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  1. Curious coincidence - I was in the local gun shop on Tuesday of this week and there was a guy in front of me trying to trade one in. It's most likely just a case of the novelty wearing off something that doesn't match the very traditional tastes of the shooting community i.e. there are few second hand Benelli 828U Sports appearing on the used market for the same reason.
  2. I was in Boston MA (the most UK like of all the US cities I've visited) a few years back when it was unseasonably cold at -25c (sea had frozen), it would snow overnight and yet by 8am in the morning the pavements would be clear and life carried on completely normally. Conversely, I'm just packing my bags for a trip to Houston TX, the last time I was there, a couple of years back the temp dipped to -5c for a few days and that really messed things up..they insulate to keep the heat out in Texas so everything unprotected froze...no gritters for the roads...made the UK look quite good at it...
  3. I would have gone for the "we have had your oil, bye!" approach myself...
  4. You can try something tactful like 'you are so lucky to be maturing gracefully darling - one or two blonde hairs are changing'...….
  5. They take pride in the fact that many of targets are at the far side of tricky - personally I like it a lot. By appointment they also have general game and partridge layouts to try - properly challenging.
  6. I firmly believe that we should have multiple hobbies and interests as our brains are powerful tools that need regular exercise - ultimately it comes down to a question of priorities. The nature of this forum means most of us have practical 'get-out-there-and-do-something' inclinations whereas it kind of feels that much of the population are sat on their tails in front of the TV. Keep it up lads.😁
  7. Sorry to hear that Fatchap, that's terrible and a crappy start to 2020. Wishing you a speedy recovery. When many of us more 'mature' lads were youngsters there were places where these loonies with personality disorders where kept - asylums. They have been closed, demolished and houses built on the land and now the nutcases are in the community with a vague hope that they are taking their medication.
  8. Car insurance is a weird thing - defies logic. Adding drivers to your policy brings the cost down - the perverse principle being that it spreads the risk. My wife is on my Audi policy - she'll never drive it (a Q3 is viewed as too big).
  9. My brother, who lives in the US, worked for a company that designed and build smart meters before being acquired by Elster who then fell to Honeywell. He tells me that the utility companies know full well that the consumer monitoring gizmos have a novelty value that lasts for minutes. In the US there was legislation passed that set a deadline whereby consumers would have a legal right to be billed by the minute with the ability to contact a utility provider and terminate/change contract with instantaneous effect - 'always online' smart meters with either internet or cellular data connections provided that capability. Both our electric and gas meters are 'smart'...truly fit and forget.
  10. I'm with Yellow Bear - there was a time when the Labour Party stood for a set of values that people could relate to, now lost. Sometimes an organisation is so fundamentally screwed up that no one wants to admit that the personalities involved are no longer suitable for leadership - that's the Labour party.
  11. I signed up for the retinal eye scan idea they had - was supposed to speed up passing through immigration with special gates...only it didn't work reliably (I never got it to work) and they gave up....it's good to know that my 40% tax contribution is being spent wisely...🥵
  12. They are fairly easy to spot - love the BT spoof calls, leading them on for 5 minutes and then saying 'is smoke supposed to appear now?'..usually they terminate the call...
  13. Cosmicblue


    Not a fan of Dyson - are expensive for not great performance. Take a look at Sebo - German, built like tanks, nothing falls off and they suck for England and Germany combined. They have a support centre in High Wycombe who are so helpful. About 25 years ago I bought a long since discontinued Airbelt C1, after about 15 years the suction power controller (it's in the handle - with an electrical cable in the hose) died. Called Sebo UK to buy a spare - they gave me a price and in the next breath said we have a used machine that's been used in our service engineer training department - probably been taken apart 100 times..you can have it for £15....I still have it, now lives in the garage for car vac use..still works perfectly.
  14. You did the decent thing fatchap - you enabled George to move on without loss of dignity or unbearable suffering as befits the actions of a true friend. Remember the good times you shared together.
  15. Christmas was fun as child, as my parents died and not having any kids myself its just a ton of fuss for two days of not a lot. Working in technical sales support international companies it always seems to be the case that countries with predominate religions that don't observe the Christmas - New Year break of the west always seem to want complex bids turned around in double quick time. I try to have as much of the second half of December off as possible. Christmas as a bi-annual event, every other year - yeah that'll do for me. Anyone else fancy it?
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