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  1. Some rifles shoot better if they have a bit of fouling in them and some shoot better with no fowling in them that has been a well know fact for many years. I clean my rifle and de copper after aproxx 100 rounds and then shoot a couple of foulers to remove any oil left in the barrel etc. Then i just put a bore snake through it after each outing as per Sauers recommended cleaning for there rifles and they state the barrel should be good for at least 10,000 rounds for accuracy and they Make the barrels for Blaser and Mauser . I do clean and oil my rifle more often if it gets wet etc.
  2. been there and got the t shirt
  3. I just have snow chains for my van 🤔
  4. Riflemags.co.uk have some mowdy
  5. I was at Williams on Sunday to pick up a 21 point red stag head with my pal he has some great work on show including a lot of stuff from Africa and other places
  6. most joiners around here are on £25 plus vat per Hr but they are self employed Brickys are on £180-200 per day. stonemasons charge whatever we like depending on how interesting the work is And then there is the tawt tax to be added depending on the customer ?
  7. £7 per square meter as a starting point for labour only
  8. mowdy

    45/70 GOVT

    Reloader 7 for full power marlins and 19-20 grs of 2400 for cast work very well in a 45-70 and in the .444marlin👍
  9. mowdy


    There is never enough when you need it!!! But it goes on for ever when you don’t 😳
  10. mowdy


    I feel your pain i once had a full can explode in the back of my van unnoticed until it had started to cure 😱
  11. I used to have a Beretta 689 oh in 9.3x 74r great gun and fast to use on driven boar. i is not a hard kicking round more of a stout shove . My rifle was regulated for 286gr bullets traveling at around the 2200-2400 FPS mark I have a slot for its big brother the 9.3mm x62 which is good out to 300yard or so both have lots of energy . Mowdy
  12. I got a great deal on a new toyota pro ace through the basc scheme last year18% off and then another 20% as I could not claim the vat back . pm me if you want to know more about it
  13. If it’s just whitewash then a Pressure washer is best to remove itbut if it is in your kitchen then just scrape with a wire brush But it will take longer. it you want to stop damp coming through tank with K11 or a similar product after cleaning off as much white wash as you can and fill any holes in the joints prior to application. we use this method a lot at work and it really does work
  14. Reloading unpopular or exotic types of ammo definitely does work out cheaper my .last 444 marlin factory ammo was £50 for 20 and my old 9.3x74 was around the same or even more.to buy cost to reload worked out at about 50 -70 p per round excluding brass and about a £1 a case for the brass still way cheaper than factory ammo even buying the dies and components mowdy
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