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  1. Hi Dave Is this still for sale? If so I'd be interested and can wait until you got back
  2. Finally getting round to selling off some of my lamping gear 1. Deben Tracer Max scope mounted light supplied with adjustable power stock mounted switch, adjustable scope clamp, handle for use as a hand held lamp and red and amber filters, brand new unsused and still boxed but without the 7ah sealed lead battery as described on the box £35 posted 2. As above except used a few times so no box or battery but it is in as good as new condition and comes with additional blue and green filters £35 posted 3. Deben Tracer 10ah Lithium Ion battery pack with mains charger and car charger, hardly used and has been charged less than a dozen times £100 posted 4. Deben Tracer 14ah Lithium Polymer battery pack with mains charger and car charger, used for my old rotary when pigeon shooting and has probably only had between 20-30 charges at most so loads of life left in it yet £150 posted 5. Deben Tracer Sport Light 210 - 800m beam adjustable power 210mm lamp with Infra-red filter £80 posted 6. Deben Tracer Sport Light Remote 210 with adjustable power remote handle and quick connector also comes with clear cover and infra-red filter - specs as above but this is a vehicle mounted version with variable power roof mounted handle, it comes fitted with a quick connector so you can take off the lamp completely when not in use, the top of the roof handle is sunbleached so just needs a bit of black spray paint to get it back to black £120 posted
  3. Looking for a couple of these scopes in good condition either ret will do, get in touch if you can help thanks
  4. Hi all As per title I have some unused powder for sale which I bought when varget vanished off the face of the earth but never got round to using it and now varget is back it's surplus to requirements 1lb tub of Hybrid 100V £30 collected 1lb tub of IMR 4831 £35 collected 1 x 3.5kg tub of N140 £200 collected or £65 per kg loose collected TNT believe it or not were or maybe still are the only courier licensed to carry gunpowder so I may be able to arrange for it to be delivered subject to verification and ID check Would also consider swapping for varget
  5. This caller is new by the way! I've only loaded and sorted all the calls it's not actually been used, hence why its for sale!
  6. The caller comes supplied with the standard 100 calls from FoxPro plus I've added over 100 extra calls, all the calls have been arranged and categorised according to species to make life easier are they are more suited for us over here in the UK, I've also included an additional 12 call sequences each of which lasts between 10-20mins as I tend to use these the majority of time as they always seem to pull in the foxes and there's no faffing about stopping and starting the caller this way Please message me if you'd like the full list of included calls The jack attack decoy is the original type and comes with a remote however it also plugs into the caller so you can control it from the caller remote £450 including RMSD
  7. Can i have this provisionally depending on pics please will pm you my e-mail addy
  8. ok well let me know if it doesnt sell as i'm interested thanks
  9. Also forgot to mention that i'm a self employed gas engineer and plumber and would gladly offer my services either free or cheap as i couldnt afford to re-plumb your house for free! but i'd do it at cost
  10. Over a year on and still no permissions other than my in laws farm 2 hours away in scarborough, which has and is being poached to death so they decided to rest it up for a few months so can't even get on there, been all over knocking on doors, asking friends of friends etc etc with no joy but i still remain hopefull of something eventually in the meantime though if anyone would like to give me there permission that would be great! meanwhile back to reality if anyone is looking for a shooting buddy or lamp man or even just a hand for the odd session then i'd galdly help out whether it be day or night,i also have night vision gear if anyone wants to give it a go and can advise anyone looking to get started dont mind a drive so please pm me if you do have anything in the northumberland area thanks
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