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  1. You'll get a ton of opinions...this is a can of worms! It sounds like you are starting out, honest advice based on my own experience - by whatever is cheapest. It is unlikely that you will miss a target because the cartridge wasn't good enough - you will have missed because the lead was in the wrong place in the sky. Much of the stuff we think about cartridges - is just a head-game, especially at the beginning. Just enjoy it - missing with an 18p cartridge is slightly more bearable than missing with a 25p one!
  2. They are good bits of kit - no doubt there. IBM sold the brand to the Chinese a while back - they only let down in UK is the sales channel which is company called Digital River based in Ireland - very difficult to get hold of if you ever have the need to call.
  3. The days of having a vehicle for personal transport that you can steer and brake for yourself are limited, maybe another 15 years tops. EVs are just a stepping stone to fully automated transport. If we started out today from scratch and the suggestion was made of putting humans in 1 ton+ powered vehicles on roads where they would be heading in opposite directions at 60mph+ and you left the humans to do the steering and applying the brakes the idea would be thrown out in an instant....it's a terrible idea that would result in a lot of needless deaths......🙃
  4. There is a distinct lack of imagination - over there one could put it down to interbreeding?
  5. Great name for an LR vehicle based on my own experience. Glad you and the lady wife are OK.
  6. You could do a whole lot worse than paying Ed Lyons a visit - https://www.ed-lyons.com/ I saw Ed a couple of years ago and had a couple of years ago and had two pairs of Pilla prescription glasses made. The difference with Ed is that he is both an Optometrist and a clay shooter - makes a huge difference to the end result. It's not like going to Boots or Specsavers...neither of those say "Bring your gun with you for the appointment".
  7. Beautifully written Fatchap, needed a laugh today. Sincerely glad no permanent damage done....the nettles deserve a flame thrower - minimum.
  8. Cosmicblue

    Ipad 32 g

    Oh what a great can of worms you have just prised the lid off! Laptops Good for portability, expensive to upgrade or repair - major vulnerabilities to fluids being spilt on the keyboard as the functional gubbins are underneath, displays are connected to the aforementioned gubbins using a ribbon cable which fractures over time. Desktop PC Not portable, easily upgradable, technology has reached a 'lego' stage where mix and match of components is relatively simple to achieve. Generally better value. Tablets Useful for casual browsing - frustrating to use for anythi
  9. Congratulations on the 1st offer, I've experienced that too, finding another job tends to end up with a '1st past the post' mindset. Having got inertia in the job market other opportunities come along. To hiring companies knowing you have an offer in the bag so to speak is vindication that you are a solid, employable candidate.
  10. Thanks for sharing, that is indeed a sobering read first thing in the morning.
  11. Was at a Cloud security conference a while back where this very topic was referenced. Internet scams are being generated on an industrial scale in English speaking countries or those that have English as a 2nd language being especially prevalent - West African countries being specifically named. So just like here in UK, kids are encouraged to go to University they finish the courses, graduate IT literate into a workplace that has little or no opportunity. The criminals that need bodies have a ready supply of intelligent staff to drive keyboards and man call-centre to support cyber crim
  12. Yeah, DVLA and TV Licence scams seen rife at the moment. Feel for the vulnerable in our society.
  13. I like to reply using completely duff data from one of three helpful personas: Ivor Biggun, Hugh Engine and Wilma Cargo all of which have Gmail accounts - they can waste lots of time trying to make something work that never will.
  14. Had a week in Hayling Island three or so years back, there is a cracking fish n chip shop on the sea front next to the fun fair. Recommended.
  15. Death is too lenient, 55 years plus no prospect of release in abject misery is barely adequate, the prisoner won't be safe anywhere.
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