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  1. wasps57

    Complete refurb of shotgun

    Richards of Pocklington
  2. wasps57

    Trying .17hmr before making application for fac

    Another plus 1 for .22 wmr using 30gr Hornady.
  3. wasps57

    Ducks in oak tree

    Muskovy ?
  4. wasps57

    Gun smith / screw cutting help needed

    Steve Kershaw in Howden, Yorkshire.
  5. As above-RWS do the job in my CZ
  6. wasps57

    Wanted - cheap 410 for Grandson. South Yorkshire

    I've got a single barrel -not great condition but works fine-£30. Based near Beverley.
  7. wasps57

    Cheap 12g SxS + .410 + 9mm garden gun

    Sorry completely useless with technology.
  8. wasps57

    Cheap 12g SxS + .410 + 9mm garden gun

    Forgot price for above £50 Anschutz and £30 .410.
  9. wasps57

    Cheap 12g SxS + .410 + 9mm garden gun

    I have an Anschutz 9mm good condition, and a single barrel .410.
  10. wasps57

    Humberside firearms licencing

    Priory Road.
  11. wasps57

    T50 IR torch clearance bundle

    Have sent pm.
  12. wasps57

    minox binoculars

    If still for sale I will take these please.
  13. wasps57

    G10 air pistol

    I've got one if you're still looking. I bought it for my daughter not had more than 20 bbs thro' it. Still in its box-totally unmarked.
  14. wasps57

    Bottle testing East Yorks

    Many thanks will try these suggestions.
  15. wasps57

    Bottle testing East Yorks

    Have decided to sell my Falcon PCP and bottle, but first need to get bottle retested-any suggestions please. Beverley in East Yorks area. Many thanks.