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  1. Have been pondering retirement recently and relocating from the midlands where there is a good selection of grounds for practice to properties around Exeter. I've just been looking at practice options and they seem few and far between. Can anyone offer guidance of the options down there or is it really as bad as it looks?? Thanks in anticipation!
  2. I've worked with the supply chain for fresh food products in supermarkets. They use chillers to lower the temperature of the product to increase the shelf-life in storage - typically 5c. The risk is that much lower than 5c it 'kills' the fruit and accelerates the decay process. I'm a Braeburn apple addict - by nature they should be crisp, all too often they are soft - because they have been over-chilled.
  3. Anything made by Apple..
  4. I've been aware of this for some years - there is even a Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horizon_(IT_system) Having worked in software companies for 33 years plus I've seen attitudes change from 'there are no bugs in our code' to the accepted realisation that virtually all code has bugs. A recent example is the lander on Mars with the little helicopter - needed a software update before it could fly, bugs had been found. In this case there is the underlying issue of outsourced software development - the supplier doesn't want to admit to issues because with that comes
  5. Given the tinderbox instability of the US society right now on so many fronts it seemed inevitable that a guilty verdict would be returned - I suspect the jury received 'guidance'.
  6. I have a mate who lives in Granborough, Warwickshire - a little hamlet in the countryside and he got FTTP about 6 months before me - his service comes via a telegraph pole on the other side of the street. BT want everyone off the copper telephone network, whilst they have abandoned the 2025 target the program is still full speed ahead, register on BT's web site to say that you want the service: BT FTTP link . I think this shows the BT products available in your postcode - when I did it originally it wasn't available and I just registered my Email address - at least BT will have data o
  7. Be mindful that in most cases these companies are just providing the service via BT Wholesale. BT had a deservedly poor reputation when the call centres were offshore, its all back in UK now Currently using BT's Full Fibre (FTTP) service...at £60.59 a month - however if BT do the usual Black Friday thing in November it will become suddenly much more reasonable.
  8. Sad to read Jdog, one does, occasionally, encounter truly exceptional people that make a real difference in their lives to the world around them, this chap seems all the more remarkable for not being able to see the effects of his guidance.
  9. Absolutely the right thing to do - the leadership of the BG will discover that the shot term objective will end up costing more in the longer term.
  10. I'm less sympathetic here. To the 600 who got the bullet as result of not accepting the contract/terms - if you don't like the way it's going then go and get another job. The stick head in sand/hope it will go away strategy was never going to work. Complete muppets.
  11. The best friends are always on the simple side...
  12. Have been going to Ian Coley's ground for some years, paid a visit today, 1st time after lockdown, and shot the ESP layout - excellent with a wide variety of good quality targets albeit at 40pence a pop. Was disappointed to find that the ability to buy a snack or grab a coffee has gone, replaced by racks of clothing. Obviously drinks etc would have to be consumed outside under the current Covid rules however the changes are permanent. After a 1.5hr drive to get there expecting to be able to buy a coffee isn't unreasonable - hospitality has long been a cornerstone of top notch grounds.
  13. So humans have been on planet earth for around 6 million years - go back less than 200 years, a blink of the eye, and we we simply got what we wanted by bashing it over the head and taking it. Now all of a sudden the male function of inseminating everything in sight is no longer acceptable, crikey not even thinking it is acceptable. One can't help thinking that the expectation of males is totally unrealistic given the evolutionary time-line? I hasten to add that I don't condone any of the unacceptable behaviours but do ruefully observe the above.
  14. No real conclusion in this thread other than the budget isn't big enough. This bit of the requirement "but also a certain amount of video editing (in 4k/HD)" has a big cost implication if it also has to be fully portable - though unless you are blessed with the eyesight of an eagle probably not useable in practical terms. Full HD resolution is 1920x1080 and laptops with displays running this screen spec are not uncommon/fairly affordable. Some can output at 4K so with a suitable external monitor you could use the Full HD laptop to edit 4K video files. 4K resolution is 3840x2160 t
  15. Have acquired a 28" Zabala SbS believed to be around 50 years old as a project gun, originally sought as a lockdown distraction but came too late is rough but all there..
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