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  1. Feel humbled to have read that, there are no words that can ease the pain. In our thoughts.
  2. Able to escape for a morning most weeks when not in lockdown...is about it.
  3. On the FTTP Fibre-to-Premise topic - just to add that very few wireless devices can manage the kind of data transfer speeds available on FTTP from BT - of around 900Mbits/s so for the 'full fat' experience Ethernet cabling is required to each device. Does the average home user need this kind of bandwidth today? For most, honestly, probably not however looking forward a few years to when 8K TVs are mainstream and we are all streaming media - yeah we will.
  4. 5G Broadband is the future... just major cities so far I believe.
  5. I'm with BT, now on their fibre-to-premise service - BT Full Fibre, BT quote 900Mb, I'm seeing 920Mb download and 115Mb upload with a 6ms latency. £57/month. I don't use any of BT's other services and binned a landline phone 3 years ago. I've looked at the whole internet access thing and using a another company and there is no escaping the fact there are better deals outside of BT or that they (BT/Openreach) own most of the infrastructure. It's bad enough having BT working with Openreach - now two separate companies with no commonality of systems. Openreach have a mobile number for
  6. Yeah, all those years ago when Direct Debits 1st appeared there were some less than perfect moments - the major banks have signed up to the principles of the Direct Debit Guarantee - here is 1st Direct' as an example - same for all of them: https://www.directdebit.co.uk/DirectDebitExplained/pages/directdebitguarantee.aspx works fine now. You are safe.
  7. You don't have it on Direct Debit?
  8. Bixby is a PITA. Samsung's competitor to Apple's Siri. Get the phone, power on, unlock it if needed. 1) swipe the screen down from the top and press the 'gear' icon for Settings 2) Press the Magnifying glass top right 3) In the box at the top of the screen marked 'Search' - type Bixby Voice - a screen appears 'Bixby Voice Settings' Scroll down. Automatic Listening - set to 'Never; Sorted
  9. Cosmicblue


    Forget HS2, now we have Boris' Burrow to waste even more public money on: https://news.sky.com/story/boriss-burrow-tunnel-linking-scotland-and-n-ireland-backed-by-scottish-secretary-alister-jack-12217797
  10. Cosmicblue


    Not forgetting that the post Covid world isn't going into the office any more. Companies are realising that they don't need big expensive city centre offices, many work from home employees are not going to willingly transition back into being office based with the wasted and expensive (time and money) commutes.
  11. Trump appealed to the poorly educated, often lowly paid with much reduced social expectations - the kinds of people that we have here that probably believe much of the content printed in the tabloid press is true. Trump gave them hope - hope that America would return to it's glory days of the 1980s/90s. If you spend much time in the USA one realises that most of the media coverage is internal, there is precious little international news or appreciation of what's happening around the world especially with regard to trade or international foreign affairs add to that 70+ channels of viewi
  12. Trump is gone - the world is a safer place. The worrying thing for us all is that around 77m muppets believed in him. Re: Rob85 - I work for a Texas based company and they are openly embarrassed to the depths their once great nation as sunk. Banana Republic is the expression often used.
  13. We use Amazon quite a bit, Prime seems expensive initially but when you order stuff throughout the year not paying carriage charges alone makes it worthwhile, you also get access to Prime Video. Amazon along with Netflix are producing original content completely funded by the platforms - now the big name actors aren't working for the studios of yesteryear so much. Some of it is excellent too. Prime also gives you access to music too, for a £7.99 a month more you can access Amazon Music Unlimited, even more tracks that than Spotify and be able to download content to listen to off-line,
  14. Cosmicblue


    It is sad - one is reminded that no-one gets out of here alive - ever.
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