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  1. Seems like poor software on Amazon's part - once the book is 100% read then a refund ought not to be possible - I've read Kindle thrillers where the ending is utterly feeble and I'd have liked a refund! As an aside - you don't need a Kindle device to read Kindle books. If you have a tablet/phone device (Android or Apple iOS) then there are Kindle Apps available with all the same functionality.
  2. Back in 2018 I was fortunate to visit the factory of Perugini & Visini in Italy and got to handle a heavily engraved and extremely ornate, complete with gold leaf one of these: http://www.perugini-visini.it/2016/06/09/sovrapposto-express-princess-mod-d-double-rifle-princess-mod-d/?lang=en I'm not a rifle shooter but have to say that it remains the most beautiful gun I have every held, exquisitely made and oh so heavy, presumably to absorb the recoil.
  3. 12guage82 your posts would be considerably more plausible if you improved your spelling - ever wondered what the red underline in your text actually means? If you insist on writing garbage then just put a little more effort into it.
  4. 12Guage82 - Great wages are rising (not seen any proof btw the Daily Mail ought to be printed on toilet tissue😂), that'll fuel inflation and your ordinary working people, and I presume you count yourself as one of them, will be worse off. As udderleyoffroad posted above this isn't a binary good/bad or black/white situation. The country voted and the elected political party instructed the government apparatus to get it done. Some bits are great, less interference from Brussels unelected bureaucrats for example, other bits are less good like we are no longer part of a trading bloc with seamless borders for trade. Most likely it will be some years before we discover, if ever' if Brexit was good for the country as the whole world went suddenly wonky as the effects of the pandemic started to bite. Global supply chains were broken and many still are with causes that reach far beyond Brexit.
  5. It's possible. Mobile devices emit radio frequency signals - not just the signal that connects to the cellular network but also Bluetooth, Wireless and NFC, most likely one of them interferes with the internals of the watch.
  6. For all our 21st century sophistication we often lose sight of the fact that we are all at the far end of 3 or 4 million years of evolution and our instincts are still pretty primal. 1,000 years ago, relatively recently in time-line terms, we were living in caves and mud huts. We kill each other or use extreme violence when attacked or excessive force to get what we want. Males want females so as to reproduce their line - primal instinct. Females are attracted to males with a bit of an 'edge', they are most likely terrible partner choices but in primal instinct terms could have put food on the table as an effective hunter. Absolutely none of the above is acceptable in our society today. Females will always be vulnerable and not safe without taking precautions as the males still tread a fine line between being acceptable and primitive behaviour.
  7. Just bought fuel in Tesco Warwick - no queues. Had E10 petrol and diesel but no E5 99 octane petrol that the Audi RS prefers - E10 will have to do😀
  8. There were some wild claims about the risks of leaving the EU. However from your list: 1) The US turned Boris down for a trade deal - maybe you missed it? Without the trade deal the US can use tariffs to make UK products uncompetitive if they wish: Why the UK’s ambitious plans for a trade deal with the US have been shelved 2) There are empty shelves in the supermarkets - some are due to driver shortages and others where continental suppliers just don't want the hassle of dealing with the UK. 3) The economy is in an interesting state with the effects of Covid not yet fully realised, with a million or so unfortunate people facing the end of furlough and probably no sustainable job to return to. We won't see the economic effects until Q1 of 2022.
  9. Well I work for a company that sells Revenue Management software applications - (or more normally referred to as Pricing tools) and advise the world's largest enterprises on a daily basis, week in, week out. I fully, 100% understand how this works. A question for you now: What's the purpose of the CEO in a company and how does it effect what you wrote above?
  10. The cost of living seems to have risen markedly this year, and I fear we are on the thin end of the wedge. Goods of all descriptions seem to be in short supply, building materials and, dare I say it, shotgun cartridges. Visited my supplier this morning , no .410 loads of any description and no 20 bore game loads. Brexit or Covid implications - its hard to tell. No they are not - because ordinary hard working UK citizens are going to bear the brunt of the increase in costs and most likely can't afford it. The Billion pound organisation will just increase the prices to cover operating costs (protecting profit margin) and everyone pays more.
  11. Blaming Brexit alone is an over simplification of the facts. Brexit might have been doable on its own but as we all know Covid came along more or less at the same time. Workers in the unskilled and semi-skilled areas left the the UK in droves to return to their home countries many never to return. We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that that the UK was a very attractive place for foreign workers, many countries teach English as a second language from a very early age so coming here was very low risk. Some countries in the EU have high levels of unemployment, Spain being a good example so a low wage job in the UK was attractive compared with no job at all. This also applied to skilled/professional occupations too. The reality on the ground now in the UK is around a million job vacancies, its so bad now that companies know that when a member of staff leaves they may not be replaceable. The only weapon is to increase the wages...oh hello now we have inflationary factors. In my day job I get to travel, stay in hotels, eat out etc, the hotels can't get staff (most were foreign and went home), poor service in restaurants is the norm now - again lack of staff....vacancy signs in every window.
  12. Had a round at Kibworth yesterday, dropped into Tesco, Walsgrave on the edge of Coventry and topped off with E5 Momentum 99 petrol@ £1.409, no queues. Saw a Hoyer tanker at fuel station at North Kilworth on the way back.
  13. Labour Party strategy planning meeting: "Wouldn't it be a jolly wheeze to have a public conference and show the world how disjointed and fragmented we are. We'll have Sir Keir stand up and state something irrefutable like 'Only women have a cervix' so other members can tell him he's wrong - there, that'll show the electorate we are in fine form."
  14. It seems likely that political students of the future will have to produce essays on how a political party made itself unelectable over multiple general elections. 🙃
  15. A fascinating read, thanks for sharing.
  16. Not exactly on topic... A few years ago I was working for a military contractor and attended an exhibition where peace protestors thought it would be a cool idea to Super Glue themselves to railings to disrupt the event (it didn't, but did provide some amusement) the police used Coca-Cola to release the perps...you can also drink it -allegedly.
  17. We had the roof replaced on our conservator with a Guardian Warm roof. An example here: Guardian Warm Roof Uses a lightweight aluminum space frame which has maybe 10 inches of insulation on the inside, plasterboard and skimmed, on the outside there are coated aluminum tiles (range of colours). We have a pair of Velux roof lights too. The house faces south, so where as previously the conservatory was only useable in the spring and autumn and furnace hot in the summer, now its a proper room all the year round. Highly recommended.
  18. Ask the Admin to delete for you - as your address details in there?
  19. http://www.uktsupport.co.uk/advent/laptop/torinoz200.htm FN+F4 key to toggle Wireless on/off
  20. The Private Vs NHS conundrum, married to a nurse I see the thing from both sides, the greater majority of the surgeons and consultants are free-lancing away from their NHS roles - that's why the ward rounds are early morning or evenings. The private hospitals take on stuff that is relatively simple with lower associated risks and of course easy to make money out of. The scary bit is that if something goes wrong on the operating table in an NHS hospital then the skills/resources and technology to get it sorted are on-hand and accessible immediately. In a private hospital if it goes pear-shaped then you'll wait for an ambulance, blue light job and admitted via A&E which might not work out quite so well and that bit isn't in the glossy brochures. I could have private healthcare as part of my pay-package but decline it because I've seen what can go wrong. I'm in South Warwickshire and need a partial-replacement knee - saw the orthopaedic surgeon last week on the NHS who said 'you'll have it done before Christmas'. I can work with that. I'm fully aware that it is a postcode lottery for NHS services, where you live has a huge impact on the availability of services.
  21. I didn't vote Conservative last time around over Brexit and now I'm getting shafted again for another £100/month NI. Oh so pleased.
  22. Be very suspicious when that 'Payment can not be processed' message appears. Its perfectly possible that the web site has been compromised and its harvesting your card numbers, expiry dates and CVCs. Would respectfully suggest contacting the card providers ASAP to check that there are no suspicious transactions on your accounts.
  23. Probably a Freebie... We tend to think of the Beretta brand as just shotguns when in fact there are 26 companies under the umbrella with a sizable portion of those supplying the military and law enforcement.
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