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  1. Thanks will put it on in the morning.
  2. Please excuse my ignorance-not really good with IT! Last week I tried register on Gunwatch so I could sell the above shotgun. I thought I had registered, as when I press login my details come up. i then tried to list my gun and the site said I would receive confirmation of my registering by email and would then be able to list it-that was last friday-no email as yet. There is a number given which I rang but no joy, also sent email to email address but no reply. Am I doing something wrong, any advice please.
  3. I have a Webley Sportsman-yes it has a 3 inch chamber.
  4. These are the steel 5 round magazines. Would do 2 for £30 posted.
  5. I have 5 of the above available that i bought thinking they would fit my CZ 455 .22wmr. £20 each inc. p& p.
  6. RWS 40 grain .22WMR are very good but very expensive.
  7. .22 wmr for me as well with hornady 30 grain bullets.
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