and is too short to reach the rest without the mod on. It's never had a problem and I do remove it every now and then and give it a good clean
  5. Colster


    Found this on AliExpress and reduced today in the BF sale https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Mini-IR-Sensor-Headlight-Induction-USB-Rechargeable-Headlamp-LED-Head-Torch-Built-in-2000mAh-Battery-WWO66/32889001650.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4d1boyDA Decided to order another couple as I find these USB headlamps great for lamping, dog walking, cycling etc and no more constantly having to find batteries for them. The sensor function is a bit hit and miss and it tends to go on and off whenever you turn your head but apart from that good little torches and more than bright enough for finding rabbits in the dark and end of night gutting etc.
  6. Colster

    Vortex Diamondback Binoculars

    I was in the same place a while back, looked long and hard at the Diamondbacks and the Minox BV's Ended up buying these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Barr-Stroud-8X42-Waterproof-Binoculars/dp/B00E4HZOLK Have not been disappointed, for the money very good, particularly in last light,
  7. Colster

    Quick variation question

    If it's not on your licence yet it's hard to say. You'll probably be ok, when I applied for my licence to be opened, I actually only asked for the LR and HMR to be open but they did the .223 and .243 as well I'd suggest just asking your FEO.
  8. Not sure where to post this so happy for mods to move if I've got it wrong Use discount code BANKHOLIDAY at checkout for 50% off the following knives. Offer ends Monday the 29th of August at Midnight. http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-85--hunting-knife-12540-p.asp http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-keyring-lock-knife-mh-k525-12515-p.asp http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-gentlemans-pocket-knife-mh-k982b-12511-p.asp http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-sure-grip-lock-knife-mh-k517a-12513-p.asp http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-brute-lock-knife-mh-689-12519-p.asp http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-ring-lock-knfe-mh-k684-12509-p.asp http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-flair-folding-lock-knife-mh-k1370-12525-p.asp http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-tac-fast-folding-lock-knife-12527-p.asp http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-sportsman-lock-knife-mh-k1185-12521-p.asp http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-fast-assisted-lock-knife-mh-k1399c-12523-p.asp http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-rambler-lock-knife-mh-k1428-12517-p.asp http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/pbk-tactical-sheath-knife-12541-p.asp Please be aware, to comply with UK law, age checks will be carried out for new customers.
  9. Colster

    Leupold FX-III 6x42 scope for sale

    Now sold
  10. Boxed and in unmarked condition, I am selling my Leupold FX-III 6x42 scope. It's been a fantastic scope mainly used for lamping on my .22LR but Santa brought me a Pecar! Looking for £225 posted RMSD Payment by Bank Transfer, PayPal (plus fees) or cheque accepted.
  11. Colster

    To chop or not?

    The barrel blanks are all made as 20" and factory cut so they charge you for the cut and the waste metal. I have my LR in 16 but my HMR in 20 but then the LR sees more use for 4x4 lamping so the shorter barrel is less likely to get smacked on the door but I like to take the mod off the HMR when storing and if it was 16" it would fall over in the cabinet certainly wouldn't say the LR lacks anything in accuracy though This is 52yards off a bipod
  12. Colster

    Falcon Menace

    Had one on my HMR for a bit, it was massive with the sunshade on and possibly a bit too tacticool. Optically it was ok but personally I'd buy a decent fixed 6x second hand (Leupold or something German - I saw a Zeiss on eBay go for £160 about a month ago which I missed out on but did get a Pecar shortly after).
  13. Colster

    New lamp needed!

    I prefer halogen over led especially if you want to use a filter. I bought one of these years ago for use in the 4x4 and never let me down http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/201427142722
  14. Not breaking the law as such... As said it has yet to be tried in court so as the law is ambiguous and there is no precedent who knows. When I started out I was encouraged by my FEO to shoot with others before I had my licence even for calibres bigger than I was initially applying for. I have regularly shot with non licence holders, both with shotgun and Rimfire but as said above it is only fair the landowner is consulted first. Sorry but the law doesn't have a clear answer to your question so we all can only offer opinions. The decision is down to you in the end.