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  1. fingers crossed they are labs, well done for carrying necessary tests out Paul
  2. thanks for the email Paul, i would forget the dna testing, and I would sell them as an accidental mating, regarding believing "woody" just becoming mature young dogs will mate and sire litters at 7months old, the pups look great and bitch is doing well, remember that there could be a split litter, ie some labs and others X's? I would just sell them honestly as they are, without digging further into your pocket, try breeding the bitch to a top experienced stud next year.. oh and just to let you know... "woody" is like his father, a rapist.. Wrecko his sire is the best stud I have c
  3. have you got a stud dog in mind, you seem to breed for the right reasons, and if you want a stud give me a shout
  4. i wouldn't say so bud, i will be breeding my bitch when she is nearer 6 bud, only for my own needs as i want a pup out of her,
  5. its all dominance play, are they getting out enough as dogs do weird habits when bored??
  6. hi would you do swaps on any others if so give me a pm
  7. i'm in north wales, i have a got a decent well made dog box fo9r 35 quid
  8. price is a must aswell as whats available,
  9. i would go down a working terrier route, forget solid earth dogs. maybe little moochers and ratters, if you were in the north west i could of lined a pup up for you as a few lads i know have had litters, borders and patts, i dont know if this will appeal to you but what about a working bedlington?? that would be an option
  10. good luck getting the 400, i hope you do, if not i have 180 waiting in scrap value,
  11. Peejay, well done on the breeding, looking great and reasonably priced. good luck rehoming them.
  12. hi all i'm looking for the puppy stage or even whole boxset if price is right, pm me thanks
  13. some cracking looking dogs, t jack when did you get the springer?? oman that dog looks outstanding aswell as yours Tus, the dog is exceptional, hope your well mate
  14. where are you based, if the dog is well even tempered, calm in the home and no hassle with quirks i may know of a home,
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