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  1. Yeah, saw it earlier this week. Thought it was a good effort though possibly not one that would deserve a 2nd watch in the way that the previous films have. One can't help wondering what JLR got out of it - the baddies drive new LR Defenders and RR SVRs and these get severely trashed repeatedly whilst a Toyota Landcruiser seems relatively unscathed. The film's release was delayed twice so I guess the LR Defender appearances would have delivered more interest.
  2. Seems completely daft - Amex are legendary for being an expensive card for a retailer to accept and yet Amazon are ticking the box - must have negotiated a keen rate. I've had Amex credit cards for job expenses and it's truly the most unwelcome piece of plastic you can have in your wallet...well maybe Diners Club was worse still 😒 A terrible piece of marketing for Visa - we can expect banks that offer Visa cards to suddenly switch to Mastercard.
  3. Perfect - sums it all up. Politics is one of those 'useless job' things where there is little or no useful output/end result. No one is in the least bit surprised either. As I've got older I've come to realise that single party systems like China has - have a point - the whole thing is mostly an administrative function. The same things occur of course as 'Power corrupts - absolute power corrupts absolutely' so those at the top do well out of it and survive unless found out - those that don't like it/complain are brutally crushed.
  4. Absolutely bang-on. Do not use Facebook or any of its other appendages such as WhatsApp and Instagram - they are toxic to individuals and society as a whole.
  5. Pink Stuff -500 Grms of Pink Stuff from Amazon Discovered this stuff 3 or 4 years ago, think toothpaste without the minty bit. Cleans stainless without leaving smears, we have pewter taps in the kitchen and have limescale issues, fetches that off no issues...actually cleans any hard surface - fantastic.
  6. Congrats! Even with the max £50k investment - three months on the trot - zero/zilch. Got 2x£25 this month. Stands at £375 so far this year - not exactly a startling return 😊
  7. Cosmicblue


    Nothing will change after this Summit - led by politicians who know full well that they'll be out of office long before anything real happens that they initiated. Fixing the issues would require actions that probably only countries with single party political systems could achieve and then only if there was enough self-interest in the outcome. Planet earth is, sadly, screwed.
  8. People don't seem to stop and ask why Facebook and it's associated Apps such as WhatsApp are free to use and they certainly don't read the user agreements which are, of course, in Legalese language. Facebook analyse everything - every word you type in, the individuals and groups you contact - everything. The end result is that the user actually becomes a 'Product' that can be sold - by having thousands of data-points on an individual it's possible to accurately predict the stuff they'd like to see or would be influenced by for targeted marketing. Politics to products - there is no limit. Oh yes and Google are no better - use their search engine and then visit Youtube and you'll see suggested content that matches your Google interests. The bit of Facebook and it's ilk that are acutely bad are the features that encourage addiction - take WhatsAppp...it will show you if someone in your list of contacts in typing in the App...the message might not be for you but it might be....so the device stays in the users hands.
  9. Welcome! Despite being a long way south I actually worked for a company in Aberdeen for 18 months - not one of my best career decisions.
  10. Seems like poor software on Amazon's part - once the book is 100% read then a refund ought not to be possible - I've read Kindle thrillers where the ending is utterly feeble and I'd have liked a refund! As an aside - you don't need a Kindle device to read Kindle books. If you have a tablet/phone device (Android or Apple iOS) then there are Kindle Apps available with all the same functionality.
  11. Shouldn't take the jury long!
  12. Back in 2018 I was fortunate to visit the factory of Perugini & Visini in Italy and got to handle a heavily engraved and extremely ornate, complete with gold leaf one of these: http://www.perugini-visini.it/2016/06/09/sovrapposto-express-princess-mod-d-double-rifle-princess-mod-d/?lang=en I'm not a rifle shooter but have to say that it remains the most beautiful gun I have every held, exquisitely made and oh so heavy, presumably to absorb the recoil.
  13. 12guage82 your posts would be considerably more plausible if you improved your spelling - ever wondered what the red underline in your text actually means? If you insist on writing garbage then just put a little more effort into it.
  14. 12Guage82 - Great wages are rising (not seen any proof btw the Daily Mail ought to be printed on toilet tissue😂), that'll fuel inflation and your ordinary working people, and I presume you count yourself as one of them, will be worse off. As udderleyoffroad posted above this isn't a binary good/bad or black/white situation. The country voted and the elected political party instructed the government apparatus to get it done. Some bits are great, less interference from Brussels unelected bureaucrats for example, other bits are less good like we are no longer part of a trading bloc with seamless borders for trade. Most likely it will be some years before we discover, if ever' if Brexit was good for the country as the whole world went suddenly wonky as the effects of the pandemic started to bite. Global supply chains were broken and many still are with causes that reach far beyond Brexit.
  15. It's possible. Mobile devices emit radio frequency signals - not just the signal that connects to the cellular network but also Bluetooth, Wireless and NFC, most likely one of them interferes with the internals of the watch.
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