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  1. Not quite true You do need extra ventilation if it is a new build or if the house has being modernised or improved eg double glazing etc due to less draughts also if it is fitted in a kitchen . It can also depend on the build of the stove as to how much extra ventilation is required .
  2. the problem is its a transit!! the build quality and fuel economy is shocking in the new vans 😒
  3. That is Exactly what they are designed for as new build Houses are supposed to be air tight and draught free .But you need air draught for a fire to burn properly normally a min 12 pascals on a 5 kw stove. larger stoves need upwards of 20 pa or more for a proper burn subject to manufacture's instructions . This allows the flue gasses to be drawn up the Chimney rather than back in to the room in layman terms.
  4. mowdy


    sorry meant to say 689 between Milton and Farlam nr Brampton
  5. Right I fit stoves for a living(HETAS) and most manufactures recommend at least swept once - twice a year dependent on use. Just because you have not used a fire much does not stop it from getting blocked in the flue even if it has a bird guard on it as i have seen where birds have pushed sticks through the mesh even when they can not get in to the flue and blocked it. I have seen people tell me that there stove has only been used occasionally when i come to do a homeowners report and the bars are burnt out on a 3 year old stove. People burn all sorts on them as well .From napp
  6. mowdy


    Just as a matter of interest to some. Yesterday afternoon a lady cyclist was knocked off her bike on the A689 and suffered a broken arm .She was knocked of her bike by another Cyclist who never stopped at a junction and plowed straight in to Her!! on the main road!!!.
  7. Plenty of cheap houses in Bishop Auckland and Darlington!! There a couple of terrace houses going for £20,000 each !! At the moment . Not that I would want to live there 🤔 they still eat there young on a Friday in bishop!!!
  8. Very interesting? Do you have a link as I would Like to get one if I can for site work .nothing on paslodes website that I could see . mowdy
  9. 36deg on my van on Thursday I was working outside getting ready to pour concrete on Friday. my Ess was asleep in the van with the engine running and the air con on flat out😉
  10. "Best in woods" as my Croatian shooting pals say!!
  11. I managed to get 10 bags on Monday from my local merchants that only reopened then at normal money .Another local merchant was selling boar finish at £16 +vat as he had limited supply. They recon no more until June or when ever British Gypsum reopens???? Dont even think about plaster boards either ??🙁
  12. mowdy


    I used to use some Air arms? .22 fac 40gr slugs in my .22 Hornet center fire reloads for plinking and shooting rabbits.These might also be useful for the same?
  13. "Bad Taste" has stuck with me for 30 years as the worst film i have ever seen Clockwork Orange comes a close second!! though .
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