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  1. Hi selling this mobility Powerchair. Bought in May this year by my MIL but unfortunately she passed away before using it. Comes with charger and manual. Mint unused condition. £450 collected. Sorry can't seem to post a picture, will try in the morning.
  2. Hi internal is 19.8mm and pocket depth is 4.25mm.
  3. Sorry didn’t see your post,will measure later today.
  4. As far as I'm aware any powder can be used. I just never got round to using them.
  5. Pockets are 5.2mm in dia if that helps.
  6. 100 new unused 12G Brass cases £200 collection only.
  7. Hi. If a person acts as a referee for another person applying for a grant of SGC and this person is refused, does this reflect badly on the referee in any way? just curious.
  8. Hi Would you post if i covered the cost
  9. One full tub and one quarter full tub of Hodgdon triple seven muzzle loading propellant. An excellent black powder substitute. £25. Collection only.

    Carbon Fibre

    OK thanks,have started wet sanding ,the paint is quite soft so not much effort required,just messy. The mudguard was originally a gloss finish so hopefully tcut will restore this. Vulture

    Carbon Fibre

    Hi. Does anyone know if it's safe to use paint stripper on carbon fibre. I have a motorcycle mudguard that has been painted by a previous owner. thanks. Vulture.
  12. Hi I sold one on here a couple of years ago, it was an after market one as Weihrauch don't make one in .25. Not very common. cant remember the brand. I do remember it had a very loopy trajectory but ideal for despaching rats in traps. good luck with search.
  13. Hi I use a loop system, may be worth looking at. cheers. Vulture
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