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  1. I love the speed loader on my A5 . I used to have a early A5 with the suicide switch pre tinterweb .I sold it not knowing how old it was!! My current A5 Also has RR on the serial no which just so happen to be my Initials as well😉 . Now if i could only find a extended mag tube for it... Mowdy
  2. Well you do it your way and we will do it they way we have always done potl or price of a pup . Every one that I deal with is happy with that as well . Also if the stud fee is the same as a pup price so what . It might actually stop some Irresponsible people when they realise that they have to pay out good money before the start breeding from there bitch,?
  3. I have had ESS dogs for over 25 yrs .Around here it is always POTL or price of a pup for stud fee.
  4. I run a construction company 2-3 men on books .I used to be a ltd company but 12 years ago i went back to sole trader. it just works better for me. You should always have good insurance and not just Public liability at work .My Contractors all risk cost me about £1000 a yr up to £2,000.000 + of cover
  5. How about using a silage pit concrete panel they can be made in any length up to about 4.8- 5 Mt and are about 1200 wide
  6. Cheap compared to a cow!!! a local paid 250.000 gns for . https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/19056105.new-world-record-price-250-000gns-paid-limousin-heifer-carlisle/
  7. mowdy


    Oh Its a mystery to me ??
  8. Rizzini make some good side by sides .even in 16 bore https://www.a-s-i.co.uk/showroom_product/br550-round-body
  9. mowdy


    Last time i was at VT it was -29c at the top lift .so cold my lighter gas would not work!!! Happy days back when my knees could take the moguls..
  10. Always have gloves on when working in old rat infested sheds . But that is a good point to consider
  11. Working on a farm building last year I sent my Labour in to the farm work shop . When he got back he told me there was a old shotgun standing in a corner. i popped in and had a look . Picked the gun up and broke it . 1 live cartridge and 1 fired in it . I took the live round out and stood the gun back in is place and said nothing .
  12. You am should try France if you want to see bureaucracy carried out to full extent 😳😳😳😳😱
  13. At the bottom of the dangerous game gun scale I have a 9.3mmx62barrel for my sauer 202 that is Aolq on my fac. I also have a .444 with the same condition😉
  14. Not quite true You do need extra ventilation if it is a new build or if the house has being modernised or improved eg double glazing etc due to less draughts also if it is fitted in a kitchen . It can also depend on the build of the stove as to how much extra ventilation is required .
  15. the problem is its a transit!! the build quality and fuel economy is shocking in the new vans 😒
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