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  1. TV dual / simultaneous audio output

    Hi I use a loop system, may be worth looking at. cheers. Vulture
  2. Stock repair on BSA Ultra.

    Hi. Thanks for that will give it a try. i want to sell very soon and this little mark spoils the gun as it's the only mark on it. Thanks. Vulture.
  3. Stock repair on BSA Ultra.

    Hi. I have this BSA Ultra which is in excellent condition apart from a small mark on the stock,what would the best way to repair this if at all possible. i don't really want to strip and refinish the whole stock if I can help it. see pic below many thanks. Vulture.
  4. Record jumbo air pistol spares?

    Hi just bought a very nice Record Jumbo air pistol with its original box etc, unfortunately the piston seal has perished,where could I get a replacement one from? thanks. Vulture.
  5. Gotta love a charity shop.

    Hi. I found a peep hole rifle sight today in a charity shop, paid a quid for it. They didn’t know what it was.
  6. Banned - PW hack?

    Hi. I can't get the PayPal link to work in the merchandise section,been like that for a couple of days now,messaged Teal but no reply.
  7. Parking limits.

    Small transits
  8. Parking limits.

    Hi. Didn't think they were breaking the law in any way and doesn't affect me as I have a drive but other neighbors are grumbling. This estate was built in the 50 and 60s so wouldn't have a covenant. I'll just keep an eye on the disabled person and help if need. Cheers vulture
  9. Parking limits.

    Hi. One of my neighbors has 4 cars one each for the family then each one brings home a works van so 8 vehicles,they put 2 cars in the drive and the rest out on the road,because of driveways for other houses are present the rest of the vehicles are spread 5 or 6 houses either side of theirs so other drivers including a disabled driver cannot park anywhere near there own houses. Is it ok to this,I thought there was was some restrictions on works vans? Cheers. Vulture
  10. Large game bag

  11. 22 Air rifle pellets

    Two unopened tins of JSB exact Diablo pellets. See pics for details. £20 for both,not willing to post. Pic of the other tin. Can only get one pic up at a time.
  12. Scope mount ID please.

    Hi picked up a nice scope this morning at the car boot and it had this mount attached, any idea what make it is,I wish to sell it on (not the scope) but need an ID. Has a cutout in the bottom presumably for a semi? Cheer. Vulture.
  13. handlebars!

    Hi. When I restored my Kawasaki Z13 a few years ago it was cheaper to have the original bars replicated in polished stainless steel ,looks as good as chrome. Cheers. Vulture.
  14. "im mainly doing HW77 fettle"

    Will watch this thread closely,got a couple of 77's that need tidying up. Vulture