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  1. Hi. If a person acts as a referee for another person applying for a grant of SGC and this person is refused, does this reflect badly on the referee in any way? just curious.
  2. Hi Would you post if i covered the cost
  3. One full tub and one quarter full tub of Hodgdon triple seven muzzle loading propellant. An excellent black powder substitute. £25. Collection only.

    Carbon Fibre

    OK thanks,have started wet sanding ,the paint is quite soft so not much effort required,just messy. The mudguard was originally a gloss finish so hopefully tcut will restore this. Vulture

    Carbon Fibre

    Hi. Does anyone know if it's safe to use paint stripper on carbon fibre. I have a motorcycle mudguard that has been painted by a previous owner. thanks. Vulture.
  6. Hi I sold one on here a couple of years ago, it was an after market one as Weihrauch don't make one in .25. Not very common. cant remember the brand. I do remember it had a very loopy trajectory but ideal for despaching rats in traps. good luck with search.
  7. Hi I use a loop system, may be worth looking at. cheers. Vulture
  8. Hi. Thanks for that will give it a try. i want to sell very soon and this little mark spoils the gun as it's the only mark on it. Thanks. Vulture.
  9. Hi. I have this BSA Ultra which is in excellent condition apart from a small mark on the stock,what would the best way to repair this if at all possible. i don't really want to strip and refinish the whole stock if I can help it. see pic below many thanks. Vulture.
  10. Hi just bought a very nice Record Jumbo air pistol with its original box etc, unfortunately the piston seal has perished,where could I get a replacement one from? thanks. Vulture.
  11. Hi. I found a peep hole rifle sight today in a charity shop, paid a quid for it. They didn’t know what it was.
  12. Hi. I can't get the PayPal link to work in the merchandise section,been like that for a couple of days now,messaged Teal but no reply.
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