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  1. 36deg on my van on Thursday I was working outside getting ready to pour concrete on Friday. my Ess was asleep in the van with the engine running and the air con on flat out😉
  2. "Best in woods" as my Croatian shooting pals say!!
  3. I managed to get 10 bags on Monday from my local merchants that only reopened then at normal money .Another local merchant was selling boar finish at £16 +vat as he had limited supply. They recon no more until June or when ever British Gypsum reopens???? Dont even think about plaster boards either ??🙁
  4. mowdy


    I used to use some Air arms? .22 fac 40gr slugs in my .22 Hornet center fire reloads for plinking and shooting rabbits.These might also be useful for the same?
  5. "Bad Taste" has stuck with me for 30 years as the worst film i have ever seen Clockwork Orange comes a close second!! though .
  6. “We applied rule 303” Has to be up there
  7. I have bought my 16 reg rav 4 and my 17 reg proace through BASC 38% discount inc the vat on my van best deal ever on that one
  8. I know of a semi auto 12 bore shotgun that had a solid slug in ‘it’s magazine that flew from Croatia to Heathrow undetected !!! it’s owner was not that concerned about it either !!!!!
  9. cartridges of the world and Darkest before the dawn
  10. That’s nothing you should be a builder who quotes 12-14 weeks for work to be completed end of January and clients turn round after changing there mind several times and then expect all work finished for Christmas!! And thereChristmas starts mid December bloody custards!!
  11. You can convert section 1 multi shot shotguns back to section 2 but you will need a proof house certificate.
  12. makes no odds just 10 miles in it 🤣
  13. Rotherham is in the south of England the last time i looked on the map? and about 160 miles away driving sooth all the way from my home in The true north of England .LOL
  14. wooden pegs used for leveling the concrete back in the day and left in .which have rotted and allowing damp to travel through concrete or a damaged/no membrane both are common faults with damp floors.
  15. Woodrow sports used to do Bywells shotgun repairs . They are at Bishop Auckland I think
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