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  1. I've never worried about upsetting people - Tough excrement, like it or lump it.
  2. Philips Series 9000 Wet and Dry Men's Electric Shaver with SmartClean Plus System and Beard Trimmer - S9711/31 Simple the best shaver I've ever had, I paid £155 earlier in the week, now £139.99. List is £450, they are usually around the £300
  3. PM me with an address, it is of the Mk 1 Mercury era so it ought to be with your gun, and I'll find something to pack it in, have to go to the post office for something else anyway. John
  4. Thanks for sharing - uncomfortably close to the truth I suspect.
  5. 40+ Years ago I had a BSA Mercury .22 and bought a BSA MKIV 4x2 scope for it, traded the rifle when I took up clay shooting, I'll happily give the scope to someone who'd like it, collection only, I'm in the Midlands, CV34 - scope is mint, complete with lens caps. PM me.
  6. There's a a nice calendar in PDF format for download with pictures https://www.sellier-bellot.cz/repository/file/SB-kalendar-2021.pdf
  7. Like all of us I've watched the headlines and seen that some of BJ's advisers have walked. To be balanced and fair whilst I didn't vote for his party last time around the C-19 event has meant trying to steer a path through very difficult times with no historical precedent to learn from. I think - on balance - it's gone OK, if you ever deal with the public sector at the higher-levels then the final-salary-pension-scheme jobsworth mindset prevails to the point of getting a straight answer from anyone senior comes with caveats to absolve the individual of responsibility if it's the wrong advic
  8. I'd be very surprised if something like that went ahead given that C19 will still be a major issue by then.
  9. Learning to play guitar from scratch has been a 1st lock-down project for me, aged 63, then got distracted and have got started again with the 2nd lockdown underway. It is something you need to practice literally every day, fingers have to do stuff and form shapes that they have never had to do before - muscle memory skills just like shooting. It is pleasurable. A concern for me when looking for guitars (on-line as all the stores were closed) was the size of the guitar neck as, for a chap, I have small hands - do bear that in mind if you have the same challenge. Smaller necks are easi
  10. A very sorry tale by the looks of it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remington_Arms
  11. Good man, the S20 is an amazing piece of kit - from the camera to sound. There are some really useful features - here's one to look at, rather than use the fingerprint reader or a Pin to unlock it the Sammy has something called Smart Lock So the phone can stay unlocked if you are at home (Trusted Place) or it can detect another Bluetooth device (Trusted Device) i.e. your car, a portable speaker or digital watch. Take a look here: Settings/Lock Screen/Smart Lock
  12. +1. Get shot of it, the fact that it's on a dealer forecourt at all means that someone else got sick of problems with it - the trader has probably seen other stuff that needs fixing and knows those will be further problems that he'll need to fix with a cost attached.
  13. That'll provide the Reactional Torque to get the shaft moving, now need to calculate the power required. There's an App for that....https://www.magtrol.com/motor-power-calculator/
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