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  1. So with fibre to the BT street cabinet and copper wires to your house the fastest BT Fibre packages are quoted at around 75Mb/s, reality is probably nearer 70Mb/s. BT also do full fibre to the premise at around £60/month (negotiation required!) - there is no line rental - circa 920Mb/s 4G broadband max speed in 31Mb/s and you'd have to be virtually line of sight to the mast for that to be a reality. It's a 14 day trial so you haven't got much to lose. Mobile data signals like all wireless technologies are affected by interference and atmospheric conditions so it most certainly will not be more reliable than the current set up.
  2. Cosmicblue

    Amber Hill

    At least Amber tested positive here in UK and hadn't wasted two days in a plane on top of the disappointment of having to drop out.
  3. My partner is an ITU nurse and on her feet all day for 12+ hour shifts and suffers, she says these things are life savers: Plantar Fasciitis Foot Care Compression Socks Sleeve with Arch & Ankle Support
  4. If ever there was a man that wanted the world to know he was totally untrustworthy and disloyal then this character his taking the biscuit, no, he's got the whole tin as well. 🤔 No sane employer would risk having him on the payroll for fear that when things didn't go his way he'd turn and bite. I can't decide if it's egotistical or childlike naivety for the public perception of his behaviour - lost his job and now wants to throw stones.
  5. That sounds strangely satisfying 🙄
  6. Samsung A52 5G £399 Samsung A52 5G page Has expandable MicroSD storage, a headphone jack and is rated IP67 water resistant. And a review here TheRegister A52 5G review
  7. I had one of the 1st Maxus guns, bought a 30", wouldn't go in the cabinet so took it back and swapped for a 28" that did 🙃. Would happily cycle 24grm shells (I only shoot clays), was perfect never missed a beat, loved all the technology too however when the novelty wore off I traded it for something else.
  8. This one is working fine: Adblock Plus
  9. Cosmicblue

    MS Word?

    I use MS Office 365/Home - and yes I pay for it, I have no objection to paying to use decent software knowing it costs proper money to maintain such things: MS Office 365 home £59.99/Year for one licence or a family pack is £79.99/year and you can have the whole suite Word/Excel/PowerPoint/OneNote/Outlook/OneDrive/Skype (soon to be replaced by Teams) on up to 6 separate machines plus your mobile devices (Apple or Android).
  10. It's common: https://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/politics/council/infamously-bankrupt-northamptonshire-council-gets-mention-north-and-not-good-way-682848
  11. ADT do wireless systems however the customer service leaves much to be desired and I can't honestly recommend.
  12. Cash is dying...the evidence is everywhere: 1) Banks are closing high street branches everywhere - here in Warwick which isn't exactly the back of beyond, 20 years ago we had branches of Barclays, Lloyds, Nat West, Sainsburys and the Coventry Building society, all with cashpoint terminals. The Coventry and Sainsburys remain and the Natwest terminal is still there but not the bank two out of the five have gone....the local Tesco superstore had three machines and now has one. 2) Businesses have become less keen to hand cash since C19, and prefer contactless payments, lower infection risk. 3) Businesses that go cashless don't have to worry about till floats, having sufficient change, the security of staff taking money to bank, theft or bank charges for paying cheques in. 4) The final nail in the coffin will be a charge for using a cashpoint machine to withdraw cash - those machines are expensive, needs data comms and power as well as secure delivery service for the cash itself, all of which has to be paid for.
  13. Google and other 'free' services on the internet make all of us a 'product' that interested parties can buy for targeted advertising. Install Adblock Plus or similar on your phone's web browser and any other device you use and be spared most of the garbage.
  14. BT and OneWeb sign rural broadband deal - BBC News There's hope, I wonder how much it will cost though?
  15. But aren't all politicians, everywhere morally corrupt? Seems politics is an escape route for the work-shy as a career option or for those where the career selected hasn't worked out. We are simply expecting too much of the raw materials aren't we? If the cabinet was comprised of dogs we'd simply put Hancock down as a Labrador and 'they all do that'.
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